Impact of Election rigging on under development of democracy in Africa

Impact of Election rigging on under development of democracy in Africa

In many African countries, the democratic process has been hindered by widespread election fraud. This kind of corruption runs counter to the whole concept of democracy itself: government by the people, for the people. Inaccurately representing the will of the people undermines faith in democracy and the legitimacy of government.

There are several ways in which election fraud contributes to Africa’s lack of democratic progress. For starters, it dampens enthusiasm among the general public for getting involved. Apathy and disinterest in future elections are the results of citizens believing that their votes do not matter owing to rampant cheating. Citizens should be the ones who choose their leaders, therefore when they don’t, democracy suffers.

Second, corrupt elections produce leaders who don’t fairly reflect the will of the governed. Falsely elected politicians are less likely to be held to the will of the people. This further undermines the democratic process and results in bad governance since they are more inclined to participate in corrupt practises.

In conclusion, election manipulation severely hampers the spread of democracy across Africa. It fosters corruption and inefficient administration, and it reduces the likelihood that citizens will take part in government. Election manipulation must be tackled and abolished if democracy is to flourish.






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Impact of Election rigging on under development of democracy in Africa