Full Project – Airline reservation system – case study of Kabo Air Limited

Full Project – Airline reservation system – case study of Kabo Air Limited

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Chapter 1


1.1    Background to the Study

Kabo Air is a Nigerian charter airline headquartered in Kano, Kano State  and based at Mallam Aminu  Kano International Airport  The airline was established in February 1980 by Dr. Alhaji Muhammadu Adamu Dankabo and started operations in April 1981.[4][1] It is currently wholly owned by Kabo Holdings.

The airline originally operated special charter services for corporate bodies, executives and government officials. The company stopped operating domestic services in 2001 when they focus solely on Hajj flights and international charters. However, in 2009 the airline received approval to start international scheduled services. Traffic rights were given to Kabo Air for operating scheduled services to  Rome Nairobi and N’Djamena, but have not been used. The airline operated scheduled flights from Kano to Abuja, Cairo, Dubai and  Jeddah for a short period.  Kabo Air  met  the  requirements set by the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) for re-capitalization in May 2007 On 3 March 2017, the offices of Kabo  Air were sealed by the Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Service due to unpaid tax liabilities.[6] It has been reported that  Kabo  Air owes over 149  million Nigerian naira (approx. US-$ 460,000)  in taxes.

As of March 2017, Kabo Air does not operate any scheduled services and focuses on charter operations, especially for pilgrim flights under its own name and on behalf of other airlines.

with the purpose of connecting passengers to different airline companies. The passenger registers with the travel agent and then reserve a travel ticket for a chosen flight of an airline company. After making the required payment, the passenger obtains an airline ticket from the agent.

The whole process at Kabo Air & Travel Agent is not computerized. Therefore, passengers make reservations on papers which is tedious in registering, retrieving their registration, searching the available flights and making reservations plus maintaining the stored record.

The basic intend of this project is to build up an Airline Reservation System which will help people to book tickets for their trips. Airline reservation system is complex system and making it to be managed by software system instead of human will help to avoid a big percents of mistakes. It will make process of scheduling trips more easer and prevent conflicting in times, also it will help customers to book their tickets from their homes and the pricing system will be automated to increase and decrease depending of the season and availability and time of booking, also depending of the class that customer select and all these factors will be calculated automatically and instantly.


1.2    Problem Statement

On 6 August 1986, a Sud Aviation SE-210 Caravelle III overran the runway at Calabar Airport, Nigeria. Passengers and crew survived but the aircraft was written off.[9]

On 16 September 1991, a BAC 1-11 landed at Port Harcourt Airport, Nigeria without lowering its gear. All passengers and crew survived but the aircraft was written off.[10]

On 23 August 1992, a BAC 1–11 overran the runway at Sokoto Airport, Nigeria. None of the 53 passengers and 4 crew were killed but the aircraft was written off.[11]

On 12 January 2010, a Middle East Airlines Airbus A330 collided with a parked Kabo Air Boeing 747 while taxiing to its arrival gate at Kano International Airport, Nigeria; none of the passengers or crew were injured. The Boeing 747 left wing and main fuel tank were badly damaged and the right wing of the Airbus A330 was damaged. Officials believe the accident could have been avoided if there was more ground lighting to help the pilots of the Airbus A330 to see.[12]

In September 2013, a Kabo Air Boeing 747-200 operated on a Hajj charter on behalf of Biman Bangladesh Airlines was refused to receive permission to land in Saudi Arabia as the aircraft at age 21 violated the country’s guidelines for aircraft to be a maximum 20 years old to be operated into Saudi Arabia. Biman Bangladesh claimed that Kano Air did give wrong information regarding the plane age.[13]

On 4 October 2013, a Kabo Air Boeing 747-200 on a Hajj charter flight from Kano via Sokoto to Jeddah was cleared to land on Sokoto’s runway 08. However the aircraft continued to land on the opposite runway 26 for unknown reasons. The aircraft came in too low and hit parts of the ILS before coming to stop with some burst tyres. The Nigerian aviation authorities rated this incident as serious and started investigations on why the crew chose the wrong runway.


Currently at Kabo Air & Travel Agents in Nigeria, Kano State, the system that is used for managing their travel records for the airline passengers is manual. This takes a lot of time in registering, searching the available flights by the passengers and also maintaining passengers’ records. This makes the stored data redundant and less security on data. This will be improved by developing an online reservation system.


1.3    Main Objective

1.4    Specific Objectives

The specific objectives of this research project are;

  • To critically review literature related to airline reservation systems
  • To identify the requirements needed for the system.
  • To design and implement the system.
  • To test and validate the new system.

1.5    Scope of the study

This project was undertaken to develop an online airline reservation system for Hamis & Travel Agent to enable administrators manage passengers flight records as well as their payments. Therefore, the case study for this research will be Kabo Air & Travel Agent in Nigeria, Kano State.

1.6    Significance

The significance of this project is assessed in the following:

  • Complete and working system enables the passengers to register online to the airline agent.
  • The system enables the passengers search and make reservation for the destination flights.
  • The system enables administrators of the travel agent to retrieve records of the registered passengers, their reservations and be able to send them airline tickets.
  • The passengers are able to download their airline tickets anytime from anywhere.
  • The system is able to automatically create an airline ticket for the passenger after the approval of the payment.


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Full Project – Airline reservation system – case study of Kabo Air Limited