Full Project – Vehicle sales database management system

Full Project – Vehicle sales database management system

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Sales reports are defined as the breakdown of figure by region product, customer and market etc. for a given person as control measure. It is also defined as an analysis of sales by week, month, period of year to project tread, identify problem and measuring a retailer’s performance (BradeD., 1995).

Sales can also be defined as a profession which uses the knowledge and skills inherent in an engineering needed by in order to see products, system or services needed by industries, manufacturing, processing, mining or construction forms or by any public or commercial service institution or utility. A salesman is trained to give service to the customer from whom ultimately the company profit is received. The salesman fully understand the purpose and use of control forms employed in the case of cash sales (Geoge, 1986) Vehicle is a conveyance, a device for carrying transporting substances, object or individuals from one place to another.

Vehicle sales can be defined as a personal presentation of a vehicle to customer by a representative of a company or organization (e.g salesman) attempting to sell the vehicle. It is also seen as the form of marketing activities associated with selling a vehicle.


Sales is the fundamental tools in any organization. The profit and loss of any business depends on detail information on sales made to aid decision making and implement actions, if accountability is not checked then the business is sure to collapse, as a result in any retail or hospitality business there is need for system that gives feedback to the management to aid decision making this is where vehicle sales management system comes in.



This project is primary concerned on Peugeot motor Kaduna with a special focus on Peugeot Motor Kaduna, Nigeria. However this research focused on designing a vehicle sales database management software in other to calculate due cash sold by the person or cashier including the budgeting. It does not perform calculation automatically for some reason. Sales record. and how the result is stored in the database of the company as well as the software a required for the computerization and tabulation of different in amount area of the company. The project program is limited to online sales vehicle in the organization and it does not include inventory system due to the time factor.


The major objective of this study is aimed in developing an automated record keeping system others include.

  1. To save time (fast inputting and accessing of record)
  2. To enable the management to plan ahead
  • To reduce fatigue of the staff
  1. To ensure accuracy in the record
  2. To ensure safety of the document/records, because the system will be password to reduce access.
  3. To ensure integrity of the record
  • To reduce forgery and loss of rewards by theft.

1       Database:- A database is an organized set of related or unrelated data of a particular subject e.g. information about student in a school is a data of a database is also information about t employee in form of book in urban etc.

  • Computerized DBMS:- A computerized database management system is a computer application that helps to store, sort, retrieve, analyses and print information in a database access of which particularly use in writing this project other is include database FoxPro etc.
  • Table:- A table is a collection of data about a specific topic in a subject. A table organized data into column (called field)
  • Primary Key:- is a field that uniquely identifies a record in a table such a field must not have duplicate or null value (i.e they must be an entry)
  • Foreign Key:- when a primary key from one table is used to identify a record in another table the key is referred to as a foreign key.
  • SQL (Structural Query Language):- the database management system is not complete programming language and is use association with another language
  • Data:- This define to be piece of raw fact that is been needed to the processed to produce a meaningful information

Information:- this referring to the processed data that is supplied and environment in which individual work together in group and accomplishes efficiently selected aims. Inclusion information is a process data i.e a meaningful



According to Tse D. (2005) database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed and update. In one view Database can be classified according types of content bibliographic fully text, numeric and images. Database is a collection of organized of related or unrelated data of a particular subject e.g information about employees in form of book in urban etc.

In computing database are sometimes classified according to their organizational approach. The most prevalent approach is the relational database – tabular database in which data is define so that it can be reorganized and accessed in a number of different ways. A distributed database is one that can be dispersed or duplicated among different points in a network. An object oriented programming database is one that congruent with the data defined in object classes and subclasses.

Compute database typically contain aggregation of data record or files such as sales transaction, product catalogs, inventory and customer profiles. Typically a database manager provides users the capabilities of controlling read/write access. Specifying report generation and analysis usage database and database managers are prevalent in large mainframe system, but are also present in smaller distributed workstation and mid-range system such as the AS/400 and on personal computer. SQL (Structural Query Language) is a standard language for making interactive queries from and updating a database such as IBM’s DB2. Microsoft SQL server and database products from oracle, Sybase and computer associate.


Management is the process of designing and maintaining and environment in which individual work together in group and accomplishes efficiently selected aims. A computerized database management system is a computer application that helps to store, sort, retrieve, analyze and point information. Is a database one of such application of Microsoft access or MySQL which

particularly used in writing the project other is includes database FoxPro etc. Microsoft access and MYSQL (Wampserver) are a database management system, data can be stored in a different sets the data is stored in each set can be retrieved and up database on the other sets.



The production correspondent and report in many sales offices has progressed from individually type. The type top copies and their carbons toward processed letters are to be sent and placed in another file. This has been replaced in 1993 with the desktop publishing this effectively into normal sales offices that already has a desktop computer. The most common approach to computerized sales prospect and time management recording with automated facilities in plant and depot of the company. The update the prospect database to provide sales management with an accurate and effective central mechanism that can automatically print daily statement. Recording actual sales report and actually flagged priority contact. This can be a great help to sales management and sales organization is an aid to focusing on priorities and good security.


This is the process of designing, maintaining on organize related or unrelated data related of a vehicle, i.e design a system or a web design that will serve as a database software for storing the company record of registered customer.

Our mission is to design an html program to enable the most efficient handling of large data and program the management with timely information of vehicle sales and purchase, also to be minimize the volume of files that are kept manually.

In this research the major problem we are trying to solve is majorly the maintenance of company records and customer information. Because if all these are kept manually it can easily get last which will result to lost of customer information and companies record. So in any research vehicle sales database management system is to design on html program that helps in keeping company record and customer information.

The goals and objective of the research is to provide a research service to customer demand and also to design an html and RHP program that would minimize the volume of files that are kept manually.

Database has been defined as the collection of related or unrelated data of a particular object. The most important level of database is that it can save information for a very iong time beyond human integrity. The significance of the project is to design a html program that can store, retrieve information in a sales management organization and it can be used in vehicle sales database management system.

In conclusion the program will require a PHP and Apache and a running browser with either a notepad it or macro media Dreamweaver to design the html program or use a WAMP SERVER as the database.


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Full Project – Vehicle sales database management system