The Impact of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) Price Hike on Cost of Living

The Impact of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) Price Hike on Cost of Living

An increase in the price of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), sometimes known as fuel or petrol, may have a sizable effect on people’s daily budgets.

First, there is a clear correlation between the price of PMS and the cost of transportation. A price increase in PMS, the major fuel for automobiles, would increase the cost of driving for both the public and the private sectors. Consumers may feel the effects of this rise in the form of higher tickets and transit expenses, which may put a strain on their finances.

Second, the cost of products and services may go up as a result of the PMS price rise. This is due to the fact that transportation expenses account for a considerable portion of the final price of all products. When transportation costs increase, manufacturers and service providers frequently raise prices to reflect the additional costs incurred.

Third, utility costs may rise as a result of PMS price increases. PMS is used as a fuel source in several power plants. As a result, if the price of PMS goes up, the cost of power goes up, and the cost of life goes up much more.

An increase in the price of PMS can have far-reaching effects on the cost of life by driving up the price of essentials like petrol, groceries and electricity. It’s a tricky problem that needs deep thought and fair policies to solve so that people aren’t unfairly affected.





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The Impact of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) Price Hike on Cost of Living