Full Project – Computerized online restaurant booking and delivering system

Full Project – Computerized online restaurant booking and delivering system

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The city of Katsina has a lot of restaurants, at different areas, but the problem is no one has online system to help people to prepare foods as fast as possible. The restaurants provide hausa, arabic, english, and fulani foods. The website ordering system will help restaurants to show all the daily offers, available food, advertisements, and then deliver the food to  people homes.

In practice, the work of a restaurant requires different approaches depend on the system’s condition before the distribution to customers.  Issues on technical strength of the current system, organisational and strategic direction of the organisation will influence the approaches taken for the integration work.  Finnegan and Khairil (2009) stated that an often cited view of restaurant services sees it as a technical state involving the connectivity of interdependent computer systems that physically and logically link the information resources of different organisational units (Hasselbring, 2000; Gulledge, 2006), while others argue that IS integration is defined as a function of the structural configurations of the organisation that support optimal decision making (Fiedler, et al., 1996).  The combination of these views has explain the nature of a sustainable restaurant system where it is the result of technical consolidation of various systems and/or supporting organisational/structural change that enable the organisation optimally use its information resources.

Few studies have been carried out by for instance, Mendoza et. al. (2006) who uses Critical Success Factors in developing and online restaurant, Wendt et. al. (2005) who assess IS integration component, and Chien and Tsaur (2007) who assess success on packaged integrated software.  These efforts have contributes to better understanding on developmental issues with regards to restaurant systems, but fall short on looking the viability of restaurants         in a comprehensive perspective.  The assessment provided so far, focus on management or technical or on the product, but has not combined these domains into one comprehensive element.


It is noted from Mendoza et al. (2006), Wendt et al. (2005) and Alaranta (2005) that current approaches to online restaurants are not well-established and comprehensive to explain the importance to the benefitting populace.  Based on vendors’ published documents, current available assessment approaches used in the market such as IBM PLM Enterprise Integration Executive Quick Assessment®, BEA Business Integration Assessment® and Patni Integration Assessment Methodology®, are vendor-based and focus only on assessing the current situation of the restaurant only to be used subsequently in customising solution based on their product. Furthermore, most literature on online restaurants focus more on technical assessment, rather than developmental in a comprehensive manner looking not only technical, but organisational and strategic dimensions as well.



It is noted that the online restaurant development focuses on the essence of service delivery as a product and its impact to the users. There is lack of research efforts that look into comprehensive online restaurant development which covered technical, organisational and strategic domains.   Based on these issues, the main concern of this research is ‘How to establish a comprehensive approach for online restaurant?’ To respond to the main question, the following research questions are therefore addressed:


  1. What are the comprehensive success criteria and success factors for online restaurant?
  2. How to formulate online restaurant approach using the identified success criteria and success factors?
  • How can the proposed comprehensive IIS assessment approach be validated and practically used?


1.4       Objectives of the study

There are three main objectives of this study.

  1. To study existing online restaurant systems.
  2. To develop a comprehensive online restaurant for one of the leading restaurants in Katsina city.
  3. To test the practicality and reliability of the developed system.


1.5           Scope of the study

The area of research is in the area of internet programming focusing on website development for a restaurant.  This show:

  • How to develop a web based system using PHP and MYSQL, and SMS notification System.
  • How to manage data with many users (customers, restaurants staff , system administrators)
  • How to validate/verify of the students data to ensure the responsibility of the online orders using SMS validation code.

1.6           Significance of the study

This study has significant contribution as the followings:

For Customers:

  • To help them to get their food faster.
  • To Save students time.
  • Some customers don’t have transportations, so it will be so helpful if the restaurants have a delivery system.
  • To help customers to choose the best food they like.
  • To provide customers, especially with many different types of foods.

For Restaurants:

  • Increase the orders and then the profit by using online systems.
  • Increase the competence of restaurants to provide very good services.
  • Manage the restaurants systematically.
  • Monitor the best foods that are required by students.
  • Increase the quality of food by online comments about the food.


  • Project Organization

This project document contain five(5) chapter including this chapter, chapter two will carry Literature Review, follows by chapter three which will cover methodology  and  then chapter four will contain Data analysis, Design and implementation. The last chapter is Conclusion and Recommendation


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Full Project – Computerized online restaurant booking and delivering system