Full Project – Design and implementation of an electronic boutique

Full Project – Design and implementation of an electronic boutique

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Electronic Boutique is buying and selling of goods and services such as human wears.

This implies financial transactions which further imply a profit motive during the course of

Fashion such as wears in general. Boutique can be classified or sub-listed under Commerce

Commerce is a division of trade or production which deals with the exchange of goods and

Services from producer to final consumer. It comprises the trading of something of economic

Value such as goods, services, information or money between two or more entities, Boutique

Functions as the central mechanism which drives certain human wears either male, female,

Adult and children. (Godinez, Victor 2005)

E-Boutique primarily expresses the fairly abstract notions of buying and selling in the

Boutique electronically. Electronic Boutique consists of the buying, selling, marketing and servicing of

Products or services over computer networks.

An alternative definition of E-Boutique might view it as the conduct of business Commercial communications and management through electronic methods such as electronic data interchange and automated data collection system,

Electronic boutique may also involve the electronic transfer of information between businesses. That may also be referred to as virtual store or cyber store.

The meaning of the term “electronic boutique” has changed over time. Originally “electronic” usually technology like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) introduced in the late 1970s to send commercial documents like purchase orders or invoices electronically,

Later it came to include activities over more precisely termed “Web-boutique” – which is the purchase of goods and services over the World Wide Web via secure servers with e-shopping carts and with electronic pay services like credit card payment authorizations.


It is very paramount that the quality of effectiveness of the background of this system is not palatable. This insulate if there is no problem, there will be no reason for solution. Electronic

Boutique will stand the best alternative to bring rise to E-commerce which ascertain buying and selling of goods online. To solve the problems currently experienced in Fitness First

Boutique, sango ibadan, in relation to the manual process of E-boutique, there are needs to identify the issues associated with the background of the system, and the issues includes:

  1. Inability to attend to many customers within few minutes, which eventually lead to customer leave the boutique.
  2. Inability to view available wears within few minutes,
  3. The manual ways of issuing receipts.
  4. They are easily prone to robbery, which easily subsides with the practice of c-boutique.
  5. Inadequate power supply which also give rise to extra budget of money for fueling of the generator.



E-boutique is still the best method that any trading company or organization can ever employ, because of the easy way of operating it and it does include much history. So it is justified for Fitness First Boutique to develop rapid interest in it for the growth of their company




The aim of this project is to develop a web application for electronic boutique.

The Objective of this project is as follows:

a To develop an information site for Fitness First Boutique,

  1. To design an order form that will make it easy for customers to purchase good online.
  2. To issue receipts to customers online after necessary payment.
  3. To allow customers to have the full details of the boutique including their bank names and account number
  4. To also provide means of customers goods being delivered to them through the agent of the boutique
  5. To include a data base that will be able to store the customers’ details during ordering for goods.



The scope of this project is based on the Automation of a boutique so as to ascertain an Electronic Boutique. The scope of this study is restricted to Fitness First Boutique, idi ape iwo




Methodology is of different types, they are: interview Direct &indirect, questionnaire and observation. But the major method employed in this project succinctly analyzed below.

This project shall be ascertain by analyzing the background of the existing system, through succinct observations, interviewing my supervisor for more light on the background of the existing system and the expected features and function required on the new system will be observed, different literatures (from library and internet) will be utilized for review, questionnaire will be employed if necessary.

The compilation of all information gathered through all adopted methodology will therefore be gather and forwarded to my supervisor for subtraction and addition to ascertain a proceed onto the next step.

The success of the highlighted stage will therefore lead to be system design of the new system, and will be tendered to my supervisor for necessary amendment.

The permission to proceed from this stage will therefore leads to the implementation of the development of the software however, it shall be tendered before my supervisor for validation before the documentation of the software developed for the new system.



  1. STORE: Is a large shop that is used to sell different types of goods.
  2. CUSTOMER: people that buy a product or goods from a store or market.
  3. BANK: an organization that provides various financial services.
  4. ACCOUNT: an agreement that someone has with a bank to keep money there or valuables.
  5. COMMERCE: Is the buying and selling of goods and services.
  6. MONEY: is what you earn through your labour.



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Full Project – Design and implementation of an electronic boutique