Full Project – An electronic student learning portal (case study of the department of computer studies)

Full Project – An electronic student learning portal (case study of the department of computer studies)

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An Electronic Student Learning Portal is a computerized system designed and programmed to deal with day to day operations taking place. However, this is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation and delivery of educational courses, training programs, materials and learning programs. This system manages the entire learning process, from student registration to administering the course, maintaining educational records, and analyzing their performances.

The time has been changing rapidly if we compare it with ancient times. Various techniques have been discovered in the area of educational learning with a view of time saving and getting good results.

Technology has  blurred all the boundaries across the globe. It has an intensive impact on learning. As we are aware that our life is totally dependent on electronic devices for whole 24 hours every now and then from morning to night. Technology for learning is used in the collection, processing, transmission, and interpretation of information. Human learning capacity can be enhanced with the optimum use of various technologies but not effective training.

Educational institutions, through its school administrators and information technology personnel, have developed various website enhancements regarding learning that will narrow the gap between the institution’s stakeholders, students, faculty members, and administrators.


This study aims to develop and determine the effectiveness of an Electronic Student Learning Portal for the Department of Computer Studies, The Polytechnic Ibadan.

This are investigated problems:

  1. What are the problems, inadequacies, and issues existing in the current process in terms of delivering education and student concerns?
  2. How ready and acceptable is the Electronic Student Learning Portal is perceived by the respondents?
  • What are the respondent’s perceptions on the effectiveness of the existing system?


This project will provide a reliable way of handling student’s academic record and performance effectively and eliminate the lag time in file recovery. This project is worth doing and will be a great benefit to any institution using it. It will reduce their stress and promote efficient work time.


The aim of this project is to develop An Electronic Student Learning Portal for the Department of Computer Studies, The Polytechnic, Ibadan.

The objectives include:

  1. To be able to develop an electronic student learning portal to achieve learning more effectively and to improve information content delivery
  2. To determine the appropriate development tool in designing and developing an electronic student learning portal
  • To empower education administration through analysis
  1. To give the privilege of accessing content anytime


The study covers the development of An Electronic Student Learning Portal for the Department of Computer Studies, The Polytechnic, Ibadan..

  1. Keeping student’s records
  2. Make provision for students to access course resources
  • Reduce paper work.
  1. Backing up of data


In the development of any project, a very important requirement is the gathering of data for the project. It uses the following method to gather the necessary and required data for development.

  1. Interview Method: This has to do with carrying out one to one interview with those involved, particularly the students and lecturers so as to know their opinion as regard to the existing system.
  2. Observation Method: This involves self observation from the research to understand the current system and identify the short coming of the system in order to design the new system.

The methods used to collect data are:

  1. Study the existing record keeping arrangement with a view to identifying strengths and weakness.
  2. Research in project topics that dealt with this issue in past observation.
  3. Interactive reading of major theoretical issue related to subject matter.
  4. The programming language to used are for designing the software are:
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript for designing the software
  • PHP for the back-end
  • MYSQL: for keeping records


The software is for the automation of An Electronic Student Learning activities and management.

It maintains three levels of users:

  1. Administrator Level
  2. Lecturer Level
  • Student Level


COMPUTER: An electronic device that is capable of accepting data, processing data automatically, store it, produces the result when needed.

VIRTUAL CLASSROOM: is an act of using IT tools to distribute or share knowledge between groups of learners. It is not going to be physically but the use of electronics.

FILE:  This is a collection of related records.

PROGRAM: A set of logical instructions combined together to perform a specific task to a given problem and providing solution to it.

DATABASE: A software programming for storing, retrieving and manipulating the records and information provided. The database to be used is MYSQL.

MYSQL: MYSQL is an open source relational database management system.

APPLICATION: Application is software used to solve a particular task.

IMPLEMENTATION: It is the process of putting a procedure into effect.

IT (Information Technology): It is combination of computing and telecommunication facility.

DATA: Raw materials used by the computer.

INFORMATION: Processed data capable of solving a problem

E-MAIL: Electronic mail, is the use of online computer to send messages across the net.

STORAGE DEVICES: A device for storing data in the computer people, individual, state, country etc made available to be seen or can download on the net.

LEARNING: process of acquiring knowledge


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Full Project – An electronic student learning portal (case study of the department of computer studies)