Full Project – Expert system application in quality control and monitoring

Full Project – Expert system application in quality control and monitoring

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Technology has had a tremendous impact on the society from the changes instituted during the industrial revolution to today’s information age, new technology has been adopted to solve a problem or speed a process.

In business, technology includes the skills, procedures, equipment and systems used to perform the work. As manufacturing companies strive to improve, they seek the most appropriate technology to accomplish the work.

Thus the increasing persuasive domination of computer system which is gradually phasing off the manual process will unequivocally bring the world and its problems to the grass-root solution. Recently there have been advance technology like the expert system and it is interesting to known that the expert system can be used to solve problems in every field and discipline, and can assist in all stages of the problem-solving process.

Hence, the expert system in quality control and monitoring has made it possible to effectively combine the software and hardware in quality control department to measure the quality of products. The quality control and monitoring knowledge base. And the software requires quality controllers to input the results form various tests carried out .the data is analyzed to identify opportunities for improvements.

This advancement in technology has helped quality controllers and manufactures to locate problems in manufacturing stages, increase the quality of the products and dominate problems in the productions process. The pay off of this system can be a reduction in cost a boost in production and sales.



Since the advent of computer, effort has been to fashion the tool that could able to solve most of the intriguing problems that comfort man. In the early days, researchers in the field of Artificial intelligence (AI) were using mere illustrations that shown ideas. As time passed by different experimental systems were developed many of which hypothesized answers to truly handle problems that defy superficial speculations. Presently, systems exist which can handle most of the problems considered impossible by early researchers. Such intriguing task as playing chess with computer can now be programmed with relative ease.

Other expert systems have also been developed in areas such as medicine, finance and education.

However, one problem area yet to be properly addressed and for which this project is concerned is in manufacturing as regards to quality control and monitoring. Thus, the application of expert system in quality control and monitoring in a manufacturing industry is the focus of this research work.







The loopholes in quality control and monitoring of raw materials, unfinished products are quite obvious.

Hence, the problems often encountered in this system include:

  • Delay in report dispatch to different production sections
  • The hampering of production efficiency in the absence of quality control manger and supervisor.
  • Inconsistent and delayed decision making as a result of human deficiency.
  • Difficulty in accessing results and reports from log books and files.
  • High cost and unreliability in paper work.

More so, if there is a very high demand for quality products, is it imperative for an efficient and effective system of quality control and monitoring to be incorporated? This impact in production can be consolidated through this expert system.


The purpose of this study is to alleviate problems besieging production as regards to quality control and monitoring system. Thus, the expert system is designed to handle the following problems viz.

  1. To duplicate the knowledge of a domain (quality control manger) in order to ascertain efficiency and effectiveness of production in his absence.
  2. To provide Q.C. personnel with vital tools for fast decision – making.
  • To trace error in over – all production stages.
  1. To create easy communication channels for all the managers as the quality control reports are made to reach them on time.
  2. To reduce paper work.



To assure a hitch – free and successful completion of this research, very important significance has been made:

  1. The application of expert system in quality control and monitoring will immensely boost production.
  2. The feasibility study has been completed and final assignment being issued meaning that the system has been certified worthy and cost effective.

iii     Real – time explanation and interrogation of the system may not be required.

iv     The system development process is in chronological sequence.


1.6           SCOPE OF THE STUDY

This project work is purely on expert system is quality control and monitoring as it is concerned with a soap manufacturing firm. It would be applied to other manufacturing companies but the scope is on detergent as it covers the following:-

  1. Quality specification
  2. Problems in production process
  • Decision – making and possible solutions.


Be that is it may, there were short – comings which arose as a result of problems encountered in the course of this work.

Accesses to the data / information collected were somehow restricted as some of them have been classified. Also, without such constraints like insufficient time and money the course of this work would have been immensely expanded.



It is ideal to identify and define some terms, which may look awkward and confusing to the reader for easy understand of the work.

EXPERT SYSTEM: This consists of hardware and software that stores knowledge and make inferences, similar to a human expert.

DOMAIN EXPERT: The individual or group who has the expertise or knowledge one is trying to capture in the expert system.

KNOWLEDGE BASE: The component of an expert system that store all relevant information, data, rules cases and relationship used by the expert system.

KNOWLEDGE USER: The individual or group who uses and benefits from the expert system.

INFERENCE ENGINE: This is a component of expert system that seeks information and relationships from the knowledge base on and provides answers and suggestions.

USER INTERFACES: The user interface is the surface portion of a program with which a user interacts. It displays system through which a program “talks” to its and also receives the users’ response.



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Full Project – Expert system application in quality control and monitoring