Full Project – Design and implementation of an online food menu directorate system

Full Project – Design and implementation of an online food menu directorate system

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a term used to describe technologies in manipulating and communicating information. As telecommunication systems have evolved, they have increasingly used computing technology in switching nodes and then in non-switching nodes supporting services. With mobile telecommunications, the amount of information processing required to manage mobility and services has increased enormously and this has resulted in a tremendous increase in computer communications within the telecommunications environment. The parallel emergence of computer communications in science and business, the enormous increase in the capabilities and numbers of personal computers and the extraordinary changes brought about by the Internet have driven a merging of computing technology and telecommunications as the two areas have moved from analog to digital and then to packet technologies, and as the Internet has emerged to become the dominant data communications system in use today, whether as the “public Internet” or “managed Internet.”What started as a circuit-switched voice network has evolved to a packet switched data network. Initially, data was handled by making it look like voice (modems.) Now voice is handled by making it look like data (Voice over IP or VoIP.) While voice remains the dominant revenue generator, the shift to VoIP brings major challenges to telecommunications operators as they manage the enormous shifts taking place in the nature and volume of traffic they carry on their networks. ICT capabilities vary widely. In developed countries, they are widespread and sophisticated, while in developing countries, they may be less available and offer less capacity. Developing countries are catching up quickly by leapfrogging older generations of technology as well as creating solutions that suit the needs of their user communities. In some cases, the lack of a legacy infrastructure makes rapid modernization easier.


The use of manual system of operation used in the management of information some eateries in Owerri is associated with the following problems;

  1. Accountability: Sales and services are the fundamental tools in any business organization the profit and loose of any business depends on detailed information on sales and services made to aid in decision making and implementation, if accountability is not checked, then the business is sure to collapse, as a result in any retail and hospitality business there is a need for a system that gives feedback to the management to aid decision making, this is where computerized management information system comes handy
  2. Staffing: staffing a restaurant can be tricky because demand for food will likely fluctuate dramatically, often due to variables that you cannot track. Identify any variables you do observe that influence traffic in your restaurant, such as weather and day of the week. Build a weekly schedule to staff your restaurant in accordance with these variables, such as scheduling additional staff on Saturday night if that is your busiest shift.
  3. Compile data about sales and employee hours to determine a profitable ratio of employee hours to sales totals. Restaurant personnel training systems are also vital to success, ensuring that employees know company protocol and systems, and are capable of delivering a high quality product.


The main aim of this study is to develop an online food menu directorate system ICT assisted menu directorate system, which has the following objectives

1whereby someone could be able to choose a meal, get the list of ingredients to cook the meal

2 follow a step by step help in order to cook the meal.

3 In the other hand, it will also consist of a food time table, where certain meal will be designated for a certain time.


In view of the rapid development of computer technology in virtually all fields of operation and its use in relation to information management, it has become important to look into the development of a menu directory for cooking various meals:

(a) List various meals, both European and African dishes.

(b) Safeguard data and information in the system.

(c) Avoid the omission of cooking ingredients.

(d) Keep accurate record of every meal.

(e) Allocate a specific time to a certain meal

(f) Provide a food time table.


This research work is designed to enable chefs and even a lay man to cook a described meal, with the aid of a step by step directory and also gives the ingredients needed in cooking the specified or chosen meal, within a specific time.



During the design of this project work, much finance was required and owing to the financial meltdown globally, the research was limited by finance and hence concentrated on the available materials within the locality. Another limitation was time, the time given for the project work was limited and there are other works for me on campus thus limiting the scope of the study to the available time.


  1. Computer Network: is a system that connects two or more computers together using a communication link.
  2. Computer: This is an electronic device that is capable of solving problems by acting data performing prescribed operations on the data accepted and supplies the result of the operation.
  3. Computerization: This is a technique whereby all parts of an organization run manually are taking over by the use of the computer system.
  4. Databases: A systematically arranged collection of computer data, structured so that it can be automatically retrieved or manipulated. It is also called databank.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of an online food menu directorate system