Full Project – Design and implementation of hospital billing information system

Full Project – Design and implementation of hospital billing information system

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                                                    GENERAL INTRODUCTION


A project work is a piece of works involving careful study, design to produce information   about an idea or entity to produce a new system or to improve an existing one.

In this project titled hospital billing information system, we would see how the records of a prospective patients are brought together using of computer program to accurately process data and allocate bed to each  patient  base on the data computer  is fed  with and procedure of which would enable the management to the number bed allocation.

In chapter one the researcher is going to address the research subject area, state the purpose of the project and module the research question and figure out the aims and objectives of the study and significance of the study in the scope within a specific limited area. While in chapter the researcher is going to review the related literature and shade more light on some vital concepts.

In chapter three the researcher is going to analyzed the research questions and design new system using the research method tools. While in chapter four the researcher is going to come up with the result/finding which is going to be implemented at the research till the end.

Finally, in chapter five the researcher is going to summarize, conclude on the throughput and give some recommendations.






This is the basis for the new system which looks into the problem of the system for an approach in designing the new system to meet with necessary needs. With the manual system of hospital billing information system, all information about patients are collected manually, written with pen on paper and kept for future use or reference purpose. When information stored is to be retrieved, difficulty is encountered, making retrieval tedious due to its value.  Effort is therefore being duplicated without achieving perfectly the result of the search due to processing error.

Another problem of this system is the inexistence of perfect security as information could be misplaced, exchanged or tempered with by unauthorized bodies. The process of retrieving information is also slow which make the staff to take long time before accessing long time stored record.

  1. Can the software to be developed able to provide faster means of information storage and retrieval?
  2. Is the new system able to handle large amount of information and processes it?
  3. Does the software to be developed capable of providing accurate information?
  4. Can the speed of the new system able tally with the growing large amount of data or information?


The aim of this project is to change the existing manual method of the hospital billing information system to a computerized system and ensure that the purpose of project work is achieved.


  1. For easy access to records of a discharge patients
  2. For easy access to records of an admitted patients
  3. To ensure easy storage of patient’s data for useful information towards decision making.
  4. To hinder repetition of patient billing while admitted.
  5. To ensure that patients has been registered and process their bill accurately.


The system is intended to provide correction of error routine when mistake occur during the entry of data and also provides fast and reliable response time. It also provides quick means for information storage and retrieval which reduced the time wasted on file processing. The searching and updating of records will also be very easy for the users of the system.



The scope of this research is to design and implementation of billing system.

The study is limited to design and implementation of hospital billing information system for the medical record department of Usumanu Danfodio university teaching hospital.

The study is attempted to analyze the method of information storage of the medical record department of the hospital and the way of improving its effectiveness with the aid of computerization.

Due to following reasons:

  1. Inability to cover all the departments of the hospital.
  2. Inability to cover all the necessary information of the hospital.
  3. Inability to detect ward forward an already admitted patient.


  1. Patients:Thepatients is a person whose is receiving medical treatment specially in a hospital cancer patients

Patients is a person who receive treatment from particular doctor, dentists

Space spent our entire allocated for the year.

  1. System: is an organized set of ideas or a particular way of doing something.

3.Record: Is a written account of something that is kept so that it can be looked at and used in the future.

  1. Field: the field is the separated or distinct item of a data (part of a record).
  2. Computerization: The computerization is the conversion of a procedure or a process done manually to be automated processing .It is also the technology concerned with the application

Of mathematical, electrical and computer based system to operated system.

G.U.I: There is an acronym for Graphic user interface. It is a term used by to windows operating system. It communicates with the action to the performed. You only point and click on the pictures (icons)to achieve them.

SOFTWARE: These are sets of instruction or program that are processed by the hardware, it is the part of the computer that cannot be touched but its action can be felt.

Billing means the process of producing bills                                               

INFORMATION SYSTEM is a system that assembles, stores, processes, and delivers information relevant to an organization (or to society) in such a way that the information is accessible and useful to those who wish to use it, including managers, staff, clients, and citizens. An information system is a human activity (social) system that is supported by information and communications technology.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of hospital billing information system