Full Project – Design and implementation of online data bank profile tracking system

Full Project – Design and implementation of online data bank profile tracking system

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This project was centre on design and implementation of online data bank profile tracking system. In telecommunications, computing, and information architecture, a data bank or databank is a repository of information on one or more subjects a database that is organized in a way that facilitates local or remote information retrieval and its able to processes a large number of continual queries over a long period of time. A data bank may be either centralized or decentralized, though most usage of this term refers to centralized storage and retrieval of information, by way of analogy to a monetary bank. The data in a data bank can be anything from scientific information like global temperature readings, and governmental information like census statistics, to financial-system records like credit card transactions, or the inventory available from various suppliers.

The traditional and age-old system of intelligence and criminal record maintenance has failed to live up to the requirements of the existing crime scenario. Manual processes neither provide accurate, reliable and comprehensive data round the clock nor does it help in trend prediction and decision support. It also provide results in lower productivity and ineffective utilization of manpower. The solution to this ever-increasing problem lies in the effective use of Information Technology. Crime Tracking Information System uses computer-generated records as an interface for integrating and accessing massive amounts of location-based information.

Crime tracking system allows immigration personnel to plan effectively for emergency response, determine mitigation priorities, analyses historical events, and predict future events. Crime tracking system helps identify potential suspects to increase investigators suspect base when no leads are evident. The ability to access and process information quickly while displaying it in a spatial and visual medium allows agencies to allocate resources quickly and more effectively. In the ‘mission-critical’ nature of law enforcement, information about the location of a crime, incident, suspect, or victim is often crucial to determine the manner and size of the response. Crime tracking software helps co-ordinate vast amounts of location-based data from multiple sources. It enables the user to layer the data and view the data most critical to the particular issue or mission. It is used world over by immigration departments, both large and small, to provide solutions for crime analysis, criminal tracking, traffic safety, community policing, Intranet/Internet mapping, and numerous other tasks.

Crime tracking system helps crime officers determine potential crime sites by examining complex seemingly unrelated criteria and displaying them all in an interface. It also helps them map inmate populations, fixtures, and equipment to provide for the safety of inmates by separating gang members, identifying high-risk or potentially violent inmates, and identifying hazardous locations in an area. It reduces the potential for internal violence by providing better command and control. Traditionally, these activities have been supported by paper and pen. Immigration officers now have the ability to immediately generate crime report directly relevant to the situation at hand. Immigration agencies collect vast amounts of data from many sources including called-for-services, arrests, first information reports and daily report. The same information provides a powerful decision making tool for investigators, supervisors, and administrators. (Mubaraka, Jirgi, & Nanyanci, 2013) Certain proponents have asserted that crime which is a violation against laws of the society, is integral to the human nature and hence the society can never be completely free from it. Modern society is characterized by increasing levels of risk posed by internal and external security threats. Within this context, security driven by technology is increasingly being used by governments, corporate bodies and individuals to monitor and reduce risk. (Ajocict, n.d.)  Computerization of   real time crime report is the application of computer in keeping of real time crime reports using data base management system in replacing the conventional method. Sequential record organization which enables file and record storage of one data after another. Using sequential record keeping method in most cases does not provide accurate, up to data or up to minute information about the status of any particular action, because of the master file and transaction file Updating operations, so there is Independence in the data structure used because no software then that could support the conventional database system with the advent of database management programs, the ‘problem became solvable. In respect of this project, e Microsoft Access was used. By using this program which is flexible in operating and ear friendly will help any organization in it computerization of record

In this, I research should first look at the definition of crime statistics otherwise known as record of crime. It’s supposed value will be examined attempt will be made to look at the role of the Nigerian Immigration as far as its involvement in recording crime is concerned, the personnel involved and their qualifications. The structure of the Nigerian crime record will be examined common problems encountered in the recording of crime which is not peculiar to Nigeria shall be explored as well.


The following are problems affecting manual system of real time crime record:

  1. Keeping of crime records manually consumes time.
  2. Get of information about what is happening at a particular time
  • Lack of structured record keeping format it create more stress and pressure on the dispatcher
  1. Lack of security: manual keeping of crime record expose record easily
  2. It can be tempered with easily.


The aim of this project is to design and implementation of online data bank profile tracking system for keeping crime record. The objectives are as follows:

  1. To change from manual compilation of modus operand file to computerized system.
  2. To ease in tracking of criminal cases at a particular time.
  3. To make immigration organization appreciate the use of computer in crime combating
  4. To help curb corruption on part of security agents in Gusau town.
  5. To write a statement well assists in tracking.
  6. To provide software that can assist in detecting a crime.
  7. Speedy retrieval of information
  8. Reduce workload
  9. Provision of back-up files
  • Cost Reduction


The scope of this project covers the area of tracking of crime profile to keeping accessing, retrieval and updating information on crime at a particular time.


This study has its relevance in solving real life problems affecting crime report today like in instant information at a particular time; the application will also be flexible to provide different categories where users can have instant respond. Lastly, this application will be focused on one force which is immigration i.e. as immigration officer when something is happening in a place instead of going to the immigration station to report, you can hint the immigration   unit without allowing those terrorist to and give out important information to the immigration to save life of people and present time web applications cannot live up to providing real time information that can be accessed from anywhere by the end user. It is important to put interest into the development and usage of online real time crime report in solving these problems.

  1. Keeps accurate record
  2. To allow easy accesses
  3. To design computer base on crime record
  4. To identify the criminal within the community or society


CRIME RECORD: refers to any crime that involves rendition of available information as regard to the commission of crime.

REAL: something that is truly happen or occur

CRIME: an offence punishable by law, illegal act. According to oxford dictionary crime is an act that breaks a law.

COMPUTER: electronic device storing and processing data.

RECORD: a piece of evidence or information constituting an account of something that has occurred.

CYBERCRIMES: are defined as: offences that are committed against individual or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm the reputation of the victim or cause physical or mental harm to the victim directly or indirectly, using modern telecommunication network such as internet (chat rooms, emails, notice boards and groups and mobile phones.)

NETCRIME: refers to criminal exploitation of the internet.

FRAUD: is any dishonest misrepresentation of fact intended to let another to do or refrain from doing something which causes loss.

PROSECUTION: according to oxford dictionary prosecution is a step to take legal proceedings against a person for a crime carried on.

CONVICTED: refer to trial by magistrate either to pay a fine or to serve a prison term after confession of a truth.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of online data bank profile tracking system