Full Project – Design and implementation of public security complaint portal

Full Project – Design and implementation of public security complaint portal

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Modern society is characterized by increasing levels of global social mobility and uncertainty relating to levels of risk posed by internal and external security threats. Within this climate security driven by technology is increasingly being used by governments, corporate bodies and individuals to monitor and reduce risk [1]. There has been an acceptance that the criminal justice system is limited in its capacity to control crime which has led to the exploration of other avenues for tackling crime [2] and this has provided a market for private companies to push forward the growth of technological security innovations. Crime is a human experience and is as old as the human race. Crime is geographical. It occurs at a specific place, specific time and for a specific reason. It can affect everyone and anyone at any time.

Both Information Technology (IT) and crime are complex and constantly changing. Social and technological changes introduce new targets, tools and motives for crime. E-crime targets include confidential information, technical infrastructure and denial of service. Improved and faster technology and worldwide communications make it easier to both organise and conceal crime. Software to help criminals is available, even as commercial products: criminals have used attack-testing software to probe the security of target systems. Motivations now include terrorism and revenge as well as traditional desires for financial gain.

Terrorists might not be rational in their motivation; casual opportunists look for an open door; organized crime will evaluate potential gains against investment – which might be massive if the potential rewards are attractive enough.


The notable crime reporting platforms are lopsided and not intuitive. The process of reporting crimes to security agencies still remains very difficult. The platforms are also unidirectional in the sense that they do not have feedback for the members of the society. The existing platforms do not support sharing of relevant information with other security agencies, thereby because owners of these platforms want to take all the praise; while in actual fact security is being reinforced when meaningful and relevant information is shared among security stakeholders towards offering an excellent service. All these make our justice system questionable and irresponsible. We propose an all-encompassing platform that will practically address ego issues among security agencies, give feedback and strengthen the overall security service and existing security apparatuses.


To develop a portal that demonstrates the process of reporting, evaluating and investigating crimes in Nigeria should not be tortuous and that the model can be adopted for designing newer crime reporting platforms. Our objective is to propose a system that caters for reporting all kinds of crimes, gives feedback and sustains the process of crime investigation and correction.



The enhanced data quality of the incident-based reporting system will be of significant benefit to state and local governing bodies, criminal justice agencies, and the public. Data from the incident-based system will enhance both strategic and tactical decision making in criminal justice.

Because incident-based data will provide a more accurate picture of a community’s crime patterns, decisions regarding law enforcement, judicial, and correctional resources can be made based on empirical data. Similarly, the level of detail provided by incident-based data can assist law enforcement agencies and the community to identify crime problems in their community such as:

  • crime hotspots
  • populations who are at risk and
  • Drug and alcohol problems.

Crime prevention strategies may then be developed and evaluated based on empirical evidence.

This study will also assist policy analysts to understand both factors that impede the efficiency and effectiveness of the police and the ways by which the situation could be improved upon so as to bring crime and disorders in the society to its barest minimum. Finally, this study will go a long way in contributing to the knowledge of police work. Besides, other researchers and students in higher institutions, especially those in the sociology department can derive various secondary data from this study.




As a general the scope of our system is as follows:

  • Ensure data’s accuracy.
  • Anyone can report crime to the crime authority.
  • Minimize manual data entry.
  • Greater efficiency and better services.
  • Generates crime reports.

Limitation Even though this project focuses on the crime reporting and managements systems it doesn’t include the following because of time to do all this:

  • Not help to find perpetrators who abscond from the investigators
  • It doesn’t bring the crime person to the court
  • It doesn’t work without connection except reading article book
  • It doesn’t upload videos or image but capture and send online




Server: A computer program that provides services to other programs or devices, either in the same computer or over a computer network.

Network: Connection of multiple computers and/or other devices together to share information.

User authentication: the process within the context of an Internet application wherein eligible users are granted clearance to enter and use the application;

User state: The full set of all user-specific program data within a program or Internet application.

Mobile device: Any device with the functionality for information management and transfer free from spatial and temporal constraints.

Security: This is freedom from, or resilience against, potential harm (or other unwanted coercive change) caused by others.

Complaint:  This is any formal legal document that sets out the facts and legal reasons (see: cause of action) that the filing party or parties (the plaintiff(s)) believes are sufficient to support a claim against the party or parties against whom the claim is brought (the defendant(s)) that entitles the plaintiff(s) to a remedy (either money damages or injunctive relief).


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Full Project – Design and implementation of public security complaint portal