Full Project – Automated project tracking information system for Imo state government

Full Project – Automated project tracking information system for Imo state government

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There has been continuous quest for man to improve his well being, thought, reactions to problem and challenges posed by his environment. Tools upon tools have been fashioned and designed by man to help him solve these problems and challenges posed by his overcrowded environment. The entry of computer system into the scene could not have been for any other reason except to improve efficiency and reduce time of provision of more reliable and accurate output. There is no doubt that the modern society and the accuracy, availability and management of this information should be of great importance to human beings. We all know that the aim of every organization is to make profit from the services it renders. The complexity of the management of any business enterprise has a direct relationship to the size and range of operations of the organization federal polytechnic procurement unit is known to have many levels of contract management. However this project is focuses on the design and development of online project tracking and management system for Imo State Ministry of Works.



The manual ways of sourcing, processing, storing and general handling of information by Imo State Government is a kind of cumbersome time consuming and at peak delay during project tracking, file finding when needed in the office, considering high level of bureaucracy adopted by governments in this part of the world with Imo State as a reference point. As this ugly development proceeds, during record keeping and other valuable files and information, therefore this usage of computers tracking projects and information was formed as it becomes imperative for improved information storage and tracking, stores large amounts of information, reduces so much paper work in various offices, institutions, organizations and ministries under Imo State Government. It also enables smooth distributions and enlarges information via transferring of files through computer networks. This would go along way assisting Imo State Government to take vital decision makings when it is due for it.

Furthermore, the introduction of computers will go a long way in alleviating the problems associates with storage of documents used. And quick retrieval of information about the project document and how it was awarded, the nature of the projects, its duration, amount of money involved and finally it’s mode or method of payment.


Be it in government, private sector, institution, business etc. the usage of this manual method of information storage, organization and retrieval is always the talk of the day. This therefore poses a lot of problems which are as follows.

  1. Inability to know when projects are awarded.
  2. Inability to know when to receive projects.
  3. Poor checkmating of project awarded.
  4. Abnormal documentation of project statistics
  5. Poor documentation, security in the offices, institutions etc.


This project is aimed at designing an online project tracking and management system which has the following objectives

  1. To build an application that will store, process and activate information about all the projects awarded.
  2. To design and develop an application package that will be useful for the tracking of project information for Imo State Government. This design is made from a specification and office procedure that allow its development for Imo State government.
  • Application that keeps tracking of projects and it statistics.


The importance of this study to Imo State Government is tremendous as it will go a long way in making great impacts on our state pride and social tolerance. However, this will ensure that accurate information is kept and this application will be capable of making our sate transparent in her profit dealings. This therefore goes a long wall in encouraging the stability of Imo State Government during project execution and can also be used by the government to attract more federal government projects considering the high sense of good project tracking system in use.


This project entirely covers specifically the projects and its information with focus on the design and development of application prototypes meant to be deployed in tracking project as well as storage and retrieval respectively.




Some of the factors that hinder the progress of this study include;

  1. Time Constraint; there is limited time to go to the ministry for proper information.
  2. Due to the sensitive nature of organizational information, there was reluctance to release vital information which may jeopardize the security of the organization.
  • Financial Constraint; some of the materials needed were too expensive to acquire example during implementation stage.


AGENT: A representative who act on behalf of other person or organization.

AUTOMATED CONTRACT TRACKINGS (ACT): This means software used to retrieve or gain information concerning anything about a particular contract awarded.

BIDING: An offer (often competitive) of setting a price one is willing to pay for something.

COMPUTER: A computer is an electronic machine, operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory unit, which can accept data, process those data without human intervention, produce output from the processing and store both the data and output (result) for later use.

Computer: This can be defined as an electronic device or machine capable of accepting input (instructions and data) through an input device such as keyboard, mouse etc. and with the help of stored logic (program0 performs series of logical operations on data to give out meaningful result called information through the output devices like the printer without human intervention.

CONTRACT: A contract is formal or a legally binding agreement between the parties identified in the agreement to fulfill all the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement.

Data base specification: this involves various variable names used in the program database development.

Data flow diagram: this means logical model of system design that is of a special view, also the diagrammatical representation of a particular system.

Data: this is seen as raw materials with which the computer works with. It can in form of numeric, alphabet or alphanumeric.

DESIGN: Creating an object’s form and function. Design can involve making products, machines, and structures that serve their intended purpose and are pleasing to the eye as well.

HARDWARE: Hardware directs the processing of data.

IMPLEMENT: To put something into effect or action.

INFORMATION: Information is a data that has been processed in a useful format that will enable an individual to gain knowledge in order to make decision.

Information: this means processed data or the result gotten after process in data.

ONLINE: Activated and ready for operation; capable of communicating with or being controlled by a computer “An online database”.

SOFTWARE: Computer software are programs (instructions) that control and co-ordinate the activities of the computer


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Full Project – Automated project tracking information system for Imo state government