Full Project – Design and implementation of an e-learning platform

Full Project – Design and implementation of an e-learning platform

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The educational sector has gone through a lot of changes over the years and has come to a point where there is a wide embrace of the use of ICT to give and receive instruction. There are institutions that have used the e-learning to solve arithmetic learning as well as performance problem.

On problem that people face when trying to learn something is the lack of a structured approach at times. Thus, it is important to put such requirements and features in mind when implementing an e-learning platform.

For this study, a software will be designed which will have capabilities of data collection, storage, and retrieval. This focus is due to some of the complexity associated with implementing an industry-level e-learning system. The aim generally is to build a prototype web application which can then be used as a platform to launch a more industry level software.


The proposed implementation seeks to understand the learning and instruction methods and project that understanding in the form of a software. There will be some key considerations that will be taken during the implementation of this idea. These considerations include

  • A good User Interface and User Experience
  • A lesson level tracking feature to monitor progress in particular lessons
  • Feedback mechanisms.


The study has its motivations in the fact of the ICT industry being a key part of our everyday life especially in the 21st century. An e-learning platform will help digitize the education sector and especially in the field of computer science and information technology.


The aim of the study is to build a web application system which would be effective in storing data and offering instruction in particular subject matter.

The objectives include:

  1. An extensive study of the literature around the implementations of various online learning platforms.
  2. Identifying the key areas of operation in related e-learning projects where improvement is needed.
  • Design of systems with the potential of proffering solutions to those areas identified in (ii) above.
  1. Implementation of the designs in (iii) above and providing recommendations for the future.


The scope of the study is a typical online learning application platform. It will have up to 10 lessons on basic ICT concepts as a test run prototype. This reduced scope is due to the time constraints as well as the tedious nature of implementing such a software for an entire curriculum.



The significance is such that the study can be added to a long list of research papers that can be referred to, to imbibe the culture of automated systems into our daily educational operations in particular, the operations of learning institutions.


  1. LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM(LMS): A learning management system is a software application that is designed for the purposes of administration, documentation, tracking, automation and delivery of educational courses and lessons.
  2. APPLICATION PROGRAMMING INTERFACE: This is a software intermediary which allows two separate applications to communicate with each other.
  3. SOCIAL LEARNING: Social Learning can be described as a type of learning that is characterized by the observation of the behaviors of other people
  4. DISTANCE EDUCATION: This refers to the education of students that may not be always physically present in a classroom or in school.
  5. CURRICULUM: A curriculum is defined as the broad totality of student experiences that occur in the educational sector. It is also a set of instruction that is structured to a particular educational grade.
  6. ONLINE COURSES: Online course are simply courses taken in a particular programme only that the instruction is given and received over the internet.


The implementation of this idea and project would be achieved using server-side programming language PHP and the MySQL database querying language. These languages were chosen for their server-side compatibility,

Their high level of security and for the general web compatibility. The front-end technologies used include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This will also be hosted as a web application on an online domain.


The project is organized such that; Chapter One gives a brief introduction in form of the Background of the Study of a general overview of the concept of e-learning worldwide. In Chapter Two, we have a broad look at the related implementations of e-learning information systems. Chapter Three examines the System Architecture, the system design and analysis. Chapter Four presents the implementation of the project using necessary programming languages and development models. It also presents the result of testing carried out. Chapter Five rounds off the project work with the summary, conclusions, and recommendations for future works.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of an e-learning platform