Full Project – Design and implementation of a simulated voice ATM machine

Full Project – Design and implementation of a simulated voice ATM machine

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The computerization of the banking/financial sector of the economy has really helped eliminate the manual operation of the sector including the innovation of paperless.

Following this, is the introduction of development of the ATM (Automated teller Machine) which had the most laudable effect in the sector. However, the ATM has really terminated most of the stressful work in the banking sector like queuing to check account balance, delay in cash withdrawing and transfer etc.

The ATM gained acceptance due to its Mechanism like dispensing Mechanism (to provide cash on often items of value), deposit mechanism including cheques processing module and batch not acceptor (to allow the customer to make deposits), security sensor and locks (to ensure controlled access to the contents of the vault).

In this work, we examined our overview of the ATM and its record printer.



The emergency of the ATM brought about the transformation in the banking sector giving rise to inter-bankng services. However, the ATMs inability to assist visually challenged users and generate a hard copy of the operations carried out it has been a concern over the years.

Biometrics-based authentication offers several advantages over other authentication. Fingerprint technology in particular, can provide a much more accurate and reliable user authentication method. Biometrics is a rapidly advancing field that is concerned with identifying a person based on his or physiological or behavioural characteristics. As the Automated Teller Machines (ATM) technology is advancing, fraudsters are devising different skills to beat the security of ATM operations. Various forms of fraud are perpetuated, ranging from: ATM card theft, skimming, pin theft, card reader techniques, pin pad techniques, force withdrawals and lot more.

Managing the risk associated with ATM fraud as well as diminishing its impact is an important issue that faces financial institutions as fraud techniques have become more advanced with increased occurrences. Considering the numerous security challenges encountered by Automated Teller Machines (ATM) and users and given that the existing security in the ATM system has not been able to address these challenges, there is the need to enhance the ATM security system to overcome these challenges. This study focuses on how to enhance security of transactions in ATM system using fingerprint.

In a bid develop a receipt generating system for the ATM to enhance its user-friendliness and flexibility, this study was carried out.



Notwithstanding the effective and excellent performance of ATM, its inability to assist visually challenged users and generate receipts after usage has posed challenge to users. The situation where the machine is unable to guide non tech-savvy users and issue a receipt which contain the users account details such as the previous balance before withdrawal (in the case of withdrawal), and current balance to the user/customer.

Another problem of the system is its inability to confirm business transactions carried out on it with the aid of voice systems thereby making it difficult for vision impaired customers to know his/her account balance.



The objective of this study which is the design and implementation of a simulated voice ATM is as follows:-

  1. Redesign and restructure the ATM in a way that it will not only give softcopy of the transaction rather be capable of generating a hardcopy of the business transactions carried out on it.
  2. Enhance the user friendliness of the machine by adding voice assistance systems to the ATM thereby making it easy for visually challenged users.



The scope of this study which bothers on design and implementation of a simulated voice ATM is limited only to :-

  • Payment receipt
  • Withdrawal receipt
  • Voice assistance

However, other companies may maintain different sources of receipt or teller, but this study, concentrates only on payment and withdrawal receipt system for Eco bank plc, Obosi Onitsha Anambra state.



The development of a simulated voice ATM enhances the friendliness of the system and also updates/confirms the user’s/customer’s knowledge of his/her account details (a complete up to date statement of account) using a voice command. This also unnecessary mistakes and eliminates conflicts over statement of account between the customer and the bank’s operators.



This section discloses the constraints encountered on the course of writing this piece of work. The below is the under listed limitations encountered.

  1. TIME FACTOR:- Considering the limited time for the semester and the time to gather material/information from the project study, it was not really easy on me but all the same, I tried to apply the principle of time management.
  2. MONEY:– a lot of money was involved in sourcing for material, running the program, typing and printing the work and binding aspect
  3. PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED DURING THE WRITE UP:- The toughest was on the debugging of the program, although the research aspect also posed some problems


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Full Project – Design and implementation of a simulated voice ATM machine