Full Project – A web-based cooperative scheme peer-to-peer system

Full Project – A web-based cooperative scheme peer-to-peer system

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A web based documentation processing system is a system in which data are collected, organized and categorized to facilitate their preservation, retrieval, use and disposal with the use of computer. A cooperative scheme is a form of financial community  that provide help in terms of financial aspect  and pays profits to earlier investors with funds from more recent investors. this project report describes the procedure of developing a web application on  providing help for individual in society with the use of cooperative scheme e.g providing help to your colleague  in the system and received help back from different people  depend on the money you have on the system.PH-GH (provide help-get help) the system will  work using pear to pear  auto merging or pear to pear manual merging were by users in the system can make transfer  of money to the person that  need help that is GH or the person that want  to provide help that is PH cooperative scheme system is use to manage and administrate financial records to maintain payment services between clients and their beneficiaries.

The system will be developed for a small financial community to replace their traditional method of assisting people in time of financial. The system has only one person owner or manager but it is also possible to assign or create an admin that do the same task as manager. While the rest such as users, agents and so on created and managed by the system manager. The benefits of using cooperative scheme peer to peer System is to control transaction, administrate employee, manages agents and their commission, generate report and client management.


From my research and observation it is obvious that manual system for providing helps to assist those that are not enough in time financial aspect  which is money  due to our country economic e.g lack of job in society after graduating in school due  lead to the poor economic many have die. Due to poor economic   many people find it difficult to survived, with this peer to peer cooperative system poor economic will reduced in the nation with method of providing help and getting help from those that want to assist in time of financial aspect. The following are the   problems associated with it which includes:

  • The manual method of keeping each transaction  record  of each people that provide help and those that get help are being kept in a single document (File) e.g to verify it take a lot of time to Searching for the particular information  and is time consuming.
  • With old system when people provide help for others by assisting with money the receivers that is the person that get help mostly refused to confirm the payment of the person that provide help for them because without confirming the person the system believed that the person have not provided any help in the community and with this it cause problems to system. For an organization to get particular information they needed with immediate request and respond.
  • The manual work could get missing or destroyed either by fire outbreak or lack of proper care taken.
  • Immediate access to management information is often difficult.





The   aim of this project is to design and implement   a Web based cooperative scheme peer to peer system that will assist in providing and getting help from individual people in terms of financial.

The followings are the objectives of this project

  • To enable the users, to have a web database system for verifying and keeping records of each transaction of money.
  • To develop a system that can be use to provide and getting helps.
  • To have a more efficient work output at faster level.
  • To develop a system that will help in merging using peer to peer.
  • To create an avenue where work becomes less -stressful in searching for transactions data.
  • To eradicate the stress that users usually undergo during confirmation of GH and PH that is get help and providing help from each other’s.


This research will center on promoting the speed of delivery of data, proper storage and also fast way of  assisting in terms of financial using peer to peer merging by PH and GH from each other’s. The system will be equipped with features to help realize the above listed point e.g auto merging and manual merging of PH and GH users and this project work is limited to only providing of  help to each other’s in terms of financial e.g. providing of help of 4000 to those that need help and get the double of what you provided that is 4×2 that is 8000, another person will provide help for the user that provide help that is PH will change to GH, because you have provide help  to those that need  help  in the system and you need to get help GH from those that will provide help also that is peer to peer PH and GH.


Due to time and other factors like financial and material resources that are not readily available the researcher is constrained to stay within the scope indicated above.

  1. Finance: As a student, financial resource to expand the scope is not available.
  2. Time: Time frame for this work is short and the researcher has to fulfill other courses requirements within the same period.
  3. Research material: There are limited accesses to relevant research material to further study.


Since every organization wishes to improve on its current status as advances in information Technology is very imminent, the study is therefore to improve   society by providing a means of work  to demonstrate how the needs of financial  could be met efficiently and effectively through the application of tools and methods made by the new advance in science and technology. It will bring ease, helping the management to make and take decision concerning peer to peer financial system to provide helps for others.


  • MIS: – Management information system are software solutions that help managers run companies, i.e. organize staff records, keep record sales and reports etc.
  • System: – a set of integrated, interacting component with a common goal. Thus the integrated interaction of human ware, software and computer hardware constitute a system
  • Information Science:-interdisciplinary academic field that deals with the generation, collection, organization, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of recorded knowledge.
  • Database System: A computerized record keeping system whose overall purpose is to store information and allow users to retrieve and update that information on demand
  • Retrieval: Obtaining stored information from the computer system.
  • Computer: It is an electronic device that has the capacity of accepting incoming data, it process the data with an electronic speed and gives out its result accurately.
  • MySQL: MySQLis an open source relational database management system. Information in MySQLdatabase is stored in the form of related tables. MySQL databases are typically used for web application development (often accessed using PHP)
  • Transaction: This is a legal agreement or activities in banking halls between a customer and the bank. Those activities may include Lodging money into a bank account and withdrawing of money, checking of balance.
  • Network: This refers to a system where computers are linked to share software, data, hardware and resources for the benefit of users.v


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Full Project – A web-based cooperative scheme peer-to-peer system