Relationship between video gaming and violence among youth

Relationship between video gaming and violence among youth

There is continuing discussion and investigation into the possible links between violent video games and their effect on young people. Researchers have found a correlation between playing violent video games and aggressive tendencies in children and teenagers. One may argue that playing video games teaches players that violence is OK and desensitises them to actual acts of violence.

However, other research has shown no correlation between playing violent video games and actual acts of violence. They argue that a young person’s tendency for violence is determined more by characteristics such as familial environment, mental health, and socioeconomic position. Researchers note that while juvenile violence has decreased, the popularity of video games has skyrocketed over the previous several decades.

There are also many who advocate for a more nuanced perspective, pointing out that violent video games have been debated for years, and that different people will react to them in different ways. There may be a greater impact on youngsters who are predisposed to violence, whereas those with more consistent dispositions may be less affected. This view stresses the need to account for individual variations when assessing the impact of video games.

Even though there is proof supporting both arguments, it is evident that further study is required to completely grasp the connection between violent video games and young people. When assessing the long-term effects of video games on young people, it is essential to take into account both the negative and positive outcomes.






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Relationship between video gaming and violence among youth