Full Project – Design and implementation of an expert system for printer troubleshooting

Full Project – Design and implementation of an expert system for printer troubleshooting

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The impact of engineering age is tremendous and its arrears of application are increasing geometrically.  It is believed that the information revolution will radically change the nature and quality of engineering work in the near future. Some of the most exiting arrear of the information technology includes.

  1. Office automation and computer publishing
  2. Just-in-time (J.I.T) production techniques to reduce cost and improve quality.
  • Electronic shopping and electronic funds transfer
  1. Computer controlled commuter train system
  2. Decision support system (DSS) that facilitate real time control of making under battle field condition typically characterized by uncertainty
  3. Computer aids to the handicapped including intelligent implants and experts for medical diagnosis.
  • Computer aids instruction (CAI) and aided manufacturing.

Due to all these mentioned arrears of computer application and more, computer has now been accepted and used by so many organizations, by individuals for various purposes.  It is believed that computer is an agent, which improves productivity, enhances competition. It is however worthy to not that 75% of all computer application generate documented information.  This is why it is said that had copy is the spice of information.  Computer generates printed report for adequate circulation and communication.  This underlines the importance of printers in computerized operations and environments. Considering the increasing number of which malfunction ‘vis a vis’ while the scanty availability of maintenance experts, these is no doubt that may important and urgent reports are either frustrated permanent or produced too late to serve their purpose.  It’s therefore become very imperative to develop this HP printer troubleshooting and maintenance expert system which will guide a non-expert through step by step approach to troubleshoot and maintain his HP printer.


The problem of the existing system includes the following:

  1. When pc technicians’ support is unavailable
  2. When we are in a hurry
  • When you have a job you are working on
  1. When technicians troubleshoot wrongly, etc.


The aim of this project is to design and expert system that will aid printer technicians solve printer problems. Its objectives include the following:

  1. An expert system in the form of a software package, which can run on any system and assist in the troubleshooting and Maintenance of HP printer.
  2. The software package to serve as a guide to its users in carrying out Troubleshooting and maintenance functions through the help of its step by Step instructions.
  • An expert system that can function as a tutor/trainer for getting Knowledge and insight into the operation of the printer
  1. reduce anxiety when troubleshooting a printer system




The proposed system can help inexperienced computer user.  In addition, the system has the following benefits:

  1. Expert systems help in the improvement of productivity: Having this system will enable printer technicians to do more work in less time.
  2. Expert system reduces the need for skilled printer technicians: The repairs of a printer system require a high level of expertise. With this system, inexperienced printer technicians can be guided to find the fault.
  • Expert systems capture the knowledge of company experts who someday will retire, resign or die.
  1. Expert systems train newly lived employees to solve problem the way experienced professionals do.
  2. Expert system are not vulnerable to problems such as fatigue, emotion and overwork, all of which plaque human experts.
  3. Expert systems place expert knowledge into machine readable form, where it can be summoned at any time.
  • Expert systems give consistent result.
  • Expert systems can complete some tasks quicker them a human.


The expert system may contain certain limits and flaws, as it is only a prototype. We commonly know that a computer system has many parts on its body and even in the body itself. However, the system will only deal with problems that are normally or commonly found in the hp printer    is just a prototype, which means the function will be expanded through time.


Some of the factors that hinder the progress of this study include;

  1. Time Constraint: There is limited time go and meet the organization for proper information.
  2. Due to the sensitive nature of organizational information, there was reluctance to release vital information which may jeopardize the security of the organization.
  • Financial Constraint; some of the materials needed were too expensive to acquire example during implementation stage.


The following are some technical terms that would be seen while reading through this project work. They include;

Application Program: A computer program that interacts with the database.

Automation: is the theory; art and technique of converting a mechanical process to maximize automate operation especially by the use of electronic control mechanisms and electronic computers for the rapid organizing and processing of data in a wide range of technical industrial and business information.

Computer: this is an electronic device that is capable of solving problem by accepting data, processing them and producing results.

Data: these are raw facts, figures, images or sound collected from observations or recordings about events, object or people which can be stored on a manual or computer-based medium.

 Database design: The process of creating a design that will support emprise mission statement and mission required database e system.

Database: A collection of logically related data to meet the information need of organization.

Diagnostic system:diagnostic program (also known as a Test Mode) is an automatic computer program sequence that determines the operational status within the software, hardware, or any combination thereof in a component, a system, or a network of systems

Expert system: a piece of software which uses databases of expert knowledge to offer advice or make decisions in such areas as medical diagnosis

 Flowchart: A diagram that shows connection between the different stages of process of the system.

 Hardware: Computer equipment used to perform input processing and system output activates.

Information: it is a data that has been processed and presented in a useful format that will enable an individual to gain knowledge in order to able to make a decision

MENU: This is a list of options presented on the screen with each option identified by short code followed by longer description of its purposes.

Program: it is a set of logically related instructions that are in sequence and are used to giving solution to specific problems. It is a set of instructions given to the computers to perform a specific task.

Registration: this is an alphanumeric code used to identify each candidate in the departments.

 Software: These are program for computer which allows certain specific task to be accomplished e.g. word process etc.

Troubleshooting: analyze and solve serious problems for a company or other organization. Trace and correct faults in a mechanical or electronic system.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of an expert system for printer troubleshooting