Full Project – Implementation of a computerized students admission system

Full Project – Implementation of a computerized students admission system

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Admission is the permission given to a person to enter a place, or permission given to a country to enter an organization. Admission is also the act of entering a place. Students apply for admission to a particular college. University admission or college admission is the process through which students enter tertiary education at universities and colleges. Systems vary widely from country to country, and sometimes from institution to institution. Student admission system is a mechanism for selecting a new student in higher education. The mechanism of student admission system includes a sequence of processes starting from registration, determination of tuition fees, until students who are accepted to pay the first tuition that has been determined. Student admission system is expected to be able to find out the number and distribution of applicants for new student registrants, which will have an impact on university accreditation and the increase of new students who have good quality (Darka, 2014).

Emanio (2017) stated that on online students admission system enables the staff in charge to get the students record foster, therefore saving process precious time in student’s management. In an online institution’s admission’s admission system, the electronic machine quickly retrieves any available information regarding to any student and displays it within a short period of time. Any adhoc enquiry concerning a student’s indebtedness to the school is responded to promptly, computer could more accurately do staff duty roster. Coding the particulars of the staff into the computer does this and after, it can be saved and will be available for retrieval at anytime.  And because the documents are printed, and information about each staff is contained and can be accessible to determined how many hours in a week each works and then next he/he should be on seat, thus reducing administrative work loud on the staff.

E-registration site can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, mostly these sites are portals. Avccording to Emanio (2017), an online registration system was developed where a student can register himself. The registration form has been designed to be user friendly and easy to fill and hence leads to saving of time and money as compared to multiple forms filled manually by the students. E-registration is a system that could easily manage its student body while also providing added bonuses, with its main goal being to ease the transfer of information. It simplifies the registration process through a web-enabled, user-friendly wizard and digitizes all supporting documents using intuitive process and tools.

The education system requires a tremendous amount of data and documentation, and this e-registration solution allows institutions to focus less on processing paperwork and more on what matters most such as meeting the educational needs of their students by having a cost-efficient, secure registration process that allows for easy access to students files. Intranets and portals are supposed to provide an infrastructure through which end-users can gain effective access to information sources needed to assist in daily tasks such as effective decision making, planning and research, Brakel (2013).

Many institutions in Nigeria have been somewhat quick to recognize the powerful transformational potential of portals and have developed and implemented their own. Broadly one could argue that an institution with increasing student numbers, operating in a society with an increasing desire for instant access to information, needs to carefully consider new ways in which it can interact more efficiently with its students, Brown (2010).


Government College Ughelli was founded in 1945. It was sited initially at Warri and was known as Warri Middle School, before it was later moved to Ughelli. The First Students (Mariners) walked into their classrooms on January 19, 1945. Modelled after its remarkable “Public Schools” contemporaries in Britain, Government College Ughelli was conceived as an institution where students were brought up to appreciate the virtues of manliness, sportsmanship, intellectual and moral excellence, integrity and of a clean and salubrious environment. However, especial care was taken to ensure that the character of the student was molded without their personality being distorted.

On it’s inception it was indisputably one of the best secondary schools in the country. It was the standard that other schools could only try to emulate. Well-mowed lawns and trimmed hedges, well designed class room blocks and dormitories were carefully laid out in two square kilometres of landscape. Boulevards and living quarters for all categories of staff and students formed the major hub of a planned, orderly and serene environment. The community had always been self-sufficient in the supply of water and power. It boasted of fully equipped and well stocked laboratories, workshops and library, reading rooms complete with steel lockers. School books were provided to all students as part of the benefits, at a modest school fee. Discipline reigned supreme. Admission was strictly by merit alone. The administrative structure of the school comprises the principal, two vice principal (Academic & Administration, School Bursar, Matron, Dean of Studies, Heads of Department, Form Teachers and other teachers. he tutorial staff strength of the school is forty – three permanent teachers and seven part-time teachers. These teachers are qualified. The non academic staff section comprises about thirty workers mainly non-professionals (Wikipedia.org, 2017).

Trimpo (2014) highlighted that Scott Curry, a friend from Clemson, started Enteronline.com in 1997. Offering online registration to professional event planners seemed like a good business model: a transaction-based fee structure, recurring revenue from the repeating nature of events, and substantial sums of money being spent in the existing industry.


Admission of student into the academic institutions is an indispensable activity in every educational activity and is as old as education itself. In the Government College, Ughelli, due to positive remarkable rating of its standard, has attracted loads of students’ application to be admitted in the institution over the years. More applications resulted in heavier paper work and processing challenges. Every admission sent to the school registrar for evaluation, and manual admission process caused difficulty in admission processing and archiving. Other major problems associated with the current admission practice at the institution includes;

  1. Staff work load is heavy and resources are not optimized well to find the best students.
  2. Lose of vital document as the filing system is manual.
  3. Damage of document due to fire or rain incident.
  4. Illegal removal of forms by fraudulent staff leading to insecurity.
  5. Take a lot of time to retrieve a particular application form


The aim of this study is to design and implement an online (computerized) students’ admission system.

The specific objectives are as follows;

  1. To develop online student admission system that will replace the manual method.
  2. To develop, promote, and provide adequate and efficient information management system.
  • To maintain an efficient system of collecting, sorting and delivery of students information.
  1. To eliminate the error involved with the manual method of checking student’s information for admission.
  2. To save the time wasted with manual method of checking student’s information.


This study focuses on the development of e-registration system for Government College Ughelli. It shall include programs which will contain detailed information of the students since first date of enrollment and up to the graduating day including all students’ information and procedures required by the students during registration.


This project work “the design and implementation of an online admission system will be of great significance to academic institutions in the sense that it will help in overcoming the problems of manual operations. Such problems includes; difficulty experienced in updating a record in a file, difficulty faced by students in retrieving their lost receipt from bursary, and inability of students to remotely register and access documents like school fees receipt.

This institution will make use of the online platform to access their student’s record. The institution will through the knowledge gained in this work discover the need to fully adopt this new system. The students also will greatly benefit from this project as it will enable them to have a new experience of registration when the system is finally adopted. It will also make them to embrace any policy strategy and innovational steps taken by the institution to enhance the quality of education in school.


The act of carrying out a project work such as this was not an easy task. Several challenges were encountered by the researcher but efforts were made to ensure that they were overcome and that the objectives of the study were realized.

  1. The limited finance available for the researcher affected the amount of data subscription in course of the work which in turn affected the review of related materials as they were downloaded from the internet
  2. The problem of interrupted power supply also affected my fastness in the design of the work.


ADMISSION: Student admission is the process through which students enter an academic or educational institution.

ONLINE REGISTRATION: An online registration system eliminates the need of filling paper forms manually and sending them to a registration office.

WEBSITE: A website is a collection of web pages and related content that is identified by a common domain name and published on at least one web server.

ONLINE: An online is a condition of connected to a network of computers of other devices. The term is frequently used to describe someone who is currently connected to the internet.

INTERNET: this is a global connection of computer network co-operating with each other to exchange data using common software standard protocols

DATA: These are raw fact that to proposed into meaningful information

MANUAL SYSTEM: Any system that does not involve the use of electronic computer.

COMPUTERIZED SYSTEM: This is process of operation of integrated with a computer system.

DATABASE: A systematized collection of data that can be access immediately and manipulated by a data processing system for a specific purpose


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Full Project – Implementation of a computerized students admission system