Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based veterinary information management system

Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based veterinary information management system

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Veterinary medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, disorder and injury in non-human animals. As a branch of medicine, it is necessary for the doctors to take active part in ensuring that the patients are well taken care-of and well followed up with respect to illnesses, diagnosis and the prescription of drugs. To do this, they often need an efficient management system in their clinics or hospitals that would keep track of the daily visits and returning visits of patients and the progress made in the treatment of the illnesses. This project aims at building an efficient, flexible, versatile web-based intranet for the patient management of veterinary hospitals and clinics.


In most hospitals, it is often ambiguous, time consuming and exhausting with respect to the issue of patient management and follow-up. This is due to the following issues;

  • Loss of patient data: Patient data is sometimes kept in physical storage file which get worn-out over a long period of time and get prone to wear and tear. Also, there is the issue of document losses which occur per
  • Time Cost: Most hospitals receive more than 200 patients daily. And each patient has a file dedicated to him / her. Having to write to these physical files everyday can be time consuming. Also, in a case where the patient re-visits, sorting out files is often a time consuming fact and also energy draining.
  • Space: Physical files need physical space for storage, this physical storage space is often not available and often limited. As a result, there is often the need to create a complete apartment for the storage of these files, which, in the long run, is often not enough.


The objective of this study is to achieve the following;

  • An efficient, light and portable means of storing patient data in veterinary hospitals.
  • An efficient method of communication between the various divisions in a hospital with respect to the treatment and transfer of patients from one department to another.
  • To reduce the time cost of processing data. With a database management facility, the issues of sorting, searching and traversing manually comes to an abrupt end. Database management systems have very fast means of searching for data using keywords and identity keys. Such of which is not possible with manual technology.


This project is significant in the sense that it revolutionizes the patient management systems in veterinary hospitals, it will make communication faster and much easier, it will make data processing much more efficient and less prone to errors, it will allow one to treat each patient as a separate entity instead of being a part. If efficient, it could also be used in human hospital management systems as well as other areas where personnel data and activity management is involved; places like schools, industries, offices etc.



The scope of this project work is to design a system that will enable registration of patients, view case and payment history, and enable management of records.



The limitations of the study are as follows:

Financial resources: in every research, financial resource plays an important role, this role cannot be over emphasized. A very much amount of money will be consumed for the processes of this study, we demanded for much financial resources but little was granted to us. But for the fact of the so little financial resources we have we make wise use of it, so that eventually the study can come to a good and interesting end.

Material Resource: for the work to be done, relevant materials are required in which we utilize to make the study to come to a whole.

Time Factor: Time was so limited and the research was able to use the limited time to gather information that helped in developing the required information. The little time has been used to make all necessary materials present and everything in order.



Medical Records: It is the records that spell out the patient’s illness and treatment during a particular period for patients and inpatients.

Research: A careful study of a subject to discover facts, establish a theory or develop a plan of action based on the facts discovered.

System: A set of computer components functioning together.

Technology: The study of techniques of mobilizing resources such as information for accomplishing objectives that benefit man and his environment.

Software: A computer program or set of instructions that direct a computer to perform processing functions.

Information System: A collection of procedures, people, instructions and equipment to produce information in a useful form.

Processing: This is dealing with something according to an established procedure.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of a web-based veterinary information management system