Full Project – Design and implementation of voice command system to teach computer hardware component using A.I logistics

Full Project – Design and implementation of voice command system to teach computer hardware component using A.I logistics

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This research project was centre on design and implementation of voice command system to teach computer hardware component using A.I logistics Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is widely suggested for systematic of teaching   of computer hardware of faults where the amount of well-defined teaching   knowledge is vast and the sequence of steps required to teach using computer text to speech .Computer plays important roles in various disciplines. The assistance they render to man includes the application of computer in various endeavor of man in his every day activities. (R. Clay Spronts 2012) in his new book of population science states that computer performs numerous operation in many aspect of human life and activities such as in Banks, Business enterprises, industries, military field, geographical field, governmental parastatals. However, the focus here is on its usage in education and the functions it render to teaching and learning. In education, computer is being used for keeping the records of student examination result. Specially, this study is aimed at the use of the computer as aid to teaching of computer hardware components in primary schools. Computers are used for various educational purposes as stated before, but this project seeks to find out how computer can be employed as an aid in teaching computer hardware components.

Computers were initially developed mainly for scientific purposes. It was seldom put in to use in other sectors of the economy. French C.S. (2010) states that when the computer was tool invented, it was seen to be an efficient tool for performing, scientific calculator/computations.

However, the versatility of computer was later unveiled especially with regards to accepting data and processing data, storage of processed data and even retrieval of data stored at conveniences. It must be noted that the term data used to means numbers only, advancement in technology has made it possible to process other forms of data such as sound, pictures etc.

Historically, the impact of computer was specially in scientific environment. Later, the computers began to function in commercial organization and national government where they are used in processing of large quantity of data. Fortunately enough, the impact of computer is perceived in fields ranging from education to entertainment, trade, banking, sports, business management and perhaps all sectors of the economy.

According to(adams ill,2012) In education, computers have been very useful also as they have been used in a variety of administrative function/activities like designing/planning of school time-table, compilation and managing of students performance results etc. computers have also been used as a teaching tool through the application of computer Aided instruction (CAI). Kimberlee (2009) says, it is a well-known trend in computer science to adapt computers to suit their users and not vice versa. The exploitation of more human senses in human- machine interaction than just sight can be proved to be more efficient and natural.

Kemble(2009); one way of enhancing human-machine interaction is to supply an additional response channel by means of voice command system and synthesis. Simply formulated, speech recognition can be regarded as the automated ‘understanding’ of spoken words. In the third section we describe speech recognition in more detail.

According to Dmitry (2008), voice command system and synthesis allows interfaces to be built that permit users to interact with computers using natural language. By doing so, it widens the bandwidth of the communication channel that exists between user and computer. However,Dmitry (2008), also point out that speech recognition is not a panacea. Some input/output tasks (e.g., numerical data entry) are such that using SRS could decrease the interface performance. Dmitry (2008), furthermore says, natural language can be ambiguous. It is of great importance, therefore, not to implement speech recognition in each and every application, but to use it carefully. For instance, in critical applications such as nuclear plant control, key-entered input would be more appropriate.

Jeff (2002), prompt that it is also unwise to conclude that ‘plugging in’ a speech recognition device offers the best way of communication, even though the situation seems suitable because using speech recognition draws on aspects in the domains of linguistics, cognitive psychology, etc. Jeff(2002), continue to It is not enough just to present the user with the opportunity to use a speech recognition program without taking human factors into account. Not supporting the user in an appropriate way during the interaction process will diminish the benefits of speech recognition. If, on the other hand, human factors are taken into account, a natural communication channel can be createdJeff(2002).


The problem under investigation is the issue of inefficiency associated with teaching-learning experience of   teaching computer hardware   component with used of voice command system. One root factor of this has been attributed to unavailability of effective instructional materials.

This project therefore, sought to develop a way of using a computer as an instructional material in teaching computer hardware   part   component   with used of voice command system.


The aim of this project is to design and implement a voice command system to teach computer hardware component.


The major objectives of the project work are as follow:

  1. To develop a software (CAI) for teaching and learning of teaching computer hardware component with the used of voice command system.
  2. To evaluate the performance of people base on pervious method and new methods which is by using ordinary mouth to described a word this used to take a lot of time.
  3. To simplify computer operation.
  4. To enable remote control of computer system by the use of speech synthesis system or voice command system.
  5. To enable interaction between user and the computer system.
  6. Keyless computer operation and authentication


The scope of this project covers the use of a computer program in teaching computer hardware   component   only  with the used of voice command system.

Due to financial and time constraints the research work is limited to computer hardware component only.


Speech command is the process of converting an acoustic signal, captured by a microphone or a telephone, to a set of words. The recognized words can be the final results, as for applications such as commands & control, data entry, and document preparation. They can also serve as the input to further linguistic processing in order to achieve speech understanding, a subject covered in section.

Speech recognition appears as an alternative to typing on a keyboard. Simply, user talk to the computer and computer grab the user’s utterance. These software’s have been developed to provide a fast method to communicate with a computer and can help people with a variety of disabilities. It is useful for people with physical disabilities who often find typing difficult, painful or impossible. Voice recognition software can also help those with spelling difficulties, including users with dyslexic, because recognized words are always correctly spelled.

The speech recognition process is performed by a software component known as the speech recognition engine. The primary function of the speech recognition engine is to process spoken input and translate it into text that an application understands. The application can then do one of two things:

–  The application can interpret the result of the recognition as a command. In this case, the application is a command and control application. An example of a command and control application is one in which the caller says “check balance”, and the application returns the current balance of the caller’s account.

–  If an application handles the recognized text simply as text, then it is considered a dictation application. In a dictation application, if you said “check balance,” the application would not interpret the result, but simply return the text “check balance.


  • Program: Programs are series of instruction given to a computer system in order to perform a particular task.
  • Cai: An Acronym for “Computer Aided Instruction”.
  • Computer: Can be defined as an automatic electronic machine that can accept data, store the accepted data in memory, manipulate the data according to the instructions stored in its memory and produce intelligible reports or result from the manipulated data.
  • Hardware: Is an electro-mechanical and infrastructural devices that forms the computer physical component that makes up the computer system.
  • Software: Is the sophisticated series of instruction logically arranged in a definite step-by-step format to make the computer system perform a particular function.
  • Program: Programs are series of instruction given to a computer system in order to perform a particular task.
  • Instruction: This is the process of teaching a person to do something or issuing commands.
  • Computer Aided Instruction: This involves using computers to organize and manage an instructional programmed for students
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing: This is a computer programmed that generates tool path or other manufacturing data to fabricate tooling, usually by subtractive means.
  • Audio: Audio or voice technologies offer cost-effective ways to enhance distance learning courses. The audio component of a distance learning course can be as simple as a telephone with voicemail, or it can be as complex as an audio conference with microphones, telephone bridges, and speakers.


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Full Project – Design and implementation of voice command system to teach computer hardware component using A.I logistics