Full Project – Design and implementation of an automated billing system for supermarket

Full Project – Design and implementation of an automated billing system for supermarket

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Supermarket management system is the system where all the aspects related to the proper management of supermarket is done. These aspects involve managing information about the various products, staff, managers, customers, billing etc. This system provides an efficient way of managing the supermarket information. Also allows the customer to purchase and pay for the items purchased. This project is based on the sales transaction and billing of items in a supermarket. The first activity is based on adding the items to the system along with the rate which are present in the supermarket and the name of the items which the supermarket will agree to sell. This authority is given only to admin (administrator). Any modifications to be done in the item name and the rate can be done only by admin. He also has the right to delete any item. As the customer buys the products and comes to the billing counter, the user is supposed to enter the item name he purchased and the quantity of the item he had purchased. This is not a huge a task.  This study is to produce software which manages the sales activity done in a supermarket, maintaining the stock details, maintaining the records of the sales done for a particular month/year. The users will consume less time in calculation and the sales activity will be completed within a fraction of seconds whereas manual system will make the user to write it down which is a long procedure and so paper work will be reduced and the user can spend more time on the monitoring the supermarket. The project will be user friendly and easy to use. The system will display all the items whose name starts with the letter selected by the user. He can select out of those displayed. Finally a separate bill will be generated for each customer. This will be saved in the database. Any periodic records can be viewed at any time. If the stock is not available, the supermarket orders and buys from a prescribed vendor. The amount will be paid by deducting the total amount acquired in the sales activity. Admin provides a unique username and password for each employee through which he can login.


Billing is the act of issuing bills for goods or services rendered. A bill is a printed or written statement of the money owed for goods or services rendered. Billing system can be done in two ways, namely manual method and electronic method. In a billing System, where the storage of data is done manually i.e. information is entered into record books. This is inefficient as a number of problems can arise from this:

  • The information has to be access from one point i.e. where the record is kept.
  • In order to get information anywhere, duplicate copies have to be made.
  • Changes made in one record might not be updated in a duplicate.
  • Loss of records to natural disasters.
  • Anybody can access any report and any sensitive data.
  • No report to find out the sales volume, stock list and summary report.

Because of the above reasons listed above it is unreasonable to maintain billing System on record books in this age of computer based information system. The E-billing System is developed to solve these problems. E-billing is the act of issuing bills (that is a printed or written statement of the money owed for goods and services rendered.) electronically or automatically via computer. E-billing system is a networked database application. A database application is defined literally, as an application that collects data from users through an interface and stores it in a data file (on memory), to process, manipulate and retrieve for decision making.



The manual method of billing, storage and retrieval of customer’s information and computation could be strenuous and time-consuming. It may involve dedicating a person, people or department of the firm to handle this task. Performance computation on the part of staff could be stressful. The E-billing System focuses on how to ease the problems of retrieval of customers’ data when billing is made.


The aim of this project is to create a computerized bill generation process and invoice, whereby customers’ details will be maintained on a database. It will also help the firm to maintain their product lists, customer lists, and print the invoice. Also it is possible to share the data from multiple systems in a multi-user environment.

The study focuses on the following objectives:

  • To make sure data is not duplicated.
  • To give security to the sensitive data of the firm.
  • To be able to access data from any computer system connected to the database server.
  • To keep records of sales volume, stock list and summary report.
  • Store data as long as possible.
  • To be able to find and print previously saved invoices.
  • Provide easy backup of data which can be used at another location.
  • To curb every error made in a manual or handwritten billing system.





The significance of this study is to use object oriented development processes and techniques in the automation of a billing system. Formal analysis and design were used to give adequate understanding to the object-oriented technique used. The major quest is to ease the problem and stress encountered in billing of customers and keeping records of stock list, customer lists, sales volume, and summary report. In addition the application is window based making it usable by most systems in this part of the world which makes use of Microsoft windows operating system.

This project will be of benefit to:

  • Enterprises
  • Shopping Mall/Supermarket


The scope of this study covers the inventory and stock for IRISH SUPERMARKET as a whole, and its customers.


This project was constrained by the following factors:

  1. Time Constraints

Looking at the interval between the resumption and vacation of the final semester for the project to be completed, the time given seemed to be short for the collection of required information for better work to be done.

  1. Insufficient and inefficient information source to aid the researcher in developing the project.




Automation: This is the use of technology or computers to control and process data reducing the need for human intervention.

Computerization: This is the conversion of a manually operated system to a controlled, organized and automated system.

Database: This refers to a large store of related data on a computer that a user can access and modify.

Information System: A collection of procedures, people, instructions and equipment to produce information in a useful form.

Inventory Control System: A list of orders to be filled, and prompts workers to pick the necessary items and provides them with packaging and shipping information.

Password: This is a secret code that must be entered into a computer to enable access to its applications. It is made up of numbers, letters, special characters or a combination of any of the above categories.

Processing: This is dealing with something according to an established procedure.

Research: A careful study of a subject to discover facts, establish a theory or develop a plan of action based on the facts discovered.

Software: A computer program or set of instructions that direct a computer to perform processing functions.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of an automated billing system for supermarket