Full Project – Computerization of seat reservation for road transport system

Full Project – Computerization of seat reservation for road transport system

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The word transportation means movement of goals or persons from one place to another. In other words, it can be said to be a system that links an origin with a destination. The mode of movement could range from foot to burden or mechanical carriage such as motor vehicle, train, ocean, liners and aero plane.

This basic service sector plays a very crucial role in the economic development of a growing nation like Nigeria. One hastens to say that the interaction between transportation on one hand and economic development other hand, has always generated some considerable degree of theoretical controversy. While some people regard improvement in transportation as indispensible for acceleration of the development process, “others look at it as a result of rather than as a cause of economic development”. No matter how one views it the demand for road transportation is a derived demand. This is seen in the sense that it is used to achieve some goals. The provisions of transport facilities and services are regarded as being very crucial in the political, cultural and socio-economic life of a nation. There is no aspect of a nation’s life that is devoid of elements transportation since there is always, “The need to collect, assemble, move or transfer and distribute people or things”. In the light of above, to be able to operate an efficient and reliable transport system, the current possibility of computers is worth knowing about particularly in the area of read transport service, which is the focus of this project work. Computers are everywhere; in industry, commerce, banking and government, it now plays a vital role in the development, of any establishment. It trickles or solves many complex problems face by man and processes very voluminous data within short period of time at a fantastic speed. The application of computer is now therefore the target of many establishments especially is aimed at facilitating the procedures of booking and seat reservation in road transport service.






The establishment of Nice Travel (Nig.) Ltd is a direct response to a positive need for an efficient, reliable and safe means of transport.

The story of Nice Travel (Nig.) Ltd. dates back to February 13th 1993 when Mal. Kadir Suleman; the Founder and Managing Director, a 35-year old, product of the Federal University of Minna. The company started with 5 Mini-buses financed by a local bank. They commenced operations in read passenger transportation shuttling the Minna-Lagos route. In1994, the organization increased its fleets by adding two-55 seater Marcapolo buses. With the acquisition of the two buses the big stride has commenced. The company was first to introduce on-board TV/Video entertainment in order to reduce travelers boredom. Between 1995and 1997 Nice Transport concentrated on fleet increase expansion of its operation and establishing more route. In 1996, the Managing Director switched over the new dealers for cargo parcel service armed with an operation license from Nigeria postal service (NIPOST).

At present, Nice Travel (Nig.) Ltd. operate over fifty buses, through discriminating prices, a certain class of travelers patronizes this special bus service from Lagos.


1.2       AIM

To design and implement a COMPUTERIZATION OF SEAT RESERVATION FOR  ROAD TRANSPORT COMPANY ( A Case Study Of Nice Travel, Minna, Niger State).



The basic purpose of this study is to provide a simplified approach that will aid organization in the business of road transport to be able to implement a computerized system in order to improve the system of booking and reservation of seats and buses. These will therefore improve the system making it time saving efficient and reliable. Below can be also considered:

  1. To develop a comprehensive data base that will handle the booking and reservation of seats in road transport system at Nice Travel Nig Ltd.
  2. To give solution to the problems in road transport system by using computers to compute instead of paper work.
  3. To eliminate manual delays in operation.



This project will help to show the benefits steps and methodologies to using a computerized system in booking and reservation of seats as it effects read transport. By this study, business organization involved in these form of transport service, it will come to see and appreciate the effectiveness and efficiency of a computerized system.



This aspect of the project work constitutes problems prevalent in the booking and reservation of seats in road transport service, problems of which can be limited or solved by the case of computers in the system. Some of the problems include:

  1. Lack of storage structure from which information about people who has traveled in the past can be referenced
  2. Lack of computer based booking and reservation system thereby limiting people to booking and reservation only on the day of travel.
  3. Timeliness of information is never achieved due to manual process of operation



This project will investigate into the booking and reservation of seats as it attracts road transport services. It will then analyze its problems and also propose optional solutions. The authors failed to furnish this work with facts beyond what he has supplied for the following reasons:

  1. Withholding data and information: It is not uncommon during the system study for employees for withhold information about current operation due to dear of displacement by computer, assuming their department goals computerized.
  2. Time Factor: The time allowed for the study was too short to be used in converting all the necessary aspect required.
  3. Providing Inaccurate information: Input data containing known inaccuracies are submitted to the sabotage processing results



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Full Project – Computerization of seat reservation for road transport system