Full Project – Design and implementation of virtual library system

Full Project – Design and implementation of virtual library system

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1.0     Introduction

Virtual Library System extends and Integrates approaches adopted in traditional libraries as well as in distributed information system to yield high-end information system, services and institutions. Here we will explore some of the parts or components of Virtual Libraries and discuss several of the developments in this emerging field.

Building a comprehensive virtual library system will help users to manage all phases of the information lifecycle of particular importance is to simplify the authoring and creation process so that wider population can participate by adding all types of multimedia content directly into virtual Libraries. Downstream access allows readers to benefit from this types of computer-mediated communication, macros time and space. Ultimately, it is believed that knowledge will be shared and then lead to yet another cycle of discovery, authoring and utilization that is facilitated by digital libraries.

1.1     Background of The Study

Times are fast changing; we now live in a jet age which is mainly characterized by rapid changes in technology, lifestyle and value. This is indeed an age of information explosion. One of the major inventions that have driven the world to a fast pace of technological advancement is the computer. The computer is primarily an electronic information processor that is rapidly changing the way we acquire, organize, recall, access, analyze, synthesize and apply information. The effectiveness with which the information is generated and communicated determines the rate of progress of a society and the fulfillment of its people. Modern society is information driven and information today is a universal need. Moreover, computers have affected the ways which people use information. It has changed the rate of work done, the method for accomplishing the work alongside the relationship among the people carrying and using the information. However, computers and libraries are not left out in the utilization of computer to carry out their day-to-day activities especially as it concerns the amount of information generated. Libraries have evolved over the years which gave rise to digital libraries.

1.2     Statement of the Problem

         There are numerous problems with the traditional libraries.

These in-adequacies are enumerated below:

  1. The users of the traditional library need to go the library physically which most times could lead to congestion of the library?
  2. Inability for the library resources to be accessed 24/7.
  3. The library resources cannot be simultaneously used. It is one at a time.
  4. Traditional libraries are limited by storage space.

1.3     Aim and Objectives of the Study

The main aim of this project is to automate the traditional Library System by designing a new Improved Digital Library System with the following objectives

  1. To create variety of access services for searching, browsing and discovering resources.
  2. To organize and index digital objectives for different purpose which includes cataloging, finding aids and database.
  3. Reduction of loan and acquisition through the use of virtual library.
  4. Comprehensive storage of large repository of data that can be accessed by authorized users.
  5. Reduce the cost of maintaining a traditional library.

1.4     Scope and Limitation Of The Study

The finding of this research work for the proposed system (Virtual Library System) was carried out in the Federal Polytechnic Bali (FPB) in their Virtual Library section. The scope of this study will include the following:

  1. Information indexing/cataloguing.
  2. Classification of library resource.
  3. Searching and retrieval.
  4. Registration of books/uploading of digital resources
  5. Registration of users.
  6. Database management.

This proposed system will not take into consideration audio collections. It is web based not a standalone delivery system with its own user file and login ID and Password. Also, time constraint during the time for this project work is short. Financial resources are a limitation encountered in the course of this research work.

1.5     Significance of the Study

In implementing the objectives of this study, the advantages of a virtual library over the traditional library are enormous. Users will be able to access library resource digitally without the inconveniences of users carrying books, journals, magazines etc. which could result in rapid wear and tear of this library resource. Besides, it will afford users the opportunity to access digital books simultaneously without waiting for the book to be returned to the library. The proposed system will provide security to help track library resources through the development of a comprehensive database that will be used to house the library resources.



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Full Project – Design and implementation of virtual library system