Full Project – An online pilgrim registration and record keeping

Full Project – An online pilgrim registration and record keeping

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1.1     Background of the Study

In most recent years, there have been rapid growths in technology and its effects on human and their businesses. The advent of technology helps in the utilization of computerized systems in the management of human industry. Majority of modern business today is being significantly affected by computerization. Due to this, computers have become an essential factor in controlling, directing, maximizing results and thus enabled machines to take over many human tasks that are being carried out manually.

However, technology has been embraced as the inevitable evolution of modern science. The advent of new technology has been occupied by the auspicious promises of progress where by technology would resolve our major social and business problems and moves us into the new era.

The advancement of technology has thus brought us into a new era of Web based systems. These systems are also known as enquiry systems and have the ability to input data, a guaranteed response time and an assurance that the information is accurate and timely, then one is said to have a “Real time system”.

However, Web based systems have helped tremendously in every field of human existence today. Hence this project work provides and creates an online pilgrim registration and record keeping through the development of a Web based system that will in turn improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Department.

1.2 Statement of Problems

The Yobe State Muslim pilgrim welfare board is an organization where it is necessary to improve the way things are being done. For instance, the media has been the only medium used by the board to pass information across to the staff as well as the general public. Because the public in particular are not conversant with the media at all times, they find it difficult to know what is going on in the board concerning the procedures and requirements of pilgrimage.

Another crucial point we are trying to look into, is the process of registration. We find out that, most times intending pilgrims undergo difficulties when registering and sometimes they spend days or weeks going to and fro before they complete their registration.

Also with the present method of administration used by the board, data management for administrative purpose have been a very tasking job since everything has to be done on paper. As a matter of fact, data could be lost easily as their size increase.

1.3 Motivation and Justification of the Research

In this computer age, the old filing system has become so clumsy, obsolete and cumbersome. The manual system has so many inadequacies among which are:

When files are kept in the appropriate section, retrieving it will be very tiresome.

The cabinet may not be big enough to accommodate the numerous case files, which are increasing annually.

If the security of a case file (especially on sensitive matters) is tempered with, the smooth processing of the case will certainly be jeopardized.

The manual method of registration, storage and retrieval of files could take a whole lot of time no matter how familiar the file jackets are to the staff.

1.4     Aim and Objectives

The project is carried out in an attempt to develop a computerized pilgrim registration and record keeping system for Yobe State Pilgrim Management Board. The project aim of automating the operations of a Pilgrims Management Board to improve the work of pilgrim agencies that will quickly, efficiently and accurately manage collection of information and is intended to meet the following objectives:

Allow intending pilgrims do their registration online

Allow the public to suggest any complain or comments to the management

Backup database to avoid unforeseen disasters

Inform the general public on what is happening and current updates in the board.

Provide an easier and a more efficient way of managing administrative data.

1.5     Scope and Limitations of the Project

The scope of this project will only cover Yobe State Muslim pilgrims registration, and record keeping, basic administration of staff that will be able to access the system and sharing of pilgrims’ information over a network in the Pilgrims Management Board.

1.6     Significance of the Project

By developing such a system for the board, it will make it easy for pilgrims do their registration, forward their complain to the board  etc. online, as well as checking general notifications, regardless of whether they are on the ‘state’ or not. Also, the management of data for administrative purposes will be made easy no matter how large they may grow later.

Nowadays internet has become an essential part of every profession, for it makes strong impact on the image of a given organization; developing such a system for the Yobe state pilgrim welfare board will therefore not only make the board known to a broader public, but also provide whoever may be interested with relevant information about what’s going on in the board as a whole, like any adjustment in pilgrimage fee.

1.7     Definition of Terms

  1. Computer; is an electronic machine, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory, that can accept data (input), manipulate the data according to specified rules (process), produce result (output), and store the result for future use.
  2. Database: is a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data. Database software allows you to create a computerized database; add, change and delete data; sort and retrieve data from the database; and create forms and reports using the data.
  3. Data; is refers to a pieces of raw fact that needs to be processed to produce a meaningful information e.g. personal information, number of hours worked by any employee or a particular machine, etc.
  4. Information; is obtained when data passes through some manipulation activities (processing) in order to organize them to be meaningful or to achieve a desired result.
  5. Programme; is a set of instruction that is written in the language of computer. A programmed is used to make the computer perform specific tasks, such as calculating interest to be paid to saving account.



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Full Project – An online pilgrim registration and record keeping