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1.1    Background to the Study

Christian education refers to the process of teaching and learning about the principles, beliefs, and practices of Christianity. It encompasses various aspects such as Bible study, theology, moral values, and spiritual growth. The goal of Christian education is to equip individuals with the knowledge and understanding necessary to live a life in accordance with Christian teachings.

Christian education plays a crucial role in shaping the beliefs, values, and behaviors of Christians. It provides a foundation for individuals to develop a personal relationship with God and to understand the teachings of Jesus Christ. Through Christian education, individuals learn about the importance of love, forgiveness, compassion, and service to others (Bosah, 1998).

Christian education also helps believers develop a deeper understanding of their faith and encourages them to live out their beliefs in their daily lives. It equips them with the knowledge and skills to apply biblical principles to various aspects of life, such as relationships, work, and decision-making. This education fosters a sense of moral responsibility and encourages believers to strive for righteousness and integrity (Abioje, 2005).

The scriptures say that right from the beginning God laid the foundations of Christian education, after He has created man, He put in him the abilities and intelligence to think and name all which God has created  then He placed in the garden of Eden for him to take care of it, He did not stop there but He  instructed the  man concerning the dos and do not, He also explain to man the consequences which will follow if he does not obey the instructions given to  him (Genesis 2:15-17). The same process is repeated in the history of Jewish people whereby God kept instructing them on how they should live ,worship…He gave them rules and regulations for them to follow so that they will be called His.

From the time of Adam to nowadays, Bible history shows us that Christian education comes from God and it is needed all over the world. Several people try by all means to have knowledge and be instructed, spending their time, strength and wealth to acquire education in different disciplines .Such people are showing more and more interest in learning because of the significance they attribute to it and the values that come from it; the more a person is educated, the more is considered in the society. Sadly, there is almost no room for Christian education in the list of disciplines that people boast of, no emphasis on the importance of Christian education, not even enough effort to improve the quality of its teachings (Conner, 2001).

Furthermore, Christian education provides opportunities for spiritual growth and community engagement. It often includes Bible studies, worship services, and fellowship activities that allow believers to deepen theirrelationship with God and connect with other like-minded individuals. These experiences help Christians develop a sense of belonging and support, which can positively impact their Christian living.


Overall, Christian education plays a vital role in shaping the beliefs, values, and actions of believers, ultimately influencing their Christian living in a profound way.


1.2    Statement of the Study

Ignorance of Christian education on Christian living can have several implications. Without proper education, individuals may lack a deep understanding of the Bible and its teachings, leading to a shallow faith and a limited ability to apply Christian principles in their daily lives. They may struggle with making moral decisions, understanding the purpose of their lives, and finding meaning and fulfillment in their faith.


To overcome this ignorance, individuals can engage in various forms of Christian education. This can include attending church services, participating in Bible study groups, reading religious texts, listening to sermons, and seeking guidance from spiritual leaders. Additionally, there are numerous Christian educational resources available, such as books, online courses, and educational programs, that can help individuals deepen their knowledge and understanding of Christian living.


1.3    Purpose of the Study

The purpose of the study is to examine the Impact of Christian education on Christian living in Baptist Church Abuja         . The specific objectives of the study are as follows:

  1. To examine the impact Christian education on the ethical behavior in individuals.
  2. To investigate the influence of Christian education on the formation of spiritual beliefs among Christians.
  3. To explore the role of Christian education in promoting community unity within Christian congregations.


1.4    Research Questions

The following research questions were stated for the study:

  1. To what extent will Christian education aid the development of ethical behavior in individuals?
  2. How will Christian education affect the formation of spiritual beliefs among Christians?
  3. How will the role of Christian education promote community unity within Christian congregations?


1.5    Research Hypothesis

The following hypothesis was stated for the study:

HO: Christian education has no significant impact on Christian living.

H1: Christian education has significant impact on Christian living.


1.6    Significance of the Study

The Baptist church in Abuja plays a significant role in the lives of its members, providing spiritual guidance and support. Christian education within the church is crucial in shaping the beliefs, values, and behaviors of its members. This study aims to explore the impact of Christian education on the Christian living of individuals within the Baptist church in Abuja.


Understanding the impact of Christian education on Christian living is essential for the church leadership to develop effective educational programs and strategies. By identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the current educational practices, the church can enhance its ability to nurture and guide its members towards a more meaningful and fulfilling Christian life.


The study will also shed light on the challenges and barriers faced by individuals in fully embracing Christian teachings and principles. By identifying areas of ignorance or misunderstanding, the church can address these issues through targeted educational initiatives. This will help individuals overcome obstacles and grow in their faith, leading to a more vibrant and committed Christian community.


The findings of this study will not only benefit the Baptist church in Abuja but also have broader implications for Christian education in general. By examining the specific context of the Baptist church in Abuja, valuable insights can be gained that may be applicable to other churches and Christian communities facing similar challenges. This study has the potential to contribute to the overall improvement of Christian education practices worldwide.


Ultimately, the significance of this study lies in its potential to strengthen the relationship between Christian education and Christian living. By understanding how education influences the lives of individuals within the Baptist church in Abuja, the church can better equip its members to live out their faith in their daily lives. This study aims to empower individuals to integrate their Christian beliefs into all aspects of their lives, fostering a deeper sense of purpose, meaning, and fulfillment.


1.7    Scope of the Study

The study examines the Impact of Christian education on Christian living in Baptist Church Abuja. The study is restricted to the Baptist Church in Abuja.

1.8    Limitation of the Study

Every research work has some shortcomings which arise as a result of problems encountered by the researcher in the course of the work. The researcher encountered some difficulties in getting the questionnaires to those concerned, some leaders and members given questionnaire were hoarding relevant information. A good number of others did not return their questionnaire. Hence, these limitations did not hinder the researcher to present reliable compilations of the research work.


1.9    Definition of Terms

The following are the definitions of the basic terms employed all through the research:

Christian Education: Christian education refers to the process of teaching and learning about the principles, beliefs, and practices of Christianity. It involves the study of religious texts, doctrines, and teachings, as well as the development of spiritual and moral values.


Christian Living: Christian living refers to the way of life that is guided by Christian principles and beliefs. It involves applying the teachings of Christianity in everyday life, including one’s actions, attitudes, and relationships. Christian living emphasizes love, compassion, forgiveness, and adherence to moral and ethical values.


Moral Lifestyles: Moral lifestyles refer to the patterns of behavior and choices that individuals make based on their moral values and principles. It involves living in accordance with ethical standards and making decisions that are considered morally right or virtuous.


Community Unity: Community unity refers to the state of togetherness, cooperation, and harmony within a community. It involves individuals coming together, regardless of their differences, to work towards common goals, support one another, and foster a sense of belonging and shared identity.


Christian: Christian refers to a person who follows or adheres to the teachings, beliefs, and principles of Christianity. Christians believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and strive to live their lives in accordance with his teachings.


Church: The church refers to a religious institution or community of believers who gather together for worship, fellowship, and spiritual growth. It is a place where Christians come together to worship God, receive religious instruction, participate in sacraments, and engage in acts of service and outreach. The church is often seen as a spiritual family and a place of support and guidance for its members.

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