Full Project – Design of an android based electrical appliance verification system

Full Project – Design of an android based electrical appliance verification system

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1.1 Background of Study

In the early days, one could walk into any electrical department store with his money, pick an electrical appliance and take home for use without fear of not having value for what he is paying for after making payment to the retailer or cashier at the paying point because electrical appliance retailers purchase their stock either directly from reputable manufacturing companies that makes use of standard materials in the production process of their appliances or from the manufacturing companies regional whole sale representative closest to them in other to reduce the cost of transportation and on time delivery of the products ordered.

Kanouté(2005) In this present dispensation,there is increasing opening up of economies and globalization in general, markets have become competitive and firms struggle for dominant positions in the markets. Within this game, consumers become victims of the outcome in both product safety and quality due to unfair competition.(Bamossy&Scammon, 2007) Consumers are the victims of these unfair competitions both directly and indirectly. Indirectly consumers pay the costs of counterfeiting and low quality products through higher prices necessitated by brand owners’ expenditures on trademark protection. Directly consumers bear the cost in the form of dissatisfaction with counterfeit and low quality products, personal injury from the awful low quality products, and confusion regarding their own place in the market.Ashatu, Kachwamba (2011) “Marketing of low quality products in developing countries has become widespread and consequently leading to both deaths and economic disastrous of consumers through losing their money and properties.Empirical observations have shown that there may be more bogus than genuine products in circulation in developing countries’ markets.Osibo(2008), Factors that contribute to the availability of low quality products in these markets range from both political and socio-economic factors.

According to the Director General of Standard organization of Nigeria (Citizen Newspaper 2014),the reason why many manufacturers decide to indulge in the act of manufacturing substandard products cannot be far fetch from the fact that the want to maximize profit as the pay less for the production of this substandard appliances. He went further saying“Nigeria being the largest market in Africa is a very good breeding ground for their substandard products because the country does not have strong regulatory frame work for imported products like other countries in Europe and America”.

Retailers who patronize manufacturers of substandard appliances do so for some of the reasons under listed below.

  1. To maximize profit by charging consumers equivalent amount for standard appliances.
  2. Some of them are ignorant of the consequences and danger of substandard electrical appliances poise to the users.
  • Manufacturers of substandard electrical appliance offer some of them high percentage interest rate as commission that they cannot resist if the accept to patronize their illegal trade.

Therefore in order to curb the menace of importation of substandard goods into the country, Standard Organization of Nigeria (SON) was established, some functions of the organization includes,

  1. To organize tests and do everything necessary to ensure compliance with standard
  2. To undertake investigations as necessary into the quality of facilities, materialsand products in Nigeria, and establish a quality assurance system including certification of factories, products and laboratories;
  • To ensure reference standards for calibration and verification of measures and measuring instruments; and
  1. To compile an inventory of products requiring standardization.

In line with the organizations mandate a lot still needs to be done to reduce the influx of substandard products in Nigeria to its barest minimal percentage if it cannot be totally eradicated.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Currently consumers of electrical appliance do not have any means of verifying the authenticity of the products they want to purchase beyond the physical examination of the product and the Nigerian Industrial Standard (NIS) number of the product which SON issues to products that have been verified and certified to meet the standard specification, that being the casemanufacturers  of substandard productsnow forge and label their products with this NIS number also, thereby succeeding in convincing even the cautious customer about the authenticity of their substandard products as genuine product since consumers cannot ascertain if the product was actually certified by the concerned agency in the open market.

1.3 Aims and Objectives

The aim of this study is to develop a system in which users would be able to verify the authenticity of electrical appliances in electrical department store before making payment for such products.

The objectives of the study are to:

  1. Develop an android based application that would be installed and run on handheld devices.
  2. Create an interface for users to report or make complain about dealers of substandard electrical appliance.
  • Create interfaces for input and output of details.
  1. Create interfaces for admin to perform their functions in the system.

1.4 Justification of the Study

The proposed system is to help consumers of electrical appliances to verify the authenticity of the electrical appliance they intend to purchase if it was actually authenticated and certified for use by SON before making payment. Thereby giving them confidence and value for their money in the product they are paying and reduce patronage of substandard products in the market which would make dealers of these substandard products go out of business and also help SON in achieving their mission of curbing the menace of sale of substandard goods by arresting and prosecuting dealers reported by the customer for possession and sale of substandard productin the market within the shortest possible duration.

1.5 Scope of Study

The scope of the proposed system covers the upload of details of verified and certified products unto a remote database, the admin would also be able to modify details of uploaded products as well as read complaint or reports made by users via different interfaces in the system while users would be able to view details of uploaded details by querying the database from their devices and getting appropriate response with the aid of an Application Programming Interface (API)  and also make reports as well via different interfaces.

1.6Definition of Terms

Android: type of operating system commonly associated with smartphones and handheld devices.

Database:A program that logically arrange records in a normalized form.

Sqlite: A light weight program that logically arrange records in a normalized form in

smartphones and other mobile devices.

Electronics:devices that makeuse of electricity to function properly.

Eclipse: Is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for developing software.

Handheld devices:gadgets ranging from smartphones, tablets to personal digital assistants (PDA’s).

Smartphones:portable gadgets that uses Android, IOS, or windows as their operating system that can function almost as a computer system.



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Full Project – Design of an android based electrical appliance verification system