Full Project – Design and implementation of telephone directory system

Full Project – Design and implementation of telephone directory system

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Some years ago, the use of computer came into existence and since then the computer has been used to solve many problems which may be too complex within short period of time. A computer is an electronic machine which accepts data in prescribed form, process it and then produces information in a specific format for decision making. The use of computer system to solve problems lusted of manual method which is referred to as computerization, has a lot of advantages over the manual methods of solving problems. Among these reasons is its ability to manage large data. Another reason is neatness of information, because if there is any mistake in manual method of data processing, the user can correct it only by applying correcting fluid or by condemning the whole paper on which it is written and this may lead to delay or makes that work to be rough. But in electronic data processing (computerization) one can correct any mistakes during typesetting without such correction been detected. One of such areas where in this study believes electronic data processing can be applied is telephone directory system.

A telephone directory is a listing of telephone subscribers in a geographical area or subscribers to services provided by the organization that publishes the directory (Etymology Dictionary Online, 2018).The Telephone Directory allows you to maintain a listing of emergency telephone numbers, vendors, employees, and association members; Email Messages can be created and sent over the Internet to Email Addresses contained within the directory. Information is easily retrieved by subject, company name or contact name. Mailing labels can be printed or exported for all or selected subjects and individuals.

One of the most exciting aspects of the information technology revolution is the combining, telecommunications with computing. This allows information to be processed by computer and then transferred down telephone lines to the recipient computers. The speed at which this can be done surpasses more conventional communication techniques. The process is no longer limited to telephone. The combination of computer and telecommunication technologies has heeded profound effect on the way computer system is organized.  NITEL (Nigeria Telecommunication Plc) is one of the organizations that give communication services to subscriber (Although there are presently other private driven communication services subscribers.  NITEL has the list of its entire subscriber in a book where they keep records of each subscriber in a unique way. Periodically when new subscriber come in, they update the book let it become a routine when a subscriber comes in or leaves to update the booklet. This way of producing information or producing of this booklet will always be hindered since manual operation is involved and most time, it can become error prone and then misleading people. This booklet is known as Telephone Directory which is the fulcrum or pivot of this project. Since computer revolution involves and covers all works of life just as we have said earlier, when adopted and it replaces the manual method of processing, there is indeed going to be a complete revolution in the system. Using of key fields for searching and retrieving of any viable information of any subscriber will be easier and fast.


The study was necessitated by the following problem:

  • Cost of producing telephone directory hard copy booklet outweigh its benefits
  • Many of the printed telephone directory booklet are not purchased by subscribers thereby littering everywhere in the telephone operators’ office
  • Searching through telephone directory hard copy booklet may be tiresome.




The aim of this project is to design and implement online telephone directory system.

The objectives of this study are:

(i)  To design a system that reduces the cost of production of paper telephone directory.

(ii) To design a system that reduces littering of office by hard copy telephone directory

(ii) To develop a telephone directory system that eases the process of searching of a particular individual, businesses and companies address.



The project will be of great importance to:

  • Subscriber: by reducing the stress in searching for an individual, businesses and companies location, name and addresses.
  • Admin: by ensuring that a registered subscriber are only permitted for searching an individual, companies location and addresses.



This study covers the computerized Telephone directory system in the MTN telecommunication company. It allows each subscriber to register for the telephone directory through MTN Company in order to have database of the names, addresses and location of an individual, businesses and companies. However, the system does not include security techniques.




  • Computer: machine that performs tasks, such as calculations or electronic communication, under the control of a set of instructions called a program.
  • Implementation: A detailed sequence of instructions in codes that control the operations of a computer in solving a particular problem or application.
  • A System is any collection of component elements that work together to perform a task. In computer science, system is used in a variety of contexts. System also refers to any collection or combination of programs, procedures, data, and equipment utilized in processing information: an accounting system, a billing system, a database management system.
  • Booklet: A small thin book with paper covers, typically giving information on a particular printed or written material.
  • Telephone: a system for transmitting voices over a distance using wire or radio, by converting acoustic vibrations to electrical signals.
  • Telecommunication: communication over a distance by cable, or broadcasting.
  • Directory: A book or website listing individuals or organizations alphabetically or thematically with details such as names, addresses, and telephone number


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Full Project – Design and implementation of telephone directory system