Full Project – Web-based social networking site for students

Full Project – Web-based social networking site for students

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  • Statement of the Problem

Prospective students of an institution (Michael Okpara University of Agriculture ) have had issues in the past when it comes to selecting careers, choosing their course of study and indecisions about the right school to apply for. However, to solve these problems, a platform needs to be created where these students can relate with others who can answer these questions. Consequently, relevant requirements have to be taken into consideration in the development of a web application to solve these problems stated above.

  • Objective of the Study

To develop a web/online platform where students can share different questions or views on various topics and majorly make information about any institution accessible. This will be achieved through the following objectives:

  1. To Effectively and efficiently communication of students online
  2. To Reduce pressure on seminars by introducing online seminar
  • To Reduce anti Socialism
  1. To Creation of educative groups online to enhance learning
  2. To Making new friends online
  3. To Boasting the image of the school
  • Implementing the system by creating a user-friendly platform that will be easier for these students to interact with each other and ask questions using threads and topics.


  • Significance of the Study

This study has its relevance in solving real life problems affecting students today like indecisions about student’s course of study, career choices and misinformation about that institution. The application will also be flexible to provide different categories where users can have specific choices to select from. Lastly, this application will be focused on one institution i.e. Michael Okpara University of agriculture rather than addressing a greater audience, in other student forums.

Information is the bane of decision-making for students and present time web applications cannot live up to providing real time information that can be accessed from anywhere by the end user. It is important to put interest into the development and usage of online forums in solving these problems.

  • Scope and Limitation

The basic limitation of this project is that the right set of university students with the right information and answers to any question may not be available to make this project a success.

But, this will also be taking into consideration upon hosting it on the internet.

Constraints of time and resources are the factors, which prevented the implementation of this system hosted online.


  • Background of the Case Study

Communication is a basic human need and for that reason, man has always found a means of meeting this need.

Through the social media, the internet community has drastically increased over the years. The social media has become a significant part of today’s modern civilization. It is a defining trait of how integrated social interactions have become. The impact of the social media have been seen in basically five different contexts; news, interactions, political landscapes, learning and marketing (Guha, 2013).  Most of these social media websites are open thereby exposing our students to online fradusters, bad association, false information, etc.

To solve these problems, an online forum is created that is restricted to only the students of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture. It does this by creating a specific requirement for anyone requesting for access to this networking site. This specific requirement is an official document for claim of bring admitted into this university. Provision of this requirement allows access for new users to sign up while dispossession of this requirement denies access to new users


  • Definition of Terms

Computerized: Convert to computer – based system to install or start using a computer system to organize, control, or automate something.

Processing: To deal with somebody or something according to an established procedure

Communication: Interaction between two or more person or sending of message from one place to another

Online: Connected via computer attached to or available via a central computer or computer network.

System: Setof computer components i.e. in assembly of computer Hardware, Software and peripherals functioning together.

Automation: Thereplacement of human workers by technology; A system in which a workplace or process has been converted to one that replaced or ministries human labour with electronic or mechanical equipment.

Web: A complex structure, or design www: computer-based network of information resources that combines text and multimedia. The information on the www can be accessing and search through the internet, a global computer network.

Database: Any collection of data organized for storage in a computer memory and designed for easy access by authorized users.

Database Update: This simply means applying and maintaining changes on a database after data must have been added, removed or modified

System Administrator: This is a person responsible for maintaining and operating a computer system.


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Full Project – Web-based social networking site for students