Full Project – Design and implementation of metric units converter

Full Project – Design and implementation of metric units converter

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The forces driving toward a change from diverse and essentially unrelated customary systems of measure such as the imperial system includes rapidly growing international commerce and the changing political structure of the countries of the world. Within the new national structures, it became necessary to eradicate many incompatible ways of doing business. Moreover, the growth of scientific investigation not only created new demands for accuracy and uniformity in measurements, it also provided the vision for a universally acceptable scientific basis for a system of measurements. The customary systems, handed down mainly from the Babylonians, Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, were based on unrelated objects and phenomena, with no practical hope for uniformity within integrated communities, states, or aggregated nations(Adam, 2022).


The modern metric system of units and standards of measurement is rooted in 17th and 18th century. Efforts to establish a simple, easily used system of weights and measures universally acceptable to the countries of the world. These efforts were motivated by two guiding principles. In the first place, there were many who hoped for the definition of a single unit of measurement that could serve as the basis for the logical construction of a complete and consistent system of units of measurement; in the second place, there was also a growing number of people favouring decimal relationships for the necessary units of the same quantity; that is, multiples by factors of ten or submultiples by factors of one-tenth were considered to be the desirable means of obtaining systematic units of measure that would be a convenient size for all needs(Steadman, 2022). The metric system is an improvement of the imperial system, this improvement is on three major points which are: Scalability, Decimal System and One unit of measurement for each physical quantity.


The challenges facing the use of different units of measurement is that it does not permit a common “language” that is understandable by everyone. As a result of this, when one person talks about length of an item using one unit, it becomes difficult for the listener to picturise the actual length that is being talked about (Richter & Katharina, 2022). This can be illustrated by the following scenario, when person from the US or another country that make use of the imperial system says that an item weighs a 100pounds, it is difficult for a person from Nigeria which is used to the measurement of weight in kilogram to actually grasp the real weight of the item being talked about.


1.4.1    AIM

The aim of this project is to designed a program that can aid in the conversion of units from one system to another with ease and efficiency.

1.4.2    OBJECTIVE

  1. To design a user-friendly application that can efficiently handle the calculation of metric conversion comprising of distance, time, mass, temperature and data sizes


It is no longer news that Calculating Standard Unit has been so tedious due to the manual procedures involved in Metric System Calculation, on this note, something has to be done to aid the conversion of Metric System and that is how the idea of metric unit converter surfaced.


The significance of Metric Unit Converter is to ease the Conversion of Standard Unit (SI).

The metric unit converter will help to do the following:

  1. Reduce the burden of calculating metric unit.
  2. It will improve the quality of work and accurate answer


The scope of this study is to develop software that will carry out a successful imperial to metric conversion and vice versa, therefore it is designed to aid people in the conversion of Standard units.



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Full Project – Design and implementation of metric units converter