Full Project – Development of an artificial intelligence system for detecting air conditioner faults

Full Project – Development of an artificial intelligence system for detecting air conditioner faults

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This project was centre o development of an advance technology artificial intelligence system for detecting   air condition fault. We describe an application of artificial intelligence techniques to air condition faulty; in particular, to implemented an automated consultant that advises people in technician   field service personnel on the diagnosis of faults occurring in air condition. The consultant identifies specific air condition spare part likely to be responsible for an observed fault and offers a brief explanation of the major factors and evidence supporting these indictments. In present time most households own at least one air condition. This figure shows that   air condition is very important to people’s lives as it completes the cycle of living. This computer expert system is hoped to help those who are in need of guides to deal with their air condition problems. Although it might not give a complete guide and help as a human expert,   namely technician, at least the expert system can give temporary assistance to those who are in need of instant help, as a result of the limitation of time and distance when technician are  not available.



System for detecting air condition spare part problem following the demand and important of diagnosing and repairing of air condition components in the world at large. The current manual system used in this process is very well not convenience some lapses still exist in its. These lapses includes: –

  1. Attitude of some technicians toward air condition users is not encouraging
  2. Troubleshooting air condition sometimes result is generating another fault as a result of incomplete of some technicians.
  • The large amounts of money charged by technicians do not encourage repairs, some air condition users will decide to keep their computers instead.
  1. Due to manual system of operate, some technicians are not current about the new technologies component and have problems repairing them.

These are problem that this project work intends to solve because with this process would be passed to the internet through the network system and in encrypted form.




The main aim of this research project is to eradicate the problem associated with easy access to diagnosis and solution to air conditioner components, with the use of expert system which can be achieved by designing a software to detect a problem of air condition which is very flexible and the information easily accessible by anybody, anywhere in the world who is a computer user and have  problems with any of its air condition components.

The objectives include:

  1. Designing and implementing a web-based system for diagnosis and repair of air condition components.
  2. To eliminate the unpleasant behavior of air condition technicians towards the air condition users in the process.
  • To keep the system up-to-date with the latest technological components, problems and how to repair them.
  1. To bring improvement and progress for both the air condition users and technicians in the process of diagnosis and repairs of the air condition components.



The scope of my study is to showcase the diagnosis and repairs of an air condition spare part. It will enable easy access to the diagnosis and repair without the need of   air condition technicians/engineers.


The limitation of the study is basically on keeping records of a air condition spare part, problems of all the air condition and possible solution on how to repair.


Based on the problems studied the purpose of this studies is to build an intelligent system to detect problems of air condition with the use of expert system to diagnose  air condition repairs and provide instruction handling air condition.

While the goals of this research are:

  • Building an expert system for detecting problems of air condition component damage with a very good diagnostic accuracy.
  • Provide information to the user ease in finding the location of the air condition problems that occur on a air condition system  without having to hire experts, so that is expected to reduce the cost of repairs if damage occurs.
  • To investigate the lacks of the current system in terms of modern technology appliances that support air condition repairs services and suggest ways of updating them.
  • To improve in the speed, effectiveness, efficiency and convenience in  air condition repairs.
  1. Computer: It is an electronic device that has the capacity of accepting incoming data, it process the data with an electronic speed and gives out its result accurately.
  2. AI: Artificial intelligent
  3. MySQL: MySQLis an open source relational database management system. Information in MySQL database is stored in the form of related tables. MySQL databases are typically used for web application development (often accessed using PHP)
  4. MIS: – Management information system are software solutions that Management information system are software solutions that  help managers run companies, i.e. organize staff records, keep record sales and reports etc.
  5. System: – a set of integrated, interacting component with a common goal. Thus the integrated interaction of human ware, software and computer hardware constitute a system, storage, retrieval, and dissemination of recorded knowledge.
  6. Database System: A computerized record keeping system whose overall purpose is to store information and allow users to retrieve and update that information on demand
  7. Data: This is the collection of raw facts


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Full Project – Development of an artificial intelligence system for detecting air conditioner faults