Full Project – Design and implementation of an enhanced electricity billing and management system

Full Project – Design and implementation of an enhanced electricity billing and management system

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1.0 Background of the study

AdrieneRaynott, (2017) defined Electricity Management system as an electronic way of processing billing payments which is safe, time-saving process, easy to handle sales, invoices and the track of payments.

According to Heli Shah, Pooja Thakkar, (2014) Electricity Management system is a system that automates the process of ordering and calculating the electricity bill with all the charges and penalty for a customer who has been given connection of electricity.

Paul Jones, (2015) defines Energy(Electricity) Management System as a system of computer-aided tools used by operators of electric utility grids to monitor, control and optimize the performance of generation and transmission system.

R.W Hurst, (2019) defined Electricity management system as a system that manages the billing, production and consumption of electricity.

The importance of the Electricity management system cannot be over emphasized because it monitors the billing details and payment over the internet by the customers(Advalorem,2009).The development of electronic billing and payments started in late 20th century. It is generally agreed that development of electronic billing coincided with the rise of the information age and development of internet banking.In the year 2018, EEDC introduced a bi-lingual internet-based smart bill payment system to further reduce time-wasting and stress of bill payment by its customers. The sample consists of the procedures enrolled into payment of bills by way of Banks. The EEDC made settling customer’s monthly electricity bills easier, hence the introduction to the Bank revenue collection system to complement the operation of the cash offices in premises. The program is to facilitate prompt and regular settlement of EEDC’s monthly bills as customers are no longer expected to travel far outside their immediate neighborhoods to settle EEDC bills. The previous Electricity Management Systems lacked the flexibility to quickly update services and provide customers with an acceptable level of detailed information. Mostly when customers have issue of power outage in their apartment, office or vicinity, they have to visit the office to lay their complaints to the service providers(EEDC) for it to be fixed or rectified, but this new system provides a platform where customers can lay their complaints comfortably by logging into the Web-Based Electricity Management system.  The electricity system is presently handled mostly by prepaid meters. Prepaid electricity is a great solution for many residents. By using prepayment customers pay for their electricity upfront, through their phones or over the internet. The main functionof this present system is only to pay bills over the phone or internet without creating the platform where customers can lay their complaints or get update on availability of electricity.

Customers are left in total blackout for hours,days or weeks without knowing when there will power outage or when the power will be restored.In contemporary society, it is impossible to live without electricity as most modern facilities and equipment require continuous supply of electric power. In periods of power outage, industries simply switch to other available sources of power supply so as to maximize profit and reduce downtimes. This is not only seen in industries but also in the household. For network service providers, an uninterrupted power supply is needed for their proper operation. In most critical applications.Many studies have found positive effects associated with the use of a Web-Based Electricity Management systems.

A power failure notification system can be used for timely notification and monitoring of the electric power status.


1.1 Statement of the problems

There are many problems facing the Electricity Management System in EEDC, theyinclude:

1) Customer service is not always available.

2) No update/notification on availability of electricity.

3) Does not support SMS broadcast messaging to the customers.

4) Does not support Email messaging to customers.

So many companies and organizations spend so much money on other power source because they do not have a good budget and plan on what they spend on electricity for example a company will want to know when there will be power outage and number of hours they can use the  alternative source, also they can use this information to predict when there’s going to be electricity and how much they are spending on  alternative source of power  supplies, with this information they can plan and budget what they’ll be spending on power appropriately.


1.2 Aim and Objectives of the Study

This study aims to design and implement an Enhanced Web-Based Electricity Management System.

The objectives include; To develop a system-

1) Which is equipped with notifications/updates on power availability.

2) That supports broadcast SMS and Email messaging to customers.

3) That provides customer care, whereby customers can express their opinions and lay their complaints.


1.3 Scope of the Study

This study focuses on developing an enhanced web-based electricity management system that notifies customers, informing them of power outage and restoration, with information such as the precise location and time.


1.4 Significance of the study

1)To help customers to be notified of power availability.

2)To aid customers/firms to make better budget ahead of time because they already know how much they have spent previously and with the prediction feature they know how much they will spend in the coming months.

3)The enterprises keep record of how many hours they have used the normal power supply and how many have been spent on other alternatives.

4)To provide an IT-powered solution to real life problems.

5)To provide live chat platform between customers and the service provider(EEDC), air their views, complaints and suggestion to improve quality of their services.

6)To make broadcast SMS and Email messaging available for the company(EEDC) to their customers


1.5 Limitations of the Study

During the course of this project work, the researcher battled with time and money constraints which nearly affected the progress of the work. Despite all odds, the researcher was able to produce a defendable work.


1.6 Definitions of Terms

COMPUTER: This is an electronic device that accepts data as input and process the data, store the data and has the ability to retrieve the stored data.

HARDWARE: This is the physical component of the computer.

SYSTEM: This is collection of all parts of the computer including human being.

BILLING: This is processing of prepay bill for customers.

STAFF: This is person working in an organization.

STORAGE: This is a media for storing data/information.

DATABASE: This is collection of related files.

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Full Project – Design and implementation of an enhanced electricity billing and management system