Full Project – Design and implementation of drug and crime database

Full Project – Design and implementation of drug and crime database

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The international narcotic control boards (INCB) confirm that the increase in international co-operation of drug cartels lead to an increase in sophistication and flexibility in their operation.

They are becoming more violent and ruthless inn the desperation to secure full control over all the element of drug trafficking chain right from cultivation and  manufacturing to distribution and money laundering. They are also involved in illegal arms sales and substandard  good peddling:-

In chapter one the researcher is  going to make general introduction and shade more light on significance of the study and aims and objective of the study. While in chapter two the research is going to review the related literature and shade  more light and some concepts that have direct connection with the research topic .

In chapter three the research methodology and analyses the research problems which is going to be used in the design stage. While in chapter four the researcher is going to design new software in order to satisfaction and its going to be implemented in the end tail of the research work. finally in chapter five the research going to summarize the research out-come conclude and recommendation base on the research through put.

Nigeria narcotics an example of this is cocaine, heroine, and source coco plant grow in the south America, cannabis.

  1. Psych trophy substance with example like amphetamine secorbarbital and per Moline. Nigeria in the under national community on drug related issues towards the late  seventies and with the benefit of free entry to Britain and currency power traffickers discovered the strategies of Nigeria as a transmission.

They country is gradually becoming a used country now, we import psychotropic substance for local consumption and export to the Africa sub region carbonic is grow locally. Compressed and exported to Europe from south American gun like brazil, Rufa’i and Columbia while harvesting some in from India, Pakistan and Afghanistan and Europe in false boltoned suite, bags, shoes, tins and major spare parts, ingestion of drug-filled condones and regurgitation or excretion of such as arrival and most barbaric method used is by scent using babies corpse.

Early report at curtailment involves mainly a special aimed of the customs and police squat, but when the problem appears to be getting out of hard due to lack of a central-coordinating body. The Buhari, Ideagbon regime Enacted decrees 20 in the early eighties (1984) which specified death penalty on  drug related offence. A few  people were actually excited before the government will decided to set upon the national drug law enforcement (NDLEA) with the promulgation of decree 48 of (1989) through the law and decrees does not endorse capital punishment as did and decrees 20 of (1984), it recommends in concentration which ranges from 15-25 years and life imprisonment for producers and traffickers.



Most of the time objective of information management cannot be met without a decide to facilitate action. It is to this end, that the need for computer to solve information management problem, by assisting both management and staff in the decision making process:

The research is significant in the sense that storing, preserving, and contribution to information with computer within the agency will now be at the  minimum time and  reduced cost. Hence from, the computerization of this agency crime record will greatly increase the effectiveness, reliability and efficiency of the agency in that high speed of access of such computerized will improve efficiency when it comes to prosecution.



This project aims and effective billable and more efficient means of recording drug-crime records processing of such record using a computer system to appease to instructed and manual system present6ing in place at the agency.

Automation of the recording and operating would simply free flow and underline access to information of crucial time. Such computerization increase safety in that, computer stored records are has flammable, portable and gradually have dual fund level backup as opposed to paper which would easily get destroyed in fire related incidents. The benefit of automation and programmability also means that, with the use of the query and edit menus on it decision can be produced with the use of computer. Such processing that derive such conclusion energy and time.

Automation will also ensure continuity as the transfer or death of an investigation of a narcotic  agent will not means the end  of such prosecution as any other  officers taking up case can easily get proper and timely updates at the process of some bottom on the computer.

It is expected that at the conclusion of this computerization drug-crime management would

  • Reduce the accident of illegal drug use and trafficking.
  • Curtail the activities of money launders
  • Serve as a database from which drugs-crime statistic from which planning and assessment of man-power need of the agency could be deduced.
  • Enhance the investigation and prosecution of feature offenders by serving as a library to which agent can turn to in clarifying issues bordering on drug-crime procedure.


The scope of this study is to design a management system but the researcher constraint this research to only design  and implementation of drug crime management system. And the above limitation is due to:-

  • Time factor
  • Insufficient capital
  • Longer time spend before access were allow to data.

This project would examined the way and manner in which crime records are sourced, stored and accessed for reference at the (NDLEA) headquarter in show Ikoyi and some zonal offices like some and Idi Iroko. This project will examine the present area of the problem on system and record keeping and also to suggest alternative standing input from design and output from design.  In some designed system that computerized its records keeping and added programmed that could query its data base and offer protectoral facilities that the user would be designed.



The basis for the development of a new system is the identification of the problems associated with the  existing system. The problem are:-

  • Lost of data and information’s
  • In consistency of data and information withy record keeping system.
  • Duplication of record in the same or different department
  • Difficulty in updating the record
  • Difficulty in the record searching process.



The  study attempt to answer the following question:-

  • Can the system to be development take care of loss of data and information?
  • Does the software to be developed able to consistent record?
  • Is the system able to or provide central data base?
  • Can the provision of central data base solve the problem of difficulty in updating record?
  • How does the new software going to address difficulty in searching process?



  • Drug are articles that are intended for use in the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease in human or animals, and any articles other than food, water or oxygen that are intended to affect the mental or body function of humans or animals.
  • Narcotics are any drugs that dull the senses and commonly become addictive after prolonged use. There is no known drug that is not harmful or even poisonous at high doses, and much of the scientific work on drugs has attempted to elucidate the gap between effective and toxic doses.
  • According to united national office on drug and crime (2013), Drug Trafficking is a global illicit trade involving the cultivation, manufacture, distribution and sale of substance which are subject to drug prohibition laws.
  • Crime; – This can be committed against person or property, but all crime carry a punishment for those who break the law. Federal, state and local government pass laws to establishment what is not acceptable behavior within society.

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Full Project – Design and implementation of drug and crime database