Full Project – An analysis of the language of bank advertisement in selected newspapers in Nigeria

Full Project – An analysis of the language of bank advertisement in selected newspapers in Nigeria

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1.0 Introduction

This chapter presents the general introduction to this research. It includes the background to the study, aim and objectives, research questions, significance of the study and statement of the problem.

1.1 Background to the Study

The use of advertisement as a means of selling product is very important.  This is why advertisers use language in a special way not only to draw attention of the product but also to persuade the reader. According to Badejo (2000) literature on language of advertisement is scanty because of the orientation of the field.

Over years, the study of language has always been an attractive field of study to linguists in the aspect of its origin, nature and its function. Language is a system of arbitrary vocal symbols used for human communication. In the world today, people still continue to research into what language is and its function. Hence, linguists are in agreement about some of the characteristics of human language, its definition and function.

The use of language has also become deeply entrenched in human culture and apart from being used to communicate and share information, it also has social uses such as entertainment and persuasion. Language has a very powerful influence on people and their behavior. This is true especially in the field of advertising. Advertising is a powerful communication force and a vital marketing tool that helps to sell goods and services, images and ideas.

Therefore, the choice of language to convey specific messages or idea with the intention of influencing people is very important. Brown and Yule identify two function of language which are transactional and international which is used to convey factual or preparational information. Hence, language plays an important role in advertising because a breakdown in communication can occur if the speaker and the hearer are not on the same “wave length”. Visual content and design in advertising have a very impact on the consumeer, but it is language that helps people to identify a product and remember it.

Advertisement is the announcement of a product or service through media such as newspaper, radio or television. Advertising is an act of making goods and services known to the public.

Robert (2012) states that advertising is concerned with the creation of messages about a product or service and disseminating it to people with the likelihood that they will buy it. Advertising is persuasive communication that uses the mass media to connect and identified sponsor (person or company that pays for the advertisement) with its target audience.

Leech (1966:25) says that the structure of language in advertisement has a peculiar form and many factors predispose the copywriter( i.e one who writes advertisements) to chose his vocabulary.

The language of advertisement must be informative, instructive, distinctive and persuasive (Okapaleke 1992:21). The language of advertisement is also brief and concise. In addition, the language of advertising entails the use of rhythm, advertisers uses rhythm in order to make an advertisement pleasing to the ears of the customers.

Bank advertisement includes advertisements performed by bank institution. Apart from advertising address to bank customers, this category may also include business reports, information brochures of announcement on payment of new shares, reports on investment program results and other financial announcement (information). Most banking institution address their advertisement to holders of small account and this advertise their product and services through the mass media such as newspaper.

Advertisement on investment programs usually appears in almost all the circulation newspaper as they as addressed to small investor. Many banking institution rent space in several exhibition and print information brochure to describe their activities and services. The general public today believes that for a business organization or enterprises to survive, make profit and even achieve its aim and objectives, it has to go through advertisement.

Advertisement in this case can be simply define as the publishing of a particular product or services of a business organization in order to gain the heart of the customers with the aim of making profit. Advertisement of the bank improve the economic development of a country. Therefore, advertisement is an important aspect of business formation and growth. It even determines the survival of a bank or an establishment. Advertisement can be a useful tool to promote your product. For a bank to last long, its products in the market must undergo certain advertisement.

1.2 Statement of Problem

The researcher is aware that several works have been carried out on advertisement generally over years. However, no much attentions have been paid to an analysis of the language of bank advertisement in Nigerian newspaper.

Therefore, this study shall investigate the area with the hope that it will be beneficial to writers of advertisements in their choice of words and those who might be conducting future research on a related topic.

1.3 Research Questions 

These research questions are formulated in order to guide the researcher. The following are the questions:

  1. What is the language used in bank advertisement?
  2. What are the functions of language of advertisement?


1.4 Aim and Objectives

This project is an analysis of the language of bank advertisement in some selected newspapers in Nigeria. The aim or purpose of this work is to critically look at the language of bank advertisement as it is used in Daily Trust and This Day newspaper, and it will also involved the manner in which language is used in bank advertisement for conveying messages to the public, the effectiveness of the choice of language and the language of bank advertisement. The objectives of the research are:

  1. To analyse the language used in bank advertisement in order to discover their features
  2. To show the functions of language in bank advertisement

1.5 Significance of the Study 

This study intends to provide a better understanding of the language of bank advertisement with particular reference to its semantic and syntactic aspects. The work will be of importance to the students of both English and mass communication and other related fields such as media practitioners and advertising firms. This study will investigate the area with the hope that it will be beneficial to the writers of advertisements in their choice of words and the students of English and mass communication.

1.6 Scope and Limitation

This research focuses on the analysis of language of bank advertisement in some selected newspapers in Nigeria. This work is limited to some selected banks in the Daily Trust and This Day newspapers. it is also limited to semantic and syntactic levels.

Although, most of the advertisements found in these newspapers selected also appear in other Nigerian newspapers. Therefore, the selected newspapers will serve as a sample which can give the reader a general insight into the language of bank advertisement that can also be replicated for the other newspapers.


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Full Project – An analysis of the language of bank advertisement in selected newspapers in Nigeria