Full Project – Assembling and networking of computer systems

Full Project – Assembling and networking of computer systems

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A system unit also known as a basic unit, is the main body of a computer system, typically consisting of a plastic enclosure containing the motherboard (main-board), power supply, coving fans, internal disk drives, and the memory modules and expansion card that are plugged into t he motherboard such as video card and network cards. This project work will give you a feel for how the CPU, memory and the devices commonly found within the system unit work together to process data into meaningful information. It will reach the individuals among us i.e. users who know exactly which processor, motherboard, memory and graphic cards they want to install, but who just don’t know how to fit it all together.

Besides, functional modern computer system consists of hardware and software. Software is the electronic instruction that enable you to tell the computer what to do. The software has two parts; operating system (OS) and application software.



The components necessary to assemble a typical computer system are as follows:

  • Case and Power Supply
  • Motherboard
  • Processor with heat sink and fan
  • Memory
  • Floppy drive (optional)
  • Hard drive disk
  • Optical drives (CD, DVD)
  • Keyboard and Pointer device (mouse)
  • Video card and display
  • Sound card (optional) speakers
  • Modem (optional)
  • Cables
  • Hardware (nuts, bolts and screws)
  • Operating System software



On receiving a request from the user, an investigation is conducted to state the problem to be solved. The specification of present system is studied to determine what changes will be needed to incorporate the user needs not met by the system present. The output of the phase will consist of the specifications which must describe both what the propose system will do and how it will work for the proposed system.


Since assembling and installation of system components is all about completing the system which is basically a matter of screwing (coupling) every components together, plugging-in the cables and connectors, like wise configuring everything to operate properly together and installing software, which are vital and important during building of a complete system, the study will enable the person assembling and installing to understand the most crucial rules in assembling your system and installation, thereby saving every piece of documents and software installed.

Also, this will ascertain whether the system operates as planned or whether incompatibilities exist between some of the components like some people do recommend of placing of loss circuit boards and chips on a sheet of aluminum foil.


The objective of this research work is as follows:

  1. To configure and set up a computer system to a workable environment.
  2. To install the different components of computer system.
  3. To outline the steps of building your own PC thereby reusing some of the components from a current system.
  4. Knowing the precaution during the building of a computer system so as to have a successful practical work without errors



1.5         SCOPE OF THE STUDY

In computer hardware assembling and software installation, the reason for building a computer system from scratch often  have less to do with the  knowledge  you gain, which will be able to widen up one in the field of building a computer system to a higher level, thereby obtaining an advance knowledge of building and upgrading of computer system. This process produced a computer system that contains the exact components and features you have selected for the system coupled and installed.



  1. Application: A computer program to perform a specific task for the user.
  2. Architecture: The way something is built
  3. CPU: It is known as Microprocessor or processor. The brain of a computer.
  4. Configuration: The way the parts of a system or net work are managed.
  5. Expansion Card: A circuit board inserted into a slot on a motherboard.
  6. Driver: A file containing information the OS needs to interact with the hardware.


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Full Project – Assembling and networking of computer systems