Full Project – Design and implementation of virtual local area networks

Full Project – Design and implementation of virtual local area networks

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Networks and networking have grown exponentially over the last is years understandably so. They have enrolled at light speed just to keep up with increase in basic mission critical user needs such as sharing data printers as well as more advanced demands such as video conferencing. Unless everyone who needs to share, network resources is located in the same office area (an increasingly in common, situation), the challenge is to connect sometimes many relevant networks together so as all users can share the network wealth.

To understand virtual local area network (VLAN) it first necessary to have an understanding of local area networks. (LANs). A local area network (LAN) is a computer network that interconnects computers within a limited area such as residence, school, laboratory, university campus or office building.(lammle, 2007).

A number of experimental and early commercial LAN technologies were developed n the 1970s. cambrdge ring was developed at Cambridge university in 1974. A local area network in generally be defined as a broadcast domain. Hubs, bridges and switches in the same segment connect all en nodes. End users can communicated with each other with out the need for a router. Communication with devices from segments requires the use of a router, as networks expand more routers are needed to separated users into broadcast and collision domain and provide connectivity to other LANS. One drawback to this implementation is that routers add latency (delay), which involved in routing data packets virtual local area network (V LAN), was introduced. A V LAN can be viewed as a group of devices on deferent physical LAN segment which can communicate with each other as if they were all on the same physical LAN segment.


The process of designing a network is not always an easy task it involves serious thinking as a lot of decision need to be made and a lot of things from:-

  1. Lack of efficient communication between the staff of the department manual centralization of resources such as result and registration details that need to be spread within data base of that they could be accessed by every staff.
  2. The world is moving forward a network are and implement a network that is highly scalable and efficient.

Yes, A VLAN is a group of devices on one or more LAN that are configured to communicate as if they were attached to be same were, when infect they are located on a number of different LAN segment, because V LAN are also on logical instead of physical connections, the system are extremely flexible.


The fact that this research work will be using the sisco enter prize composite network model as it frame work to allow network administrators to group hosts together even if the host are not directly connected to the same network switch.




The research will illustrate how virtual area network in accordance with the 802:14 standard based on the MAC address of the works station.


Since there is LAN which is connection of devices within a small geographical area and virtual local area networks the same but it can span into different building and has security function that even if devices are connected by defile they cannot communicate if they are from different VLAN this is one reason that motivated to carry out the researcher of this study.


VLAN is very good for environment or organization that have different segment and operating independently for security real forms, through computers one connected to one physical switch but members of different VLAN cannot communicate they have to employ the use of router. Hence at the end of research it will tell the fondness, and the suitability of networking which now by computers can work like super computer.


Access layer: the access layer, which is the lowest level of the cico three tier network model, ensures that pacets are delivered to end user devices. (Khalid Raza, Mark Tune (2002).

Access link: a link used with witch that is part a only one virtual local network (VLAN)

Address mass: (or subnet mask) a bit mask used to identify which bits in an IP address correspond to the network address and subnet portions of the address (Denis Howe 1985).

Band width: the gap between the highest and lowest frequencies employed by network signals. More commonly, it refers to the related throughput capacity of a network protocol. (freed hulas, introduction to data communication and computer networking, page 108 addition Wesley 1985).

Baseline: baselines information includes historical data about the network and routine utilization information. Its information can be used to determine whether there were recent charge made to the network that may contribute to the problem at hand.

Binary: a two character numbering method that uses ones and zeros, the binary numbering system underlines all digital representation on information.

Bites: a binary digits, either a 1 0r 0, eight bits make a byte.

Block size: the number of hosts that can be used in a subnet block size typically can be used in increment of 4,8,16,32,64, and 128.

Broadcast domain: a group of devices receiving broadcast frames initiating from any device within a group.

Broadcast storm: a broadcast storm is the situation in which messages broadcast on a network cause multiple host to respond simultaneously by broadcasting their own messages, or a broadcast is the transmission of a single message to all hosts of the network simultaneously.

CISCO IOS: Cisco internetworking operating system software the Kennel of the Cisco line of roofers and switches that provide share functionality, salability and security for all proceduct under the Cisco fusion architecture.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of virtual local area networks