Full Project – Online registration of courses and result processing system

Full Project – Online registration of courses and result processing system

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Computer and communication technology is one of the most advanced electronic developments which have transformed almost all area of human endeavors. In this present generation there is almost no field of study or in industry, which has not felt a positive impact of the technological trends and development.

Computer technology continues to advance over the year reaching extensive and applications.

One of such provision of computer technology is the internet, the internet is literally understood as a global network of computer and allows communication device, which provides a wide range of service and sharing of various forms of resources.

The main focus of this work is the “WORLD WIDE WEB”. The World Wide Web (www) as a major internet provision is relatively complex and deserves a detailed discussion.

Historical, it was a distributed information service developed in the earlier 1990’s at the European laboratory for practical physics (CERN) Geneva. It is large scale distributed hypermedia system based on network computer which are attached to integrated known as the internet and allow access to document from remote are via connected terminals and computer.

There were two fundamentally district educations system in Nigeria in 90’s. The indigenous quadratic schools and formal Europe-style education institution. In the rural areas the majority learned the skills of farming and other work as well as the duties of adulthood, from participation  in the community, this process was often supplemented by age based schools in which groups of young boys were instructed in community responsibilities by mature men, by the 1970, education experts were asking how the system could be integrated into the more formal schooling of the young, but the question remained under solved by 1990 western style education came to Nigeria with missionaries in the mid-nineteenth century although the first mission school was founded in 1843 by Methodist it was the Anglican church missionary society that pushed forward in the early 1850s to found a chain of mission and schools followed  quickly in the late 1850s by the roman catholic in 1887 in what is now southern Nigeria an education department was founded that began setting curricula requirement and administered grants to the mission societies by 1914 when north and south were united into one colony there were fifty nine government and ninety-one mission primary school in the south: all eleven secondary schools except for kings college in Lagos. Were run by the missions,

The education system focused strongly on examinations in 1916 Fredrick Lugard first governor of the unified colony. Set up a school inspectorate Discipline, buildings, and adequacy of teaching staff were to be inspected but the most given to a schools performance went to the numbers and ranking of its examination results. This stress to judge educational for jobs in government and private sector.

As more information is  made available in a variety of formats and media in a variety location the need to manage  and in a information /data efficiently becomes more and more critical, both staff and public users wants access to store information and want to access it more efficiently.

It is the university policy to improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of course registration and result processing operations and services through the implementation of an interpreted database system.



The necessity of an automated management information system educational development as whole, both nations wider and international cannot be over emphasized.

The unusual assertion by many professionals that information is power: is continually gaining affirmation and reaffirmation as the country continues to witness dynamic trends in information technology. The manual system of information management has serve for a long time notes. But you can agree with me that it is not consistent enough timely enough in the system, due to some physical and human constraints with the introduction to automated information system, data capturing creating, processing, dissemination and storage are more efficient effective and reliable the final output in turn satisfaction to individuals the concerned.

This project shall be administered to meet statutory regularly and departmental requirement needs of the system.

Automated information system has a level of security that commensurate with the risk and magnitude of the harm that could result form the loss misuse discourse or modification of the information contained system. Each systems level of security must product the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the information produced.

The privacy act of 1974 in the United States of America imposes strict limitation on the school authority to disclose handle information maintained on individual without their priors consents.

This information system has the capacity to handle any amount of data produced without complexities record keeping in the far more complex in school today than in the past because of the incarnating rate at which student are admitted each session. For this reason technological advances have been made available to provide an ultimate why for meeting information requirement as regards to education Imo State University has many departments namely:

Computer science, civil  Engineering, Electrical Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Statistics, Public Administration, Business Administration and Management, Banking and Finance, Mathematics, Physics, etc.

In Universities like IMSU, the need for automated method of keeping data has been there. Software so many of them has been developed and even sold world wide to solve this problem. I have analysized this software and discovered that very many of them are inefficient. Students as well has researched and developed their own software but they could not give or develop error free software that will assist in result generation. Automated course registration to keep or build a database of results in the university that will facilitate students transcripts.

This problem has been delaying or delayed the results of graduating or graduated students that has made some of them  not to go for youth service when they ought to or ought to have gone and has even made some not to have gone at all.

To bridge this gap or solve this problem. There is a need to develop software that is accurate error free as the problem has imposed so much stress on both exams and record and the management in universities.



With the numerous problems confronting the various departments of Imo State Universities. This project intends to design code and implement an online management information system that will keep track of all records needed for IMSU students result for easy accessibility to result and online registration of course. The purpose area as follows:

  1. Restrictions are made in the registration of courses based on the mistake of registering the word course.
  2. Student readily have access to their result from remote destination at appropriate time.
  3. Make result more reliable.
  4. Providing security measures to avoid missing results.
  5. Avoid tampering of result by unauthorized user.
  6. Provide reliable solution to result processing that is corruption free.
  7. Ensure that normal credit load in line with the school is maintained.
  8. Provide an application that will generate result that is timely error free.



Due to the increasing number of students in recent years and some human limitation list of problems have been encounter. These problems include:

  • Problem of proper registration of course going by the laid down rules.
  • Students omitting early over/reference courses during result compilation.
  • Students offering more/less credit load than required.
  • Lack of adequate guidance in course registration, these problems result in student having extra years or semester apart from the stipulated years. Data base of information is vital in today’s education with respect to courser restriction and examination result processing.

This ha become a very vital issue as students spend so much time trying to know the number of credit unit for each semester. This problem has leads to time wasting. In accuracies of result and even open to fraud cases of missing of results have been recorded. There by making examination processing more difficult and untimely.



The project work will help in a good number of ways to ease the delay in manual examination on processing. The software developed will be help schools management to achieve efficient information management to achieve efficient introduction management system. There are many other advantages and some of them are listed below.

1)    It saves time during examination processing

2)    Database for course registration and examination result is maintained

3)    References are very fast and delays can be avoided.

4)    It allows easy access to stored information

5)    Help in reducing the cost such as labour inventory and stationary.

6)    Generation of accurate result/information on transaction s sure.

It is critical for the project to be undertaking in order to provide better recording system which can be processed over the internet, from remote of result also this will eventually provider a more organized result recording system and will land to clear off doubts and fears above the standard of education. In the system and level of knowledge acquired by the student provided by the department also serves as a channel of communication between the student staff and the entire world.




This research work will concentrate on course registration and examination processing system using —– university (computer science an information technology department) as a case study, the system developed will only cover registration of students course registration and result processing.



This online system can only be used by the school and student. Every other department in the school can also use this software. Nevertheless this project is limited to automated accessing of students result once entire are madder and also online registration of appropriate course for each sometime.

This online management information system produces report for only 100-400 level students in the department.



Automation is the theory: art and technique of conducting a mechanical process to maximize automate operation especially by the use electronic control mechanisms and electronic computers for their rapid organizing and processing data in a wide range of technical industrial and business information.

  • Also automated: Means to control by information to change or convert to automation to automate.
  • Program: It is set of logically related instructions that are in sequence and are used to give solution to specific task.
  • Information: This simply means processed data
  • Data: These are rates facts that are not yet processed.
  • Computer: This is an electronic device that capable of solving problem by accepting data processing and producing results.
  • Registration: This is an alphanumeric code used to identify each candidate in the various departments.
  • Form:- This is in form of a paper which request the candidate to fill some request needed by the institution.
  • ADI: Term used to denote application programming interface.
  • A defined set of technologies different programming application.
  • File: Size into large the file containing the data is usually measured on kilobytes or megabytes.
  • Byte: Abbreviations of binary terms
  • Frames: Formulating a page so that more than one HMYL document is visible on the screen at the same time.
  • HTTP: A protocol to transfer hyper text request an information between serves and browsers
  • Internet: A geographical interconnection of computer together to allow to exchange data
  • Information system: It is a collection of procedures people instructions and equipment to produce information in a useful form.
  • Technology: It is study of techniques or mobilizing resources (such as information) for accomplishing objectives that benefits man and his environment.
  • Information: Information can be define as the process of gathering transmitting, receiving, storing and retrieving data or several items put together to convey a desired message.
  • Computer network: Computer network is a system that connected two or more computers together using a communication link.
  • Databases: A systematically arranged collection of computer data structured so that it can be automatically retrieved or manipulated it is also called databank.
  • File transfer: Any kind of computer file can be sent via the internet from one internet user to another: table of accounts on spreadsheets design by a graphics artists, music, sound files etc. can all be exchange in this way.


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Full Project – Online registration of courses and result processing system