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1.1       Background to the Study

Missionaries are made up of men and women of like passions as much as we are. Regarded by some as “heroes” and “heroines” and by other as “trouble makers”, they regard themselves as “servants of Jesus Christ”, concerned only for the glory of God and the good of their fellowmen and women. In spite of their bluffs and blunders there have been plenty of both of these dedicated missionaries who have achieved a success out of all proportion to their influence, or numbers. Outnumbered by hostile force abroad and often forgotten by their trusted friends at home, they have labored for decades after decades in the face of overwhelming odds until today the Christian church is the most universal institution in the world. Likewise is the establishment, the empowerment, growth and as well as the development of any society organization, movement and their development have never taken place in the absence of women so also is true of the CAC church which has been the concern of this project.

Nobody is ever forced into missionary work. There are half dozen small countries especially the Muslims that are still without a Christian church. There are tools and technique:-the women can afford to be ignorant of the missionary enterprise of our day. She may never herself become a professional missionary. Emil Brunner said that “the church exists by mission as fire exists by burning”.[1] If this is true then every Christian women in Christ Apostolic Church circle should arise and be conversant with the broad outline of mission, history, theology, philosophy and strategy of mission work and their roles in the development and the growth of missions, church, administration and the onward course of the work of the gospel. They should know something about the progress of the past, the problem of the present and the prospects for the future.

Finally, a word of caution may be in order: This essay will not make the C.A.C women missionary an expert in missions but just an introduction to the vast subject of women missionaries which only serves to unfold mysteries to and stir them up in their zeal for gospel work, as well as to enlighten, open their understanding to the work and to re-orient their mentality towards it.

  • Statement of The Problem

Every study has one problem or the other to which the researcher is seeking solution. The major concern of this research is to probe the stand of women and the role of women in the birth, the growth and the expansion of God’s work in Christ Apostolic Church circle.

1.3       Research Questions

The questions that this study seeks mainly or care to address are as followings:

  1. Does social injustice against women exist at all in C.A.C church?
  2. Have symposiums, debates, workshops and conferences organize by different churches any effect on women?
  3. Do people in C.A.C. welcome the idea of women acquiring Christian missionary training, or church related organizations that women are involved? These and more shall be the focus of concern for this research work.


  • Purpose of The Study

A woman who is truly free is free to be herself and can develop her potentials in the way God uniquely created her. Someone who is free inside is a happy person who distributes happiness to the troubled souls, broken hearted and comfort to the mourners, relief for the captives and freedom to the bonds, such a woman doesn’t have to work hard to become somebody………She’s already a somebody.

The purpose of this research is to study carefully how God is using womanhood for the world evangelization in Christ Apostolic Church. Moreover, every Christian woman is to be conversant with the broad outlines of mission history, theology, philosophy and strategy. This is to let them know that their role in missionary work is not less regarded but important and valuable to reach out the unreached women in various localities.

1.5      Significance of The Study

For every cause there must be an effect. There are numbers of reasons for this study. This study aims to awaken the attention of Christian women in Christ Apostolic Church Mission with the concern to consider themselves as a latent instrument in the growth and the development of the first indigenous Pentecost movement in Africa as a continent as His agent of growth. This study apart from its contribution to scholarship also aims at solving practical problems confronting Christian women in Christ Apostolic Church. This study is significant in that it contributes to giving enlightenment to all women in C.A.C mission.

The study will also serve as letter of introduction of Christ’s Great Commission to all His disciples by showing the world the divine and undesigning love God had toward all. Finally, the study is significant in that it contributes to knowledge and helps to answer the probing question of human minds towards women in general and strengthens the available vessel (women) that is determined to carry on the task.

  • Delimitation of The Study

This research work concerns the role of women in Church Growth in Christ Apostolic Church. It starts to examine women in the Bible, their position in the society and mission. The scope of the study is the roles of women in the establishment and the growth of Christ Apostolic Church as a denomination which will be selected among materials collected within the limited space; an attempt is made to examine the social, moral and evangelistic activities of women.

1.7       Limitations of The Study

According to the topic, the problems faced with the researches such as time to go around the churches, transportation, poor communication as regard the collection of data and the financial constraints has made the researcher to limit questionnaire. The typesetting and printing may also be another limitation.

  • Research Procedure

The research method employed in the study included the phenomenological method, which will be primary and secondary sources. The primary source consists of oral interview, participant, observation and questionnaire, the questionnaire was not used to the fact that respondents were not easily accessible. The secondary source includes books, magazines,internet and journals.

For this study, women roles in the growth and the development of CAC, following techniques are adopted which combined both the primary and secondary sources- personal interest, personal observation with logical reasoning. Since the scripture cannot be broken and the great commission must be fulfilled, historical and biblical hermeneutical methods are also employed because of the nature of this research.


  • Definition of Terms


            Adult female human beings in general. women is the compliment sex to men         (female) who works with her hands. According to advanced Learners      Dictionary of Current English, woman “is defined as a fully grown human female”[2]


            This is the part taken by someone in life or in any activity so as to ensure the         success there in. that is ones portion of duty.


            Itis a process of growing and developing a certain area.

Women roles:

            These are the parts taken by women in life or in any activity so as to ensure           the success there in.


            Christ Apostolic Church.The church is distinctly an indigenous African by its        structure belief and practices; it is an independent Pentecostal church.



            In the Old Testament it has an idea of what is called “kahal” meaning ‘to call’       or ‘to appoint’ or ‘to meet or come together at an appointed place’.[3]In the          New Testament, it is rendered as ‘ekklesia from a compound Greek word, ‘ek’      and ‘kaleo’ “to call out or and ‘synagogue’ from sun and ago, meaning to   come or to bring together”.[4] And to indicate in connection with the scriptural         use of ‘ekklesia’ is that the church consists of the elect, called out of the world of humanity.

[1] Dr. Emil Brunner, Natural Theology,Wipf& stock publishers, 2002.

[2] Advanced Learners Dictionary

[3] Lindsay Thomas, The church and the Ministry in the Early Centuries, Minneapolis USA, 1977, 415.


[4] W. Barclay, New Testament Word, 68-72.

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