Full Project – Design and implementation of online lecturer appointment system for students projects

Full Project – Design and implementation of online lecturer appointment system for students projects

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  •                            INTRODUCTION

Web applications  have helped in streamlining many of the tasks we perform on a daily basis, and have made our lives easier.  These applications  are widely  used  to assist  us  in overcoming  problems  with  student  learning  and  scheduling appointments. In  the past, these appointment processes were done manually and, because of this, there were many instances of overbooking or forgetting to cancel an appointment which could free up the space to schedule another in its place. To eliminate human error due to setting appointments manually, a web application will be developed to make  the scheduling process easier. Also,  given the busy lives  that  many  of us  lead  today,  an  online  appointments management system within  a university makes perfect  sense as it frees up valuable time, not only for students, but also for lecturers and university staff members.

The purpose of this paper is to develop and evaluate an online lecturer appointment system for students’ projects, where all processes of appointments are verified. Most aspects of appointment management, such as reservations, confirmations and  cancellations,  are  controlled automatically.  Our  online appointment management system for students’ projects should be able to facilitate the task of booking an appointment with lecturers.

Nations defines web application as any application which can use a web browser as a client. The application can be simple appointment to be rescheduled at a time that is inconvenient.

If rescheduling is necessary for the first  student, the staff member must contact the student, explain the mishap and try to reschedule. This process takes up valuable time that could be used to make the student, the staff member, and the lecturer more productive. The  paper is  organized  as  follows:  section  2 presents  the related works, section 3 considers Requirements and Design,

section 4  also discusses the implementation and testing,  and section 5 presents the system evaluation.





The traditional way of making appointments with lecturers in our higher institution needs to be reconsidered since project or research writing is a sensitive aspect of student education in the higher institution.student might want to have an appointment with lecturer at any time . The past procedures taken by students before making appointments with lecturers has caused a huge lot of issues. To eliminate the issues caused by normal ways of making appointments with lecturer, it is felt that this new system should be used instead of a manual one which involves having  a person  schedule and  cancel appointments. The current  way that the  scheduling process works is  as follows:

  • A student goes to the office to request an appointment.
  • A staff member takes down the information on a Scheduling A  copy of  this form  is  placed  in the  lecturer’s mailbox.
  • The information is then entered into the lecturer’s calendar whenever the staff  gets around to  do it.  This means that even  though  a  student  may  have  requested  the  earliest appointment, it  may not  be entered into the system until the staff member gets around doing it. There is the potential for  another  staff member filling  the slot with a different student’s request, thus causing the first student’





The aim and objective of appointment management system are as follow:

  1. The main aim of this paper is to develop and evaluate an online lecturer appointment system for students
  2. To provide a well-organized platform to make appointments with desired lecturers.
  3. To eradicate the manual process of making appointment with lecturer



A Project is a temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product or service. Projects provide a flexible framework for engaging students in exploring curricular topics and developing important 21st century skills, such as communication, teamwork, and technology skills. In addition, students are motivated by the fun and creative format and the opportunity to make new friends around the world. For example, teachers use a school portal for easy and quick management of student accounts and review of project work.


The research centers on the design and implementation of the Appointment management system in the department of computer science at gateway polytechnic saapade ogun-state Nigeria for Development Studies for use in the computer science department.


The two major limitations of this study are the time limits within which the study is expected to be completed as well as financial constraints. The time constraint prevents the researcher to have an in depth study and analysis on the subject matter. While the issue of financial constraint limits the frequency of investigation from the institution toward gathering the necessary information relevant to the study.


Consultation  Module –  Allows the lecturer to  manage his/her appointments. The lecturer may schedule and cancel appointments as well as block some students from scheduling.

Appointment Module – This is where the students schedule their appointments.

Setup Calendar Module – This is used by the administrator to customize calendars.

Usability – The intuitive interface provided by the system.

Performance – Deals with the response time of the system.

Maintainability – The ability to modify a component without affecting other components. Student Site View – This consists of an appointment area and a student area.

Lecturer Site View – Consists of the lecturer and appointment view.

Administrator Site  View –  This is the default  page users see when they log into the system

Database: A collection of organized information.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of online lecturer appointment system for students projects