Full Project – Android-based livestock farming record system

Full Project – Android-based livestock farming record system

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  • Background of the Study

Throughout history, livestock have been kept for a variety of purposes, with the almost exclusive focus on food use of livestock in modern agricultural systems being a relatively recent development. But, in many developing countries, livestock are still a critical support to the livelihoods of people who live in or near poverty, and it is here that the non-food uses of livestock, such as source of fertilizer (manure), draught power and insurance assets for natural and other emergencies, remain predominant. Livestock, or symbols of them, also play an important role in religious and cultural lives (Steinfeld, 2010).

An increase in livestock production comes from increases in animal numbers (in developing countries, small mixed farming systems) and in yields per animal (in industrialized countries). Livestock production is practiced in many different forms.  Like agriculture, as a whole, two rather disparate systems exist side by side. In another case, livestock are kept in traditional production systems in support of livelihoods and household food security; other case commercially intensive livestock production and associated food chains support the global food supply system. The latter provides jobs and income to producers and others in the processing, distribution, and marketing chains and in associated support systems.

Sere & Steinfeld (1996) distinguish at the highest level the two groups of farming systems: those solely based on animal production, where less than 10% of the total value comes from non-livestock farming activities, and those where livestock rearing is associated with cropping in mixed farming systems, with more than 10 % of total value of production coming from non-livestock farming activities. Livestock productions  are  determined  by  the  physical  (climate,  soils,  and  infrastructure)  and  the biological environment (plant biomass production and livestock species composition), byeconomic and social conditions (prices, population pressure and markets, human skills, and access to technology and other services), and by policies (on land tenure, trade and subsidies). These conditions, together, generate the so-called production systems, that is, production units (herds, farms) with similar structure and environments –that can be expected to produce similar production functions (Cees da Haan, 2010).

In today’s world, livestock management has moved from the old managed mobile grazing systems towards a more advanced system. Mobility has contracted due to increase in other businesses and the use of land for a whole lot of other things. The sector today is characterized by a large number of small herds used for subsistence, and a much lower number of large commercially viable herds. Broadly, the major problem remains that a system that can better manage livestock would really be worthwhile; it is based on this that the researcher looks forward to the research topic Android based Livestock Farming Record System.

1.1 Statement of the Problem

Livestock play an important role in feeding the people and more so the nation’s economy.  Over the past years, considerable changes have taken place in populations of livestock and the composition of livestock holdings, as well as in the management strategies, as a result of population growthand land use intensification. The problems includes the different social, economic, environmental and political constraints to livestock production systems, which are

  • Degradation in livestock productivity,
  • Increase in natural and social risks of livestock production systems
  • Difficulty in managing livestock
  • Limited income and high expenditure in management system

1.2 Objectives of the Study

The major objective of this research work is help staff and organisation manage livestock production processes and procedures with less stress with the use of a modern machine like the computer system. Thus the following;

  1. To design an android-based livestock farming record system
  2. To keep managers, staff and the entire organisation abreast of happenings throughout the production units.
  3. Decreasing expenditure and increasing profit which is the major aim of setting up a business.
  4. Combating fatigue in the process, which is caused by stressing out individuals in the farm
  5. Proper management of time and forecasting the production process from day one to sales point
    • Significance of the Study

This research work will play a huge role in the lives of individuals, organisations and the economy of the nation at large through the production of food, raw materials, employment and the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) of the nation called Nigeria.

Thus, this will also go a long way to curb the nomadic movement that has caused massacre of millions of souls across the nation and also slow down or totally wipe out the importation of livestock products like frozen fish, chicken, beef, turkey etc. The involvement of young educated people can also not be over emphasized as they will be needed to operate, repair, maintain and install needed software in the computer, which is to be used by both livestock farm owner, managers and/or staff.

Finally, this research work poses the ability to challenge both the old and young, educated and uneducated, rich or poor etc to go into agriculture and related fields for good.

1.4 Scope and Limitations of the Study

This study covers livestock farming record system, fusing information technology with agriculture to enable such computerized system make light the burden of man in a tedious profession like livestock production.

Furthermore, the limitations of study are majorly;

Time: The time spent on the research work is not the amount of time originally allotted to it as it was taken by assignments, lectures, class works etc. which indeed was a part of the requirements needed to satisfy the graduate status and degree earned.

Finances: Secondly, the amount of money spent on sourcing materials, cards, transportation, program design etc. was really huge in comparison to the students pocket.

  • Definition of Terms

Android SDK: The Android SDK (software development kit) is a set of development tools used to develop applications for Android platform.

Android: Android is a software for mobile phones, tablets and a growing range of devices covering everything from wearable computing to in-car entertainment.

Android is also a mobile operating system developed by Google. It is used by several smartphones and tablets.

ADB: ABD stands for Android Debug Bridge, a tool that is used primarily by developers to send commands from a computer to android.

APK: Android Application Package file used to distribute and install applications.

Android Manifest: Describes the fundamental characteristics of the application and defines each of its components.

Debugger: A debugger is a computer program used by programmers to test and debug a target program.

Computerization: This is the process whereby computer is applied in carrying out the activities of an organization.

Database design: The process of creating a design that will support emprise mission statement and mission required database e system.

Confine System: This is type of management system that does not interact with the system’s environment.  The pigs under this system are controlled they are not expose to the environment; their feeding and all management are controlled by a prison or persons.

Database: A collection of interrelated data stared with controlled redundancy to serve one or more application.

Farm: Farm is an area of land and its buildings, used for growing crops and rearing animals.

Information: Information is a data that has been evaluated.  It is a processed data.

System: This is a group or collection of functional parts of sub systems which work harmoniously or together to achieve a goal.

Information system: A systematic way of organizing the handling of information, from information gathering to information retrieval and use.


Livestock: Livestock are domesticated animals raised in an agricultural setting to produce labor and commodities such as meat, eggs, milk, fur, leather, and wool. The term is sometimes used to refer solely to those that are bred for consumption, while other times it refers only to farmed ruminants, such as cattle and goats.

Management: The process of procuring, allocating, combing and utilizing or organizational resources expressed usually as 3ms (men, materials and money) through planning organizing directing and controlling activities of work of the organization member to reach certain stated objectives.

Management Information System: is an integrated and holistic reporting network system in an organization that provides planning and controlling information for effective decision making.


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Full Project – Android-based livestock farming record system