Full Project – Design and implementation of a computerized court case scheduling system

Full Project – Design and implementation of a computerized court case scheduling system

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  • INTRODUCTION                  

The judicial arm of government is the third organ of government besides the legislature and the executive.  The major functions of this arm includes setting of case, finding the  quality people and also interpreting the constitution of the land as well as administration of  justice other functions include interpreting laws made by the legislative arm of government, declaration of acts of the legislative as null, void, unconstitutional and of no effect. Moreover, the judiciary is the alt hope of the ordinary man.  They do this by safeguarding the rights and liberties of the citizens.  The aggrieved person can go to court to seek redress.  It is the job of the court to see to that justice prevails.  Also during elections courts may determine who actually won the election and rigged it as part of its settlement between individuals and the state. The judiciary operations through courts which ascertain facts disputes and adjudicate between disputing parties.  The Nigerian judicial system is composed of a hierarchy of courts ranging from the customary court (Alkaki Court or Sharia Court) Magistrate Court and High Court to the Supreme Court. In the democratic set up a minister with a port folio heads the ministry of justice.  The minister is also the attorney general of the country.

By virtue of section 6(1) of the Nigeria constitution 1991, the following courts were established in the federal republic of Nigeria.

  • The Supreme Court
  • The court of Appeal
  • The sharia court
  • The customary court

The courts established by the constitution are the only superior courts of record in Nigeria.  The supreme is the highest court and all decision from the court is binding to all other courts.  In Nigeria, the State court structure of the level of the court of Appeal the court of Appeal entertains appeal from the decisions of the high courts.  The sharia court of Appeal and customer court of appeal.  Appeals from the decision by the court of appeal go the Supreme Court. In terms of administration purpose, the state courts are the most important court in each state.  This assertion is strengthened because the constitution has established a high court of each state directly; each state has our option to establish a Sharia Court of Appeal or a customary court of appeal. However, for effective performance of the court in its judicial function, there is need for a computer base system to be introduced into court system. The data base system will ensure better control and regular effective documentation of case file as well as scheduling of cases.  This work therefore gives an analysis of the design and implementation of a computerized court system in case scheduling taking a case study of Imo State high court Owerri.


Before the introduction of British colonial administration in Igbo land, the Igbo’s have a well entrenched traditional system of adjudication.  The colonial administration found the system convenient and native courts, which became the forerunners of today’s court.  The native court continued to exist even after leading to storing agitations for their eventual abolition. However, in line with the coming effects of the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria and the provision made therein for the establishment of the state high court, Imo state high court Owerri came into function following the creation of the state, located along Orlu Road Owerri metropolis Imo state, ahs courts ranging from 1 to 9 with its chief judge respectively.  The Imo state High Court Owerri has unlimited jurisdiction over the state expected on all matters regarding all federal government owned parastatals such as federal government owned institution, organization or school etc.  There are several judicial decisions created for administration purposes.


In response to the knowledge or need to computerize the system or method of case scheduling of a court of law.   In order to curb to problems of inefficiency associated with the manual system or method of case scheduling and analyzing court proceeding which includes the following Inaccurate recording:  This is a high tendency of encountering error when records are kept manually.

Time wasting:  There is a high tendency of time wasting.  In recording processing and analyzing files or records manual or system is so laborious and time consuming compared to computerized system.


The sole aim of this work is to design and implement a computer base system for case scheduling in a court of law. It also aims at ensuring flow information as well as communication and documentation amongst all. Objectives are:

  1. Ensuring faster and more effective system a computerized system.
  2. Source information to students or researches who might venture into related field of study.
  3. Ensure effective storage and retrieval system in the court of law using the computer system.
  4. Improve the level of security of information as well as document and files.
  5. To design a system that will at the same time by giving an immediate reply of any request made on re-confirmation of case scheduling in a court.
  6.  To provide facilities that will ensure easy updating and maintenance of the system.


The importance of this research work is to provide a system that will minimise the challenges associated with the current manual system of storing and processing court proceedings. Furthermore, it will enhance the speed, accuracy, efficiency and effective attendance of each and every client in the court. It will also help to improve the judiciary of Imo State to attain maximum utility.

1.6    SCOPE OF THE STUDY      

The scope of this study shall specifically concentrate on ascertaining the activities of the imo State judiciary system. And it understudies the court management system of imo State. The study is limited to the Federal High Court owerri, and it specifically focuses on the application of computer on their mode of operation.


Many factors have limited this study, some of these factors are:

TIME – The time allocated to research work for this study was greatly constrained due to intense academic activities involving the researcher.

FINANCE – The major constraints for this study occurred in the form of inadequate funds.  The present high cost of material, access to a personal computer unit for running and debugging of the application program, transportation expenses to and fro the site of computer etc. militated against the smooth and easy advancement of the work.


Computer:  This is an electronic device that is capable of solving problems by acting data performing prescribed operations on the data accepted and supplies the result of the operation.

Computerization” This is a technique whereby all parts of an organization run manually are taking over by the use of the computer system.

Judge: This is the officers in control of court of law who decides how criminal offenders should be punished.

Crime: This includes all illegal activities in general deal with by legal decision.

Adjudicate: This means to officially decided who is right in an argument between two groups or organization in a court of law.

Adjourn: To temporarily stop the case or postpone a case in the law court.

Culprit:  the persons who is guilty of a crime or responsible for demand, or a problem

Defendant:  the person who a case issued against

Plaintiff:  this is the person summoning another on a case in a law corrupt.

Prosecute:  to officially change somebody with a crime in a court of law.

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Full Project – Design and implementation of a computerized court case scheduling system