Full Project – Design and implementation of staff attendance system using biometric (fingerprint)

Full Project – Design and implementation of staff attendance system using biometric (fingerprint)

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1.1        Background to the Study

Employee Attendance System is an aspect widely practiced in all organizations.  Day by day security breaches and transaction fraud increase, the need for identification and personal verification record technologies is becoming a great concern to the organization.  Therefore, we present here an efficient management employee attendance system. The organization enrolls the employee and then the admin store all the necessary information into the system database.

Employee Attendance System (EAS) is the easiest way to keep track of attendance for community organizations such as industrial organization, business organizations, institutions and volunteer groups.  Attendance  System is useful in terms of manpower analysis, day-to-day monitoring of attendance, maintaining statutory registers and employee information. Attendance System can be grouped into four categories namely; Manual System, Automated System, Biometric System, Card-based System.

Punctuality as Thomas Chandler Haliburton(1796 – 1865) said, is the soul of business. Any institution will require its staff to be punctual for it to be a success. Punctuality as a function of time with respect to date is a very essential requirement in every setup, be it small scale or large organization/institution, of which Federal University of Technology, Minna is no exception (Shoewu and Idowu, 2012).

The level of impersonation, as well as the ghost worker syndrome in recent times, is enormous, in both the private and the public sector, Akinduyite, Adetunmbi, Olabode, and Ibidunmoye (2013). Therefore, there is a need for a new system which will wipe out all these enumerated issues. The human body has the privilege of having features that are unique and exclusive to each individual. This exclusiveness and unique characteristic have led to the field of biometrics and its application in ensuring security in various fields. Biometrics has gained popularity and has proved itself to be a reliable mode of ensuring privacy, maintaining security and identifying individuals. Today, the technology is being spotlighted as the authentication method because of the need for reliable security (Arulogun et al, 2013).

A system insusceptible to impersonation, that provides dependable and efficient means of taking staff attendance record with the use biometrics captures to provide perpetrators with the uniqueness of biometrics will help organization/institution keep a good and accurate record of their staff punctuality.

Attendance can be defined as the action of being present at one place or event for example present to somebody party or present to work in the office. Attendance is one of the important factors in many institutions and organization that need to be followed by people. Staff attendance tracking is a common practice in almost all organizations. It is highly important for one organization in order to maintain their performance standards.

In the previous implementation, there are various types of attendance systems that have been developed. For example, attendance systems by using a punch card, using web-based, and also RFID. These implementations still can cause lots of problems such as providing incorrect information to the users.


1.2     Aims and Objectives

In this world of growing technologies, everything has been computerized.  With a large number of work opportunities, the human workforce has increased.  Thus there is a need for a system which can handle the data of such a large number of employees in an organization and their attendance.

The aim and objectives of this research work are to put to rest the cumbersome and hectic nature of traditional employee time attendance system.

The aims and objectives of this research work:

  1. To design and develop a reliable, scalable and cost effective fingerprint based Attendance Management system
  2. To advent the computer software and advanced time keeping techniques
  3. To keep track of the time and ensure logical ways to monitor and record employee’s arrival time to work.


1.3     Scope of the Study

The scope of this work is to develop an Attendance management System designed for employee attendance record system of Esep Le Berger, Benin Republic that will improve how attendance management is done by using fingerprint as a form authentication for proof of attending a class. The system will be a window based application developed using Microsoft Visual Basic.net as the preferred programming language for building the user interface and Microsoft Access for database design. It does not cover other aspects of biometric.

This project is limited to the fact that the proposed system doesn’t have a centralized database, which means staff enrolment will have to be done at their work unit.


1.4     Limitations of the Study

The efficiency of the scanner can be reduced due to the roughages in the captured images which are often caused by worn-out or cut or dirt’s found on fingerprint. Therefore, there is every possibility that enrolled users can be rejected by the system. Also the scanner or sensor cannot distinguish between a real and an artificial finger, therefore it is possible to fool the scanner. In addition, if an enrolled fingerprint is been duplicated or spoof, it is not possible to change fingerprint as in the case of password because user finger biometric. Finally, since the system will be design using Visual Basic.net, it won’t be able to run on any other platforms other than Microsoft Window operating system.

1.5       Significance of Study

The use of employee attendance system is very important because of human being proneness to error, leaving the staff to write down their names might not be accurate as staff can even write attendance for their fellow staff and their handwriting legibility can be a case when compiling the attendance record at the end of the month. The system using fingerprint Biometric will eliminate the use of paper in manual signing processes and all the risk associated with it.

The official in charge of attendance collation is highly favored by this system because use of pen and paper as a means of collating staff attendance will leave the official in charge with numerous sheet of paper, which will be hectic as he/she has to start comparing several sheets to record the average attendance for just a staff. The official is going to waste a lot of time compiling the attendance percentage at the end of the month, a mistake can creep in due to the large volumes of papers

Successful implementation of this project means the staff attendance credibility can be queried or put to test anytime,  and the result is produced fast and accuracy, without stress.


1.6     Justification of the Study

Biometric Employee Attendance Systems are not used by most organization or companies, which makes the manipulations of the employee in their attendance record very easy.

The design and the implementation of the biometric system will make the capturing and monitoring of employee attendance accurate, stress-free and reliable.



1.7     Definition of Terms

Biometrics is physiological or behavioral characteristics unique to individuals, this Include Fingerprint, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retinal, vein and voice.

PIN personal identification number.

Biometric Verification is any means by which a person can be uniquely identified by evaluating one or more distinguishing biological traits.

Scanner a device for examining, reading, or monitoring something in particular..

Fingerprint sensor is an electronic device used to capture a digital image of the fingerprint pattern.

Rapid Application Development is a concept that products can be developed faster and of higher quality.

Authentication is the process of determining whether someone or something is, in fact, who or what it declared to be.

Computer System Software: A set of written instruction, which the programs use to the computer system.

Visual Program:  This program will help you to construct and design your program in any kind of form your program required.

Computer: A computer is a device like a machine that works under the control of stored programs, automatically accepting, storing and processing data to produce information that is the result of the processed data.

Program: Set of instructions which are logically related in sequence and which describes actions to be taken by the digital computer in providing a solution on to a given problem.



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Full Project – Design and implementation of staff attendance system using biometric (fingerprint)