Full Project – Design and implementation of grade point average computation system (GPA)

Full Project – Design and implementation of grade point average computation system (GPA)

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Computer since its evolution has made considerable impact to various areas in one society and the world in general.  Its scientific study discovery and development both in the fields of science and technology owned to the strange swiftness, exact and accuracy with its activities of computer in many aspect of human endeavour lead to the speed and accurate execution of length and cumbersome fast.


Nevertheless, computer has been applied in most fields these days due to its benefits.  It has been applied in the following areas.


Education:  Computers are used as an aid to students hearing, it acts as a patient teacher which allows learning at your own pace, through the use of multimedia.


Medical:  Medical records of patients can be stored for later retrieval through the sue of computer thereby assisting in the tracing of medical history of patients for appropriate treatment, also  due to the emergence of internet, later medicine is now possible (a situation whereby a patient can be treated via the internet.


Business:  Most business and large firms uses a computer package called word processing to write letters, memos and report.  A word processing program makes correction, editing of documents quickly and easy resulting in a neat and readable output.  Also the emergence of internet has made a business possible for buying and selling of products through the internet (i.e. E- commerce)


Industry:  Some companies employ master job with the aid of computer based training program which most of them use in simulation  technology and other package like CAM (computer Aided and manufacturing) and CAD (Computer Aided design) are used in design and manufacturing of other products.


Other areas of which computer application has been applied are in computerization of some government owned parastatals billing system (NITEL and PHCN) and computerization of airline reservation.  Due to this and other mentioned benefits and  reasons, computer is without guiding  ground (popularity) while scientist, artists,  engineering, doctors, business and education sectors etc, found computer helpful.  Some computer packages used in achieving these goals are AutoCAD, DBASE, PowerPoint, etc.


In addition, it can helpful in the computerization of federal Polytechnic Nekede grade Point Average Computation system.  The adopted manual method by the examination records and statistics and computer science department formally used in the execution and processing of both Grade point Average Computation System in accurate, slow and reasonable as it goes without human labour would create chance for eliminating mistakes and oversight, accuracy as a result of  manual preparation of Grade Point Computation

Historical background

According to Richard and Jeffrey (1988) computation is the process of performing mathematical operations on data.  It is the only data processing techniques that produce new data (information/output), it is the ability to perform calculations quickly limitless millions of multiplication problem for record that gives computer their reputation of miraculous tools.


John (1997) a computer scientist and a writer to the success of a computer magazine once stated a major computer merit that cannot be cost in the computer speed shown in the processing of data within few seconds which when rated and compared with human labour would normally take days, weeks, months and even years, office academic institution etc are therefore advised and encouraged to embark on computerization.



The problem is to investigate the way the computer science department in federal Polytechnic Nekede prepare the grade point processing and analyze the system, design and implement a new computerized system that would timel6y and effectively process and transmit data.



The Grade point Average Computerization system is the focus of this project work.  This study is carried out to examine the existing system in an attempt to identify its problems and the system required as to surface with relevant facts that will be of help in the design of a computer based.


Grade point Average computation will help management in the computation and preparation of a computer based package for student’s grade point.


This program (Grade Point average Computerization system Version 1.0) is very simple, structured to a reasonable extent quite educating and overall well documented.


The study has much usefulness such as:

  1. Fasting up the rate of computing students Grade and scores thereby the manually records and statistics department labour function eliminated.
  2. Provision of relief to tedious repetitive clerical work in preparation of grade Point average computation



This study will go a long way into helping the management of computer since to cope with the problem encountered as a result of using manual system in the preparation of exam score and students records.  It is hoped that this study will help in the efficient and effective operation of computer-based grade Point Average Computation system.




This study shows hoe to change the traditional way of presenting compeer science “Grade Point” a computerized (automated) mode.  it is of great important to the management of the school and the record and statistics and computer science department.  This goes a long way to helping stop those problems that prove detriment to the calculation of student’s grade point (G.P)



Mainly due to time limit and difficulties in data collection this study has been limited to computerization of exam score/grade point (G.P) for morning and evening program students.  The program is under the security of the following:

  1. Computer science Department
  2. Exam Records, Grade Computation
  • School of Engineering Technology

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Full Project – Design and implementation of grade point average computation system (GPA)