Full Project – Government Policies on Small Scale Business, its Impact on Nigeria Cooperative Development

Full Project – Government Policies on Small Scale Business, its Impact on Nigeria Cooperative Development

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Definition of co-operative societies are voluntary form of business organization in which individual in a particular track comes together to fester a smooth relationship aimed at protecting the interest of their members.

Oguejio for (2001) defined co-operative society as an association of person who voluntarily jointed together through business organization to achieve their common capital sharing in the risk and benefits and member participate actively and benefit and member participate actively and democratically. C.C. Bob-Igwe defined co-operative society as an association of persons who have voluntarily joined together to achieve a common end through the formation of a democratically controlled business organization making equitable contribution to the capital required and accepting a fair share of the risks and benefits of the undertaking in which the members actively participate.

Co-operative association and movement in the world movement in the world has been seen as a continue or situation event or activity and an invention of necessity. It was born out of the local and economic condition and situation in Europe. The industrial revolution in the Europe on the late eighteenth and all through the nineteenth century culminated in the formation of co-operative movement.

The rise and expansion of the modern co-operative movement has its roots in the reaching economic, social and political changes which took place in Europe in the eighteenth and nineteenth century especially the industrial revolution and the liberation of the peasantry from the former feudalistic system.



In every policy there exist government policies as guiding principle or tools for government action to serve as a wide area e.g. NIpost Agriculture, Health, Housing, transporting and services etc.

However, a good government will seek the welfare of its citizens; this explains why such polities are argued out in parliament before they are enacted. A good government policy is the government policy that has achieved a level of good or better life for its citizenry small scale business usually starts with simple processing of agricultural commodities by hand later by will fashioned highly sophisticated equipment mechanized process out in small firms or in huge plants and factories.



These are some problem which hampered small sack business in Nigeria such as.

  • Low level technology: in cooperative development, in Anambra State as in other state is still in its infancy, machines are foreign technology.
  • Poor infrastructural development: in cooperative societies in Anambra State has not developed significance to encourage rapid industrialization by infrastructure; we mean education health facilities, roads, electricity, telecommunication and postal services.
  • Inadequate capital: the amount of capital required per workers in small scale business are not available and this is one of the main reasons why the take off into self sustained growth is such difficult operations as a result of cooperative development in Anambra State still depend much on foreign investment for large scale business establishment.



The general objectives of this study are as follows to find out government policies that favor cooperative development

  • to find out government policies that favor cooperatives in small scale business
  • to find out how the federal government through the federal department of cooperative throughout the country will help the small scale business
  • To find out how the services of the small scale business will improve industrialization through cooperative development.


  • Do you think that government policies have an impact on cooperative development?
  • Does the formulation of government policies helps to achieve industrialization on cooperative development?
  • Can the services rendered by small-scale business improve industrialization through cooperation development?
  • How does the federal department through the federal government of cooperative improve on the formation of agriculture cooperative in the country?



The finding of this study will be a great benefit to:

  • The government policies on small-scale business in Nigeria’s cooperative development.
  • It will also reveal some factors effecting government policies on small-scale business.
  • It will also look various services being offered by small-scale business on cooperative development.

Finally, the government should make sure these policies are very useful to the public and the individual in particular.



This study wills emphasis on the government policies on small scale business in Nigeria with particular reference to cooperative development in Anambra State. Also will emphasis move fact and government collaboration with cooperative in the development of people in the rural area. It will also explain production factors or contribution of cooperative society in the rural area and how the rural dwellers have benefited from cooperative society.



Research of this standard is limit by problems which hindered the fully completion of the necessary information which required the full details of cooperative society one of the factors that limited the research was finance, due to inadequate finance, I was unable to transport myself to some area which I was suppose to. Also time fact which have to collide with my studies and examines. Inadequate information from the school library and other sources made limited the research.


  • GOVERNMENT: Is a body vested with power and authority for maintaining security, peace and stability by making and enforcing conventional or government is an agents or machine through which the will of the state is formulated expressed and attained. If there is no agency or a body to regulate people’s activities, the society will depreciate to what Hobbes Thomas called primitive society where life was ‘‘solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short’’.
  • POLITCIES: A plan of action agreed or chosen to a political party.
  • SMALL SCALE BUSINESS: Are business which are organized on a small scale and produce goods with the help of small machines, hired labour and power. It is a common means by which many (people) are making a living in the country.
  • BUSINESS: Business is a human activity directed towards producing or acquiring wealth through buying and selling of goods and services.

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Full Project – Government Policies on Small Scale Business, its Impact on Nigeria Cooperative Development