Full Project – Computerized antenatal information system

Full Project – Computerized antenatal information system

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Antenatal is the period before something is born. Antenatal tests and exams are important tools for protecting the health of a pregnant woman and her developing child. Parents should be encouraged to educate themselves on the benefits and risks associated with the various antenatal screening procedures and work with their obstetrician to formulate an individualized prenatal care plan. Physicians also use antenatal tests to determine various characteristics of the fetus, such as gestational age, size, and position in the uterus, or to verify the presence of multiple fetuses. That worry is often weighed against the anxiety associated with antenatal tests and their risks. These include antenatal, child health surveillance and minor surgery clinics.

An antenatal information system (AIS) sometimes referred to as a clinical information system (LIS) is a system with features that support a modern hospital operations. The interest in an antenatal records system has basically emerged from the belief that, it would help to overcome current drawbacks and inefficiencies in hospital information system in the hospital and that the low quality of healthcare services and inefficiencies are greatly due to reliance on paper-based records. In several cases it has also been seen that, earlier medical records have been almost impossible to retrieve a file from the existing ones. And examinations as well as investigations are unnecessarily repeated. This not only results in incurring unnecessary expenditure and waste of time, but also deprives the hospital with limited resources, the hospital is in lack of any sort of information system to deal with these problems. Currently, the hospital does not use any kind of automate information system to assist in their daily operations, as is common in some hospitals in developed countries. Hence, the best step is to introduce a computerized antenatal information system for this hospital. The hospital record needs a solution to the problem whereby data of patients may be lost or misplaced, through the use of manual system. Hence there is need to automated the manual system of keeping antenatal record.


At present, the condition of antenatal information system in General Hospital Talata Mafara is quite discouraging. The antenatal diagnosis and other related information of the hospital are still paper based. Listed below are the problems that are essential for this Hospital, to switch from a paper based system to an electronic information system:-

  • difficulty in information retrieval
  • missing of records
  • Unsecured antenatal records
  • Lengthy waits for antenatal information
  • The process is generally slow


This research project is aimed at developing a computerized antenatal information system that will be of immense importance to the hospital. This system can be used to maintain the antenatal information in the Hospital. The project has the following objectives:

  • To develop a system that will make retrieval of antenatal information more efficient and reliable.
  • To allow simultaneous viewing and update of the antenatal information.
  • To design a system that can eliminate missing of antenatal information.


The significance of this research work cannot be over emphasized. This antenatal information system was done to achieve a more reliable faster efficient and accurate means of keeping antenatal information and to ensure timeless and efficient output by the use of computer. Considering the current system and resources which should be merged to yield maximum benefit of the automated system, it is very beneficial to the General Hospital Talata Mafara  and extremely by improving the speed, Accurate Retrieval of information and Space required and efficiency which are very important.


This research work will only focus on the present manual system of keeping antenatal information at the General Hospital Talata Mafara.


This research work is only limited to the antenatal information only, Therefore other valuable services will not be considered due to time constraint and resources. This research project concentrates only on a limited area in order to produce a workable system.


Chapter one introduces the study and explains the background of the subject being discussed. It also states aim and objectives of the study, the problems face by the current system, defines of the scope and limitation of the study and explains some terms that was used in the project.

Chapter two reviews the related literatures and also tries to come to a conclusion based on the research carried out by scholars in the past to enlighten us move on the subject being researched upon. It also goes to further to explain the concept of information system and programming language and database used during the course of the project.

Chapter three the define system analysis which is a phase of system development cycle that highlight the requirement of the system under review in details. This chapter is made up of section under which the problems currently faced by the system is restated, the system is nalyzed, input and the output of system is discussed, the human element of the system is elaborated upon and the finally the method through which data was collected is outlined. Chapter four deals which the general design and implementation of the new system and the also discuss about the design of the new input and the output requirement and design, the software specification, filed to be maintained and the human element of the new system. Chapter five provide a summary of all chapters in the study and the proffer a recommendation.


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Full Project – Computerized antenatal information system