The Impact of Early Marriage on Children’s Healthiness

The Impact of Early Marriage on Children’s Healthiness


The health of children can be greatly affected by their parents’ decision to marry at a young age. Young children who enter into marriage before they are mature enough do so at the risk of bodily and mental harm. A variety of health problems might arise as a result of this for the kid.

Pregnancy and birthing problems are a major cause for concern when it comes to the health effects of getting married young. Pregnancy is more common among teenage females whose precocious sexual activity is encouraged by an early marriage. Because of this, they are more likely to experience difficulties during pregnancy and childbirth, such as early birth, low birth weight, and mother death.

In addition, females who are married off at a young age are typically denied basic opportunities like education and health care. They are frequently removed from classrooms, where they may learn about contraception and other family-planning options, for unknown reasons. Higher incidence of STDs, unwanted pregnancies, and unsafe abortions may arise from a lack of education and access to care.

Young marriage is harmful to children’s emotional health in addition to their physical well-being. Isolation, despair, and anxiety are common results of being coerced into an early marriage. The child’s health and growth may suffer as a result of these mental health problems.

The negative effects of early marriage on children’s health are not restricted to women. Early marriage also poses health hazards for boys, however these risks may be different. Young boys may be required to perform dangerous tasks or earn money for their families, putting their bodies and minds at risk.

In conclusion, children’s health suffers when parents choose to get married young. Pregnancy and delivery issues, access to education and healthcare, and mental health all suffer as a result. Support and services for people who have been negatively impacted by early marriage should be promoted.





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The Impact of Early Marriage on Children’s Healthiness