Full Project – Design and implementation of a software-based luggage billing system for an airline

Full Project – Design and implementation of a software-based luggage billing system for an airline

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We all know that micro-processor have become one of the must widely used technology in the field of computing information processing and management real-time processing, telecommunication e.t.c.

Briefly, some of the most impressive change which the microprocessor revolution has liquidifies are:-

  • Low cost of computing machinery and micro-processor based device
  • Tremendous improvement in the system reliability and sometimes reduction in the size of such systems.
  • The accuracy and consistency of such system when properly programmed requires no over emphasis.
  • Increased speed of computation leading to higher through put.

These important attributes possessed have led to their wide application in so many area of life from computer system, home appliance to serious industrial and other office machineries.

An automated luggage billing device is an instrument, which is used in determining the weight of object placed on its load cell. This device may be constructed in such a way that it could be connected to a computer system for direct weight transmission and the whole system may become computerized using an effective software system. The system consists of a strain-gauge transducer on which the luggage is placed. The gauge voltage is proportional to weight placed on it. The voltage is fed directly to an ADC means (Analog-Digital converter) which in turn converts the signals to corresponding binary code and presents it via register. The binary coded data is usually received by the decoder/demultipler as signals from the input lives of the internal expansion.

Having known how an automated billing device works, a computer software-base luggage billing system for parcel and luggage section of Sosoliso air line is a software which may implement such device. It has been designed to accept weight of the luggage, the distance (km) between location and destination in order to produce a comprehensive bill which could be stored and manipulated according to users choice.



Here I am trying to identify the problems in carrying out the study. Some of the questions to be asked are as follows:

  • What are the factors militating against the effective software based luggage billing system in an air line?
  • To what extent is it effective?
  • Should software based luggage billing system in an air line be encouraged?

The research project could be able to answer these questions at the end through the careful explanation & presentation in line with stadarolized statistical concept as to achieve the desired inference.



The main purpose of this work is to design-develop and implement a viable software system which will be adopted in any organization that handles any luggage weighing objects and consequently requires the bill of such weight luggages.



The knowledge of software based luggage billing system in an air line enables the computer and software based luggage billing department to know the type of luggage, contents, check the security of the luggage, number of luggage, owner of the luggage etc. The study will help to determine whether the company meets its target & service level in luggage billing system. Specifically the study will be remarkable in that it will help in:

  • Checking exact content of the luggage so as to avoid transportation of dangerous and bad goods.
  • Extending a small (domestic) air line to a very large air-line to a very large air-line (international)
  • Having a good luggage checking for a good turn over and operation; and
  • Making an important contribution to the over all success in an air-line.




This work is mainly concerned will the software development that implements an automated luggage billing device. It lists the necessary components and specificants and describes thoroughly the construction and integration o the device with the developed software system.



During the course of this work, materials that are really related to this project were hardly found. There was lack of little technical assistance. The author was also constrained of finance and time which would give her enough opportunity to incorporate a lot of applications and to perform series of test runs.



As a matter of convenience, the researcher assumes the each customer could be identified by his/her serial number which ranges between 1–999. It also assumed that the highest number of different luggage which a customer could posses at a times is five (5) whose weights are read from the manual scale of the existing system.



The under listed terms are defined according to their usage in the project.

  • System Software: It is designed to the computer
  • Communication Control: It is the movement of data between paints in network can only be achieved though proper communication control.
  • Data Security: Its is a physical protection of data
  • Operating Flow: It is about working ensuring smooth flow of operations
  • Computer System: It is a device which accepts data in one form and process it to provide information in another form.
  • Weighing Device: It is an instrument used in determining the weight of an object placed on its load cell.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of a software-based luggage billing system for an airline