Full Project – Cloning of a desktop computer system

Full Project – Cloning of a desktop computer system

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Assembling of desktop computer or computer cloning as the statement implied has to do with the putting together of components and devices to form a working computer system.

Any system consisted of a number of separate elements working together to achieve a common aim. A car, for example, is a form of transport system comprising such elements as an engine, wheels, gear box, fuel etc. Its aim is to transport people from one place to another. This is also applicable to a computer system. The system will only work (operate) successfully if all its major components work.

Car, as we have used as an example has an essential additional element which is the driver, without whom the car would be a motionless object.

In the same way a computer system consists of  a number of individual elements working together with the common aim of processing DATA to produce INFORMATION without a data been feed in.

Data              Process              Information

A computer system has an essential part which is the system unit. It contains the brain and the heart of the computer system.

The computer as the word implies is an electronic devices that have the ability to accept instructions and data and give a specific result.

It can simply be refer to as an information processing machine.

For our readers, to be able to understand the computer better for what it is and what it does, it definition must be explicit and comprehensive. Computer can be define as an electronic machine that accepts data, process it as instructed and produce an output. It can also be reframed as a programmable, multipurpose machine that accepts data-raw facts and figures and processes, or manipulates it into information.


Nowadays, in every field of human endeavour the computer as a speeding vehicle of technological tool cannot be over emphasized. The gradual increase in human population and increase in technology has brought about an increase in volume of information generations, collection, processing and storage of information. But due to inability to purchase a new system by individual due to high cost brought about the development of the custom build system which has eliminate this difficulty.

However, computer assembly is a process of building a computer system from simple accessories in order to build a functioning personal computer (P.C).


The aid of this project work is to enable an individual to clone, build or assemble a dead computer into a working personal computer or even buying of accessories to build a functioning personal computer (P.C) simply accessories and install an operating system. Likewise, carryout a repair and maintenance on a computer system by expanding the life span of a computer system.

Also, the purpose of this project is to enable individual know how to build a computer system and enable us upgrade a system in the future.

In other word, to be able to eliminate the difficulty in purchasing a branded new computer system and the inability of branded system to accept parts of other branded system, give ways to the ideal of design and installation of computer assembly to form a complete system.


The principle of operation of computer is internal and it is carried out using binary numbers that is a sequence of 0’s and 1’s.

This system of numbering is especially suitable for use in electronic components because of their basic component. Data is internal represented in the computer as binary digits.

A single binary (that is 0 or 1) is called a bit. A binary number consisting of eight (8) digits is called byte. The implication of the discussion so far is that all instructions and data inside the computer system both text and graphics are store in form of binary numbers. It requires a byte to represent a character.

With regards to computer’s internal working principle, data and program instruction look exactly the same. They are on binary basis. The primary memory stores the data and program instruction.


Computer has been applied and is still being applied to our day to day activities in every area of our life. The following are some of the areas that computer is being applied.

  • Engineering and architecture.
  • Education
  • Law
  • Medicine
  • Business houses
  • Science etc.
  1. ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE: An engineer or architect designing a product can be for more productive with a computer than with pencil and paper. An object designed with a computer is more clearer than pencil and paper. In this view, the knowledge of auto CAD is now necessary for all engineering and architectural jobs. They also carry out a reach with a computer system.
  2. EDUCATION: Small computers have sparked a revolution in education. Everyone from pre-school children to senior citizens can now put computers on their table to work for their own intellectual benefit. Computer is rapidly becoming an essential to the learning process, as you can find them in the libraries, classrooms etc.

Instructors and teachers are especially excited about the computer as an interactive learning tool. It can be use as interactive tutorials to teach, test for understanding and re-teach based on how much the student has learned.

  1. MEDICINE AND HEALTH CARE: In medicine today, computer are applicable for everything diagnosing illnesses to monitoring patients during surgery controlling permanent prosthesis.

Several interesting medical applications use small, special purpose computers that operate within the human body to help the body function better. It is use in the hospital for automated imaging techniques, which produce a fully dimensional picture with much more detail and less risk than standard x-ray firms. The first widespread type of imaging was Computerized Axial Tomography (CAT) scans. Recently, techniques including magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and Position Emission Tomography (PET) have been introduced. Using this technique, doctors can now look inside a patient’s body and study each organ in detail.

  1. BUSINESS HOUSES: Computers are so essential to our modern society, as they in our economy. We use computer for keeping record of customer, production of statement of accounts, dispensing of money to customers (by means of ATM etc.), buying and selling by mail etc.
  2. SCIENCE: Scientists use computers to develop theories to collect and test data, and to exchange information electronically with friends around the globe. Researchers can access data bases in distant locations without going far than the closest computer.

It is use by this discipline to generate detailed studies.


         Legal profession has begun to make extensive use of computers. Attorneys and others are now able to search quickly through huge collections of data, known as data-bases, for precedents set by similar cases, documents and depositions. With a computer system for research is reduced.

It is applicable in investigation of crimes.


This project computer cloning, shows the theory and mode of operation of a computer system. It also gives the analytical description of various computer hardware components, step followed in the designed, installation alongside safety measures taken during the course of construction and designs of the computer system. However, test and checks was conducted on the completed system to verify the working principle of the system and the theory learnt.




In any known endeavour, there must be limitation and constrains but in varying magnitudes. This study cannot be an exception, since it has its own limitation. Some of the constrains encountered are time, fund and insufficient information.

In view of the tight academic calendar, examination and other, the time to carry out an expansion project was not available. The consequence of this was our inability to meet the time schedule for interview, the finance, the finance to speed up the project work more efficiently was not available.

Conclusively, gathering information from the library was not possible as we discovered that available literature on the subject are very limited.

We had to do a lot of reading to compile materials for our review of literature.


Assembling: Bringing together different component of the computer system

Computer: An electronic machine that can store, organize and find information, do calculations and control other machines.

Desktop computer: Computer with a keyboard, screen and main processing unit, that fits on a desk.


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Full Project – Cloning of a desktop computer system