The Role of CAN in Nigeria Politics

The Role of CAN in Nigeria Politics

In Nigerian politics, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) plays an important role. The religious group CAN has a significant impact on Nigeria’s government. Adeleye (2012) argues that the church is frequently the only political voice for the country’s Christian minority.

Political dialogue is nothing new for CAN, and the organisation has frequently commented on government policies and acts. They have contributed to peacemaking initiatives, especially in areas plagued by religious strife. They encourage voter turnout and civic engagement, two pillars of democratic principles and good government (Ojo, 2009).

However, CAN’s participation in politics has been controversial in and of itself. Some have voiced concern that the group’s involvement in politics might lead to sectarianism by further eroding the separation of church and state (Akinola, 2015).

To sum up, CAN is a major player in Nigerian politics, yet its influence has both beneficial and harmful outcomes.


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The Role of CAN in Nigeria Politics