Full Project – Design and implementation of an electronic civil service promotion scheme

Full Project – Design and implementation of an electronic civil service promotion scheme

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1.0  Background of the Study

Promotion is the gradual upgrading of the civil servants in (Edward  2000). The upgrading of the civil servant is a motivational incentive for greater productivity; motivational needs are of total importance and significance because the success or failure of any organization is largely determined by the output of such organization. There have been cases of inefficiency in the public bureaucracy especially the civil service system.

According to Ayodele (2013).The resultant effect is that many of such civil service system find it difficult to meet up with the demands made on them by the citizenry. Multitude of them fails in their task of rural development. It has been suggested that the situation is not unconnected with poor promotion process of the employees. Therefore, it is vital that an effective computer designed system is installed in the local government as well as local government service commissions to facilitate quick promotion process. The local government service commission has been empowered by law to promote the senior civil servants working in the local government system.

This is to increase speed, efficiency, flexibility and accuracy of processing promotion records for effective promotion records for effective promotion to encourage efficiency and productivity in the civil service promotion system.

In addition,the civil servants plays a vital role in formulation, implementation, evaluation and review of government policies and programmes. Whether the chief executive of a government is an Emperor, King, President, Prime Minister, Duke, Governor or Mayor, that government cannot function without some form of civil service. A competent and motivated civil service is a prerequisite for maintenance of good governance, production and distribution of public goods and services, fiscal management and sustainability, efficient and effective performance of any government. It is incontestable fact that the concern for effective and efficient resources management in the public sector is universal and historical. This is more emphatic particularly in a developing economy like Nigeria where there are acute scarcity of human and natural resources and the everincreasing demands for public expenditure. In this context of public administration, the civil service is the administrative arm of government, an agent, an organ and machinery of government in the governance and developmental processes of any country in the world. Hence, the effectiveness of a government is to a large extent determined by the efficiency and competence of its civil service. The Nigerian civil service is a product of colonialism, established as an instrument for expediently implementing the administrative structure and activities of the British Colonialist from the late 19th century (Adamolekun, 1993). The hen implemented will eradicate the problem encountered in the existing system and digitalized the whole process.

1.1  Statement of the Problem

Organizing the promotion process has been a great problem to the civil Service Commission. The processes involved are often inaccurate due to incorrect information, information’s are collected haphazardly.

The compilation of senior staff nominal roll by the various civil service in Nigerian is often inaccurate due to lack of correct information.

The compilation of the staff seniority list is often distorted through corrupt practices. This is because there is no effective computer system to check it. Hence, promotion according to seniority is denied. The compilation of the senior staff nominal roll is done manually. This wastes time in the promotion process. The above-mentioned problems in the system have prompted the researcher to look for ways of curbing the collection of senior staff data manually.

       1.2  Significance of the Study

The computerized design will help the civil service commission to be punctual and accurate in carrying out the promotion process.The computerized civil service promotion will be able to solve the following; reduce human error, assist for proper documentation and create better platform for interaction between staff and admin. Finally the research will be an addition to other research work already done on the topic.

1.3  Aim and Objectives of Study

The aims of this study is to improve the promotion process of civil servants who are normally stagnated in one grade level for many years. It will also help the malpractice encountered in the preparation of staff seniority list and nominal rolls.

Another aim is to ensure that there is accuracy and efficiency in the promotion purpose. The research will also ensure that the service commissions will always have a standby records of its entire staff installed in its computers for easy access and use for promotion with the following objectives:

  • To eliminate instances, delay and frauds associated with manual determinant of worker’s promotion time, salaries and entitlements at different levels.
  • To digitize the promotion scheme and aids effectiveness, accuracy and user friendly system with zero training.
  • To extirpate the high level of corruption and standardized the promoting scheme in all civil servant parastatals.

1.4  Scope of Study

Electronic civil service promotion is developed for the staff and administrators of the Nigerian civil service for update of records and promotion exercises which means the project will have a central database to keep records of staff of Nigerian civil service other logistics, I had to limit myself to the Civil Service. In the promotion process of the following criteria:

  1. Serial seniority number of staff
  2. Name of staff
  • Date of 1st appointment
  1. Date of previous promotion
  2. Date of present promotion
  3. Present grade level

1.5  Limitations of the Study

The research work is limited to carrying out only promotion processes, storing workers details and manage information system in an organization. However, this system will not have robotic feature for recognizing workers, punishing workers that has exhibited corruption acts when operating with the manual system of promoting staffs when implemented.

1.6  Definition of Terms

Nominal Roll: This is a document that contains the names of staff working in the local government areas of the state.

Seniority List: This is a list that contains the seniority level of all the staff, this include the senior and junior staff.

Performance Evaluation Form: This is a form that is submitted to the promotion committee by heads of department on the performance at each staff on jobs assigned to him/her.

Accelerated Promotion:      This promotion is given when a staff performs excellently in his or her job He/she is promoted above his colleagues in the same grade level.

Annual Promotion: This type of promotion takes place every year in the service.

Computer System: A device or system that is capable of carrying out a sequence of operations in a distinctly and explicitly defined manner. The operation is frequently numerical computation or date. Manipulations but also include inputs/outputs. The operations within the sequence may depend on particular date values.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of an electronic civil service promotion scheme